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Bruce Linsey
United States
New York
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Just a few notes about the players. Choosing which players to include in the game was a long and research-intensive process. The idea was to choose the best players in history at each position, while selecting roughly the right number of players at each position. Also, although I wanted to include the cream of the crop among currently active players (as of 2008), I mostly limited those selections to players with at least ten years of major league experience, with just a handful of exceptions who would likely make the cut anyway once they hit their tenth year.

The end result is that the list of players chosen at each position is a reasonable approximation of an all-time best list at that position. This does not mean that the 500 greatest players of all time are included in the game, though I'd argue that most of the players herein could reasonably be considered at least very good players, and candidates for such a top-500 list. The big exception is at the position of relief pitcher. Relief specialists are a relatively recent phenomenon in baseball, yet important to the game as it's played today, and there just haven't been that many great or very good relievers yet at this point in history. In order to include enough of them in the game, I had to dig a bit deeper down the talent scale, probably to the level of good (rather than very good) relief pitchers.


Hank Aaron RF,LF Mil/Atl-N
Bobby Abreu RF Phi-N
Dick Allen 1B,3B Phi-N, Chi-A
Roberto Alomar 2B Tor-A, SD-N, Bal-A
Cap Anson 1B Chi-N, Ath-N
Luis Aparicio SS Chi-A, Bal-A, Bos-A
Luke Appling SS Chi-A
Richie Ashburn CF Phi-N
Earl Averill CF Cle-A
Jeff Bagwell 1B Hou-N
Harold Baines RF Chi-A, Bal-A
Dusty Baker LF, CF,RF LA-N, Atl-N
Frank Baker 3B Phi-A, NY-A
Dave Bancroft SS Phi-N, NY-N, Bos-N
Sal Bando 3B Oak-A, Mil-A
Ernie Banks 1B,SS Chi-N
Dick Bartell SS NY-N, Pit-N, Phi-N
Don Baylor LF Bal-A, Cal-A, NY-A
Buddy Bell 3B Cle-A, Tex-A, Cin-N
Albert Belle LF Cle-A
Johnny Bench C Cin-N
Wally Berger CF,LF Bos-N
Yogi Berra C NY-A
Craig Biggio 2B,C Hou-N
Paul Blair CF Bal-A, NY-A
Wade Boggs 3B Bos-A, NY-A
Barry Bonds LF Pit-N, SF-N
Bobby Bonds RF SF-N
Bob Boone C Phi-N, Cal-A
Lou Boudreau SS Cle-A
Ken Boyer 3B StL-N
Roger Bresnahan C NY-N, StL-N, Chi-N
George Brett 3B,1B KC-A
Lou Brock LF StL-N, Chi-N
Dan Brouthers 1B Buf-N, Det-N
Pete Browning CF,LF Lou-A
Bill Buckner 1B,LF LA-N, Chi-N, Bos-A
Don Buford LF,2B,3B Chi-A, Bal-A
Smoky Burgess C Pit-N, Phi-N, Cin-N
Jesse Burkett LF Cle-N, StL-N, StL-A
Brett Butler CF LA-N, Cle-A, SF-N
Ken Caminiti 3B Hou-N, SD-N
Roy Campanella C Bro-N
Bert Campaneris SS KC/Oak-A
Jose Canseco RF,LF Oak-A
Rod Carew 1B,2B Min-A, Cal-A
Max Carey CF,LF Pit-N, Bro-N
Gary Carter C Mon-N, NY-N
Norm Cash 1B Det-A
Cesar Cedeno CF Hou-N, Cin-N
Orlando Cepeda 1B SF-N, Atl-N, StL-N
Ron Cey 3B LA-N, Chi-N
Ray Chapman SS Cle-A
Cupid Childs 2B Cle-N
Jack Clark RF,1B SF-N, StL-N
Fred Clarke LF Pit-N, Lou-N
Roberto Clemente RF Pit-N
Jack Clements C Phi-N
Harlond Clift 3B StL-A, Was-A
Ty Cobb CF,RF Det-A
Mickey Cochrane C Phi-A, Det-A
Eddie Collins 2B Phi-A, Chi-A
Jimmy Collins 3B Bos-N, Bos-A
Davey Concepcion SS Cin-N
Roger Connor 1B NY-N, StL-N
Sam Crawford RF,CF Det-A, Cin-N
Joe Cronin SS Bos-A, Was-A
Lave Cross 3B,C Phi-N, Phi-A
Kiki Cuyler RF,CF,LF Chi-N, Pit-N
Bill Dahlen SS Chi-N, Bro-N, NY-N
George Davis SS,3B NY-N, Chi-A
Willie Davis CF LA-N
Andre Dawson RF,CF MON-N, Chi-N
Ed Delahanty LF Phi-N
Rick Dempsey C Bal-A, LA-N, NY-A
Art Devlin 3B NY-N
Bill Dickey C NY-A
Joe DiMaggio CF NY-A
Larry Doby CF Cle-A
Bobby Doerr 2B Bos-A
Larry Doyle 2B NY-N
Fred Dunlap 2B Cle-N, Pit-N
Jim Edmonds CF StL-N, Cal/Ana-A
Bob Elliott 3B,RF Pit-N, Bos-N
Darrell Evans 3B,1B Atl-N, SF-N, Det-A
Dwight Evans RF Bos-A
Johnny Evers 2B Chi-N, Bos-N
Buck Ewing C NY-N
Tony Fernandez SS,3B Tor-A
Rick Ferrell C StL-A, Was-A, Bos-A
Carlton Fisk C Chi-A, Bos-A
Art Fletcher SS NY-N
Elmer Flick RF Cle-A, Phi-N
Nellie Fox 2B Chi-A
Jimmy Foxx 1B Phi-A, Bos-A
Julio Franco SS,2B,1B Cle-A, Tex-A, Atl-N
Bill Freehan C Det-A
Jim Fregosi SS Cal-A, Tex-A
Frankie Frisch 2B,3B StL-N, NY-N
Gary Gaetti 3B Min-A, Cal-A, KC-A, StL-N
Nomar Garciaparra SS Bos-A
Steve Garvey 1B LA-N, SD-N
Lou Gehrig 1B NY-A
Charlie Gehringer 2B Det-A
Jason Giambi 1B Oak-A, NY-A
Jack Glasscock SS Cle-N, StL-N, Ind-N
Juan Gonzalez RF,LF Tex-A
Luis Gonzalez LF Az-N, Hou-N
Joe Gordon 2B NY-A, Cle-A
George Gore CF Chi-N, NY-N
Goose Goslin LF Was-A, Det-A, StL-A
Mark Grace 1B Chi-N
Hank Greenberg 1B Det-A
Bobby Grich 2B Cal-A, Bal-A
Ken Griffey Jr. CF Sea-A, Cin-N
Dick Groat SS Pit-N, StL-N
Heinie Groh 3B,2B Cin-N, NY-N
Pedro Guerrero 1B,3B LA-N, StL-N
Vladimir Guerrero RF Mon-N, Ana-A
Tony Gwynn RF SD-N
Stan Hack 3B Chi-N
Chick Hafey LF StL-N, Cin-N
Billy Hamilton CF,LF Phi-N, Bos-N
Toby Harrah 3B,SS Was/Tex-A, Cle-A
Gabby Hartnett C Chi-N
Harry Heilmann RF,1B Det-A
Todd Helton 1B Col-N
Rickey Henderson LF,CF Oak-A, NY-A
Billy Herman 2B Chi-N, Bro-N
Keith Hernandez 1B StL-N, NY-N
Gil Hodges 1B Bro/LA-N
Harry Hooper RF Bos-A, Chi-A
Rogers Hornsby 2B,SS StL-N, Chi-N
Elston Howard C NY-A
Frank Howard LF,RF,1B Was-A, LA-N
Glenn Hubbard 2B Atl-N
Miller Huggins 2B StL-N, Cin-N
Ron Hunt 2B Mon-N, SF-N, NY-N
Joe Jackson LF,RF Cle-A, Chi-A
Reggie Jackson RF Oak-A, NY-A, Cal-A
Hughie Jennings SS,1B Bal-N
Derek Jeter SS NY-A
Bob Johnson LF Phi-A
Davey Johnson 2B Bal-A, Atl-N
Andruw Jones CF Atl-N
Chipper Jones 3B,LF Atl-N
Joe Judge 1B Was-A
Al Kaline RF,CF Det-A
Willie Keeler RF Bal-N, Bro-N, NY-A
George Kell 3B Det-A, Bos-A, Chi-A, Phi-A
King Kelly RF,C Chi-N, Bos-N
Jeff Kent 2B SF-N, LA-N, NY-N
Harmon Killebrew 1B,3B,LF Was/Min-A
Ralph Kiner LF Pit-N
Chuck Klein RF Phi-N, Chi-N
Nap Lajoie 2B Cle-A, Phi-N, Phi-A
Barry Larkin SS Cin-N
Tony Lazzeri 2B NY-A
Tommy Leach CF,3B Pit-N, Chi-N
Chet Lemon CF,RF Det-A, Chi-A
Kenny Lofton CF Cle-A
Ernie Lombardi C Cin-N, NY-N
Davey Lopes 2B LA-N, Oak-A, Chi-N
Javy Lopez C Atl-N
Greg Luzinski LF Phi-N, Chi-A
Fred Lynn CF Bos-A, Cal-A, Bal-A
Bill Madlock 3B Pit-N, Chi-N, SF-N
Sherry Magee LF Phi-N, Bos-N, Cin-N
Mickey Mantle CF NY-A
Rabbit Maranville SS,2B Bos-N, Pit-N
Edgar Martinez 3B Sea-A
Eddie Mathews 3B Bos/Mil/Atl-N
Don Mattingly 1B NY-A
Willie Mays CF NY/SF-N
Bill Mazeroski 2B Pit-N
Tim McCarver C StL-N, Phi-N
Willie McCovey 1B SF-N, SD-N
Gil McDougald 2B,3B NY-A
John McGraw 3B Bal-N, NY-N
Fred McGriff 1B Atl-N, Tor-A, TB-A, SD-N
Deacon McGuire C Was-N, NY-A, Bro-N, Phi-N
Mark McGwire 1B Oak-A, StL-N
Bid McPhee 2B Cin-N, Cin-A
Joe Medwick LF StL-N, Bro-N
Jocko Milligan C Phi-A
Minnie Minoso LF Chi-A
Johnny Mize 1B StL-N, NY-N, NY-A
Paul Molitor 3B,2B Mil-A, Tor-A, Min-A
Joe Morgan 2B Cin-N, Hou-N
Thurman Munson C NY-A
Bobby Murcer RF,CF NY-A, Chi-N
Dale Murphy CF,RF Atl-N
Eddie Murray 1B Bal-A, LA-N, Cle-A
Stan Musial 1B,LF,RF,CF StL-N
Buddy Myer 2B Was-A
Graig Nettles 3B NY-A, Cle-A, SD-N
John Olerud 1B Tor-A, NY-N
Tony Oliva RF Min-A
Al Oliver CF,1B,LF Pit-N, Tex-A
Amos Otis CF KC-A
Mel Ott RF NY-N
Rafael Palmeiro 1B Tex-A, Bal-A
Dave Parker RF Pit-N, Cin-N
Lance Parrish C Det-A, Cal-A
Roger Peckinpaugh SS NY-A, Was-A
Tony Perez 1B,3B Cin-N, Mon-N, Bos-A
Johnny Pesky SS,3B Bos-A
Fred Pfeffer 2B Chi-N, Lou-N
Mike Piazza C LA-N, NY-N
Vada Pinson CF,RF Cin-N
Darryl Porter C StL-N, KC-A, Mil-A
Boog Powell 1B,LF Bal-A
Del Pratt 2B StL-A, NY-A
Kirby Puckett CF Min-A
Albert Pujols 1B StL-N
Tim Raines LF Mon-N, Chi-A, NY-A
Manny Ramirez RF,LF Bos-A, Cle-A
Willie Randolph 2B NY-A
Pee Wee Reese SS Bro/LA-N
Jim Rice LF Bos-A
Sam Rice RF,CF Was-A
Hardy Richardson 2B,LF Buf-N, Det-N
Cal Ripken SS,3B Bal-A
Phil Rizzuto SS NY-A
Brooks Robinson 3B Bal-A
Frank Robinson RF,LF,1B Cin-N, Bal-A
Jackie Robinson 2B Bro-N
Alex Rodriguez SS,3B Sea-A, NY-A, Tex-A
Ivan Rodriguez C Tex-A, Det-A
Pete Rose 1B,LF,3B,2B,RF Cin-N, Phi-N
Johnny Roseboro C LA-N
Al Rosen 3B Cle-A
Edd Roush CF Cin-N, NY-N
Joe Rudi LF Oak-A, Cal-A
Bill Russell SS LA-N
Babe Ruth RF,LF NY-A, Bos-A
Ryne Sandberg 2B Chi-N
Manny Sanguillen C Pit-N
Benito Santiago C SD-N, SF-N
Ron Santo 3B Chi-N
Ray Schalk C Chi-A
Wally Schang C Phi-A, NY-A, StL-A, Bos-A
Mike Schmidt 3B Phi-N
Red Schoendienst 2B StL-N, Mil-N
Mike Scioscia C LA-N
Joe Sewell SS,3B Cle-A, NY-A
Jimmy Sheckard LF Chi-N, Bro-N
Gary Sheffield RF,3B,LF Fla-N, LA-N, MIl-A, NY-A
Al Simmons LF,CF Phi-A, Chi-A
Ted Simmons C StL-N, Mil-A
Ken Singleton RF Bal-A, Mon-N
George Sisler 1B StL-A
Roy Smalley SS Min-A, NY-A
Ozzie Smith SS StL-N, SD-N
Reggie Smith RF,CF Bos-A, LA-N, StL-N
Duke Snider CF Bro/LA-N
Sammy Sosa RF Chi-N
Tris Speaker CF Cle-A, Bos-A
Eddie Stanky 2B Bro-N, Bos-N, NY-N
Willie Stargell LF,1B Pit-N
Rusty Staub RF,1B NY-N, Det-A, Hou-N, Mon-N
Vern Stephens SS,3B StL-A, Bos-A
Harry Stovey 1B,LF Phi-A, Wor-N
Darryl Strawberry RF NY-N, NY-A,LA-N
Jim Sundberg C Tex-A
B.J. Surhoff LF,C,3B Mil-A, Bal-A
Ichiro Suzuki RF Sea-A
Miguel Tejada SS Oak-A, Bal-A
Gene Tenace C,1B OAK-A, SD-N
Bill Terry 1B NY-N
Frank Thomas 1B Chi-A
Roy Thomas CF Phi-N
Jim Thome 1B,3B Cle-A, Phi-N
Sam Thompson RF Phi-N, Det-N
Joe Tinker SS Chi-N
Joe Torre C,1B,3B StL-N, Mil/Atl-N, NY-N
Alan Trammell SS Det-A
Pie Traynor 3B Pit-N
Arky Vaughan SS Pit-N, Bro-N
Robin Ventura 3B Chi-A, NY-N
Omar Vizquel SS Cle-A, Sea-A, SF-N
Honus Wagner SS Pit-N, Lou-N
Larry Walker RF Col-N, Mon-N
Bobby Wallace SS,3B StL-A, Cle-N
Paul Waner RF Pit-N
Zack Wheat LF Bro-N
Lou Whitaker 2B Det-A
Frank White 2B KC-A
Bernie Williams CF NY-A
Billy Williams LF,RF Chi-N
Matt Williams 3B SF-N, Az-N
Ted Williams LF Bos-A
Maury Wills SS,3B LA-N
Hack Wilson CF Chi-N, Bro-N
Dave Winfield RF,LF SD-N, NY-A
Jimmy Wynn CF,RF Hou-N
Carl Yastrzemski LF,1B Bos-A
Steve Yeager C LA-N
Robin Yount SS,CF Mil-A
Chief Zimmer C Cle-N, Pit-N


Ted Abernathy RP Was-A, Chi-N, KC-A
Babe Adams SP/RP Pit-N
Rick Aguilera RP Min-A, NY-N
Grover C. Alexander SP Chi-N, Phi-N, StL-N
Kevin Appier SP KC-A
Rod Beck RP SF-N
Steve Bedrosian RP Atl-N, Phi-N
Chief Bender SP/RP Phi-A
Armando Benitez RP Bal-AL, NY-N, SF-N
Vida Blue SP Oak-A, SF-N
Bert Blyleven SP Min-A, Cle-A, Pit-N, Cal-A
Harry Brecheen SP StL-N
Jim Brewer RP LA-N, Chi-N
Tommy Bridges SP Det-A
Kevin Brown SP Tex-A, LA-N
Mordecai Brown SP/RP Chi-N
Jim Bunning SP Det-A, Phi-N
Lew Burdette SP/RP Mil-N
Tom Burgmeier RP KC-A, Bos-A, Min-A
John Candelaria SP/RP Pit-N
Steve Carlton SP Phi-N, StL-N
Clay Carroll RP Cin-N
Bob Caruthers SP StL-A
Spud Chandler SP NY-A
Eddie Cicotte SP/RP Chi-A, Bos-A
John Clarkson SP Bos-N, Chi-N, Cle-N
Roger Clemens SP Bos-A, NY-A, Hou-N
David Cone SP NY-N, NY-A
Wilbur Cooper SP/RP Pit-N
Stan Coveleski SP Cle-A, Was-A
Mike Cuellar SP Bal-A, Hou-N
Dizzy Dean SP/RP StL-N, Chi-N
Don Drysdale SP LA-N
Dennis Eckersley SP/RP Oak-A, Bos-A, Cle-A, Chi-N
Red Faber SP/RP Chi-A
Elroy Face RP Pit-N
Bob Feller SP Cle-A
Wes Ferrell SP Cle-A, Bos-A
Rollie Fingers RP Oak-A, SD-N, Mil-A
Chuck Finley SP Cal/Ana-A
Whitey Ford SP NY-A
Terry Forster RP Chi-A, LA-N, ATL-N
John Franco RP NY-N, Cin-N
Eric Gagne RP LA-N
Pud Galvin SP Buf-N, Pit-N
Gene Garber RP Atl-N, Phi-N
Bob Gibson SP StL-N
Tom Glavine SP Atl-N, NY-N
Lefty Gomez SP NY-A
Dwight Gooden SP NY-N
Tom Gordon SP/RP KC-A, Bos-A
Goose Gossage RP NY-A, SD-N, Chi-A
Clark Griffith SP Chi-N, NY-A
Burleigh Grimes SP Bro-N, Pit-N
Lefty Grove SP/RP Phi-A, Bos-A
Ron Guidry SP NY-A
Roy Halladay SP Tor-A
Tom Henke RP Tor-A, Tex-A
Roberto Hernandez RP Chi-A, TB-A
Willie Hernandez RP Det-A, Chi-N
Orel Hershiser SP LA-N, Cle-A
John Hiller RP Det-A
Trevor Hoffman RP SD-N
Charlie Hough SP/RP Tex-A, LA-N
Steve Howe RP LA-N, NY-A
Waite Hoyt SP/RP NY-A, Pit-N
Al Hrabosky RP StL-N, Atl-N
Carl Hubbell SP NY-N
Tim Hudson SP Oak-A, Atl-N
Catfish Hunter SP KC/Oak-A, NY-A
Jason Isringhausen RP StL-N, NY-N
Grant Jackson RP Bal-A, Phi-N, Pit-N
Ferguson Jenkins SP Chi-A, Tex-A
Tommy John SP Chi-A, NY-A, LA-N, Cal-A
Randy Johnson SP Sea-A, Az-N
Walter Johnson SP Was-A
Doug Jones RP Cle-A
Addie Joss SP Cle-A
Jim Kaat SP/RP Min-A, Phi-N, Chi-A, StL-N
Tim Keefe SP NY-N, Tro-N, Phi-N
Jimmy Key SP Tor-A, NY-A
Ellis Kinder RP Bos-A
Silver King SP StL-AA
Darold Knowles RP Was-A, Oak-A
Jerry Koosman SP NY-N, Min-A
Sandy Koufax SP Bro/LA-N
Dave LaRoche RP Cal-A, Cle-A
Gary Lavelle RP SF-N
Bob Lemon SP/RP Cle-A
Dutch Leonard SP/RP Was-A, Chi-N, Bro-N
Frank Linzy RP SF-N
Mickey Lolich SP Det-A
Derek Lowe SP/RP Bos-A, LA-N
Dolf Luque SP/RP Cin-N, NY-N
Sparky Lyle RP NY-A, Bos-A, Phi-N
Ted Lyons SP Chi-A
Greg Maddux SP Atl-N, Chi-N
Firpo Marberry RP Was-A, Det-A
Juan Marichal SP SF-N
Rube Marquard SP/RP Bro-N, NY-N
Mike Marshall RP Mon-N, LA-N, Min-A
Dennis Martinez SP Bal-A, Mon-N, Cle-A
Pedro Martinez SP Bos-A, Mon-N, NY-N
Christy Mathewson SP NY-N
Carl Mays SP/RP NY-A, Bos-A, Cin-N
Lindy McDaniel RP StL-N, NY-A, Chi-N, SF-N
Sam McDowell SP Cle-A
Joe McGinnity SP NY-N
Tug McGraw RP NY-N, Phi-N
Don McMahon RP Mil-N, SF-N
Dave McNally SP Bal-A
Jose Mesa RP Cle-A, Bal-A, Phi-N
Andy Messersmith SP Cal-A, LA-N
Stu Miller RP SF-N, Bal-A, StL-N
Greg Minton RP SF-N, Cal-A
Jeff Montgomery RP KA-A
Jack Morris SP Det-A
Tony Mullane SP Cin-A, Cin-N
Mike Mussina SP Bal-A, NY-A
Randy Myers RP NY-N, Chi-N
Joe Nathan RP Min-A, SF-N
Robb Nen RP SF-N, Fla-N
Don Newcombe SP Bro/LA-N, Cin-N
Hal Newhouser SP/RP Det-A
Kid Nichols SP Bos-N
Phil Niekro SP Atl-N
Gregg Olson RP Bal-A
Jesse Orosco RP NY-N, Bal-A, Cle-A, Mil-A
Claude Osteen SP LA-N, Was-A
Roy Oswalt SP Hou-N
Jim Palmer SP Bal-A
Milt Pappas SP Bal-A, Chi-N, Cin-N, Atl-N
Herb Pennock SP/RP NY-A, Bos-A, Phi-A
Troy Percival RP Cal/Ana-A
Ron Perranoski RP LA-N. Min-A
Gaylord Perry SP SF-N, Cle-A, Tex-A
Jim Perry SP/RP Min-A, Cle-A
Andy Pettitte SP NY-A, Hou-N
Billy Pierce SP/RP Chi-A
Eddie Plank SP Phi-A
Dan Plesac RP Mil-A, Tor-A
Dan Quisenberry RP KC-A
Dick Radatz RP Bos-A
Old Hoss Radbourn SP Pro-N, Bos-N
Jeff Reardon RP Mon-N, Min-A, Bos-A
Rick Reuschel SP Chi-N, SF-N, Pit-N
J.R. Richard SP Hou-N
Dave Righetti RP NY-A, SF-N
Jose Rijo SP/RP Cin-N, Oak-A
Mariano Rivera RP NY-A
Eppa Rixey SP/RP Cin-N, Phi-N
Robin Roberts SP Phi-N, Bal-A
Kenny Rogers SP/RP Tex-A
Eddie Rommel SP/RP Phi-A
Red Ruffing SP NY-A, Bos-A
Amos Rusie SP NY-N
Nolan Ryan SP Hou-N, Cal-A, Tex-A, NY-N
C.C. Sabathia SP Cle-A
Bret Saberhagen SP KC-A, NY-N, Bos-A
Johan Santana SP/RP Min-A
Curt Schilling SP Phi-N, Bos-A, Az-N
Tom Seaver SP NY-N, Cin-N
Bobby Shantz RP Phi-A, NY-A
Urban Shocker SP StL-A, NY-A
Dave Smith RP Hou-N
Lee Smith RP Chi-N, StL-N, Bos-A
John Smoltz SP/RP Atl-N
Warren Spahn SP Bos/Mil-N
Bob Stanley RP Bos-A
Dave Stieb SP Tor-A
Jack Stivetts SP Bos-N, StL-A
Mel Stottlemyre SP NY-A
Bruce Sutter RP Chi-N, StL-N, Atl-N
Don Sutton SP LA-N
Kent Tekulve RP Pit-N, Phi-N
Bobby Thigpen RP Chi-A
Luis Tiant SP Bos-A, Cle-A
Mike Timlin RP Tor-A, Bos-A
Dizzy Trout SP/RP Det-A
Virgil Trucks SP/RP Det-A, Chi-A
John Tudor SP Stl-N, Bos-A
Ugueth Urbina RP Mon-N
Fernando Valenzuela SP LA-N, SD-N
Dazzy Vance SP Bro-N
Hippo Vaughn SP Chi-N, NY-A
Frank Viola SP Min-A, NY-N, Bos-A
Rube Waddell SP Phi-A, StL-A
Billy Wagner RP Hou-N
Ed Walsh SP/RP Chi-A
Bucky Walters SP Cin-N, Phi-N
Lon Warneke SP/RP Chi-N, StL-N
David Wells SP/RP Tor-A, NY-A
John Wetteland RP Tex-A, Mon-N
Hoyt Wilhelm RP Chi-A, NY-N, Bal-A
Vic Willis SP Bos-N, Pit-N
Smokey Joe Wood SP/RP Bos-A
Wilbur Wood SP/RP Chi-A
Todd Worrell RP StL-N, LA-N
Early Wynn SP Cle-A, Was-A, Chi-A
Cy Young SP Cle-N, Bos-A
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Bruce Linsey
United States
New York
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In its later versions, the player roster was reduced to 400. 500 was overkill.
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