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martin fraser
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Hi there,

My name is Martin Fraser and i am from Quebec city Canada,

This post (i hope) will introduce our league to the people who like to play the great game called Formula D or Formula De for the older ones!

My goal is to find out our differences and common points within the leagues we play all around the world.

So here i go.

FD Quebec league has been created in 1996 by me with 4 other players, one of them Donald Darveau is still there with me! most of our regulars have been around since 2002.

We have 14 players registered this year, normally we accept no more than 12. But only 10 on a regular base play every 2 week.

We always follow the real F1 calendar for our races, so this year has 19 races. We also use the same point system, 10,8,6,4,3,2,1 for both Drivers & teams.

We have a trophy with player names and another one with the teams that won championships.

Rules: all advanced rules are used plus the following house rules.
Pit access; limited to 4th, 5th is permitted to get in but cost 1 brake point (without removing one movement point). This one i invented in 96 so it makes me it's father! Eric Randall agrees!

Pit repair points: We allow the cars to take them before the race on their cars.

Car draft; only one aspiration is permitted no matter what!
Hazardous case: we have 10 markers that we use, when we need number 11, we remove number one and so on!

Black flag: if a driver makes a move intended to deliberately block another driver in order to remove this one, he gets a black flag and is out of the race! or if he always end up forcing the other player to do collision check each turn. (it never happened, but having this eliminate so many stupid things)

Qualification run: we allow cars to start behind the starting line at the gear they want then go for the next curve (this saves precious time)

Qualification run: only one hand is to be used right or left! not both hands.

Qualifications: it's always sunny for qualifications!

Pit box distribution: they are determined by previous season standings, best team gets first one, and do on.

Race: 3 laps.

Experience system points: I have developed a long time ago a point system based from a Belgian friend. it goes like this. Qualifications, points for the first 8 players, 0.2, 0.175, .15, 0.125, 0.1, 0.075, 0.05, 0.025
, winner and others 7 players get, 0.3, 0,25, 0.2, 0,15, 0.1, 0.075, 0.05, 0.025. race leader gets 0.2, those who had 4 lap in the lead gets 0.1.

NOW each full point gives you (your choice) add one movement point, remove one movement point or discard one race check, note that teams are also accumulating driver experience points but use them in a different way, full point are put on a specific car (max of 1) for this race only. Once points are used they are deducted from the total of the players / teams.

I use a race sheet to record any events that happens during the race, so stats are recorded for everything, pole, victory, podiums, lead turn, accident, spins, control loss, Quick pit stop, stall, super start. about everything!

Well, this is it!

Feel free to let us know about your league!

FD Quebec
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Matt Robertson
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Life is Short; Play Games!
The BixCON Series of gaming events: A combination of Great Friends, Great Food, & Great Drink!
I copied this from our webiste forums:
- - - - - - - - - -

Welcome to the 2007/2008 Season of the Formula De Beer League.

This is our inaugural season and the lineup looks good for this season. We have three teams comprised of two drivers each vying for the checkered flag and crown for the glory of top team. The line up is as follows:

Rogue Racers

Sponsor: Rogue Ales. Newport Oregon -
Manager: Matt Robertson
Driver: Willie Survive

Big Rock Racers

Sponsor: Big Rock Beer. Calgary, Alberta -
Manager: Denton Souster
Driver: Dusty Carr

Great Western Rednecks

Sponsor: Great Western Brewery. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan -
Manager: John Kennedy
Driver: Ricky Bobby

Newcastle Racing

Sponsor: Newcastle Brown. Newcastle, England -
Manager: Jason Doan
Driver: Goggles Pizzano

Pilsner Pistons

Sponsor: Molson Breweries. Denver, Colorado -
Manager: Fred Mountjoy
Driver: Dale Burnheart

Keith's Indianapolis Pale Aces

Sponsor: Keith's Brewery. Halifax, Nova Scotia -
Manager: Steve Wilde
Driver: Robin S Raessun

- - - - - - - - - -
Rules In Play
Everyone should have received a PDF with a scan of all of the official game rules.
(1) All of the Basic Rules. This includes rules in the section for 1 and 2 lap races.
(2) Slipstreaming (Drafting) from the Advanced Rules.
(3) All of the Three Lap Race Rules from the Advanced Rules (Car Construction, Suspension, Repair Points & The Pits).

In addition, the following rules are in play:
Slipping The Clutch
Once per turn, any driver may add one space to their roll by "slipping their clutch." To do this they must spend one engine point. When spending this point the car does not leave a debris counter.

Car Crash Effects on Future Races
Whenever a car is eliminated from the game due to a collision, roll a d20 and consult the table below:
• 01 – 01: Driver Killed. Car misses next race while a new driver can be added to the team.
(Team is short a driver next race, Manager can buy in another racer for an additional SIX pack).
• 02 – 03: Driver injury. Car misses next race while driver is rehabilitated.
(Substitue driver can race for team next race so team is not down a driver).
• 04 – 20: No adverse effects, take a driver training course though.

Pole Positions
The pole positions are awarded in reverse order of the previous race finish. The first race positioning is determined by the placement in the pre-season race. (Note that the pre-season race will not have adverse effects on the drivers, ie: death. )

- - - - - - - - - -
The Racing Season
This season will consist of a pre-season race in August with the formal 8 race series starting in September.
We are shooting for the third Thursday of every month for RACE NIGHT. Race times are at 7:00pm

Tracks For This Season
Pre-Season Race - Monaco DONE
September - Montreal DONE
October - Suzuka DONE
November - Long Beach DONE
December - Buenos Aires
January - Elkhart
February - Indiannapolis
March - Barcelona
April - ?

- - - - - - - - - -
League Points Structure

Points System
1st Place – 6 Points
2nd Place – 5 Points
3rd Place – 4 Points
4th Place – 3 points
5th Place – 2 Points
6th Place – 1 Point

Cars must finish the race to earn points.

Additional cars racing (guest racers) will not affect the standings or points.

Entry Fee
Each team manager must contribute eight beer from their sponsor to the prize pool.

Prize Structure
The winner of each race, (not including pre-season) receives 1 beer for the win.
The team with the most points at the end of the season, receives 18 beer.
The second place team at the end of the season receives 10 beer.
The third place team receives 6 beer. (Cool isn't it, there are only three teams. Everyone's a winner)
The best driver for the season, (that survived), receives a bonus 6 beer.

Prizes Awarded
Race ONE - Goggles Pizzano (Jason Doan) - Rogue Mocha Porter
Race TWO - Goggles Pizzano (John Kennedy) - Rogue Mocha Porter
Race THREE -Dusty Carr (Kathy Lewis) - Newcastle Brown Ale

Current Points
...23 Points BIG ROCK ROGUES (Willie & Dusty)
...20 Points GREAT WESTCASTLES RACING (Goggles & Ricky)
...16 Points ROUND LAKE RACERS (Dale & Robin & Jacques)

...14 (6+6+2) Points (Goggles Pizzano)
...12 (4+4+4) Points (Willie Survive)
...11 (5+3+3) Points (Dale Burnheart)
...11 (3+2+6) Points (Dusty Carr)
...06 (0+5+1) Points (Ricky Bobby)
...05 (X+X+5) Points (Jacques Le Strap)
...00 (0+0+X) Points (Robin S Raessun)

Race Recaps
Race One -
Race Two -
Race Three -
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Louis Brenton
United States
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This is a great's good to hear how other Formula De fans do their races.

We have a group of about 15 guys who play the game, but we're all on scattered and very busy schedules, and not everyone can make every gaming night, so we don't do full seasons. Instead we do 3-4 race "tours". We assign teammates at random before the first race of the tour, and keep individual and team points. The winner of the previous tour gets to name the next tour and select the tracks we'll race. (We once ran a 10-race "American Tour" of all the American tracks, bookending it with Indy loop on the front end and Daytona loop on the back...that was big fun, but it was probably a once-in-a-lifetime event for our group)

We like to run 2-lap races, so we can try to knock out 2 races in an evening. I think our only significant house rule is that you can intentionally take a slow pit in order to get 1 gas point (basically a modification of the 3-lap repair point rule).

We score our races a little differently than most folks that I've seen. We base the available points on the number of seemed logical to us that a win over 9 other drivers is more impressive than a win over 4 other drivers, so it should be worth more points. The formula we use is:

X=# of drivers...First place gets X+1 points, second gets X-1, third gets X-2 and so on. Any DNF gets 0 points, which encourages drivers to try to bring their car home intact (so they don't screw over their teammate) and keeps people who are running behind from just crashing out.

We keep careful records, and have complete stats for each player's lifetime points, wins, best tracks, etc.

I look forward to hearing how other groups run their leagues.
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Matt Robertson
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Life is Short; Play Games!
The BixCON Series of gaming events: A combination of Great Friends, Great Food, & Great Drink!
Here is one I found when I was researching for our league. This is quite impressive.
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martin fraser
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Now the 2008 TEAMS

Follow this link to have a closer look on my BLOG

Have a look! I also published other things about Formula D! including cars & 3D buildings

And this is me!
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