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Thomas Verschueren
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We played Doom with 3 marines. We started off in scenario 2, Knee deep in the dead.

I must say they were all pretty pumped after the crushing defeat of last game. This time they were going to be so tactical it was going to blast me way. And for all of 2 turns they almost had me convinced. Almost…

This time it seemed they were going for the tactic of the Front Guard chainsaw guy, backed up by the Officer, while the Marksman would pick off any monster stragglers.

The first round they spread out in the starting area, and all guarded. When my turn came around I couldn't even point at one of my invaders or someone would shout BLAMMO at the top of their lungs. True enough, at the end of my turn there were no beasties left and nowhere to spawn any new ones.

For several turns they kept on running through the starting area, trying to decide the best position. That's when the lights went out and a Demon appeared somewhere in their back. He came charging up and seriously mauled the marine who had picked up the extra armor in the start area. You gotta kill them before they grow you know…

The Marksman went like, "I'll take him", and indeed several shots, and all his ammo later the Demon lay dead. That's more or less when their downfall started…

They opened the door to the left, and were greeted by a room brimming with Zombies, Imps, and Demons. The Marksman wanted the ammo, the rest was curious about the encounter, so the Officer and the Marksman entered the room while the Chainsaw marine stayed behind to watch for spawning monsters. A good tactic, just the wrong marines executing it, because it forced a Marksman to pummel the beasties, while the Officer with the shotgun was wasting ammo like there was no tomorrow, and had to resort to fisticuffs as well… Or maybe he knew there would be no tomorrow for them anyway…

When the smoke cleared up in the room, they had only found Duds, and I had scored 3 frags. Boy, I love that Invader card, it is sooo deliciously EVIL devil

A mad dash brought them to the southern door, when they felt tremors from the room they had just exited. A Mancubus dragged itself out of the room and opened fire, missing all of them in a true Pulp Fiction fashion. The officer slammed the button for the door and without waiting stepped through. Immediately the door came crashing down behind him, not opening again. Ahead in the dark he saw more creatures move about than he cared to count.

Meanwhile back on the other side of the door, an Archvile joined the Mancubus. On both sides of that door, the hurt was upon them. When the door opened again, I was up to 5 frags, and the Mancubus still waddled about. The Chainsaw marine bravely jumped into the fray of the darkened area and in on fell swoop killed 4 monsters that had just fragged his Officer. But in his dash for the medpack, the Demon clipped him and gave me my 6th frag!

They thought they had played with care and tactic and didn't deserve such a crushing defeat. Some people were actually disgusted, and so I didn't push it by pointing out some obvious tactical errors I thought they had made.

Next time we are going to play with the difficulty mods…

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