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I enter my usual game group place, and there's a 5p game of BSG going on among other games. AFAIK, there's one person who knows the game and is moderating it while everyone else either played the game either once or not at all, but I pretty sure everyone has played their fair share of cooperative games before.

1st checkup
5pts on the destiny "track" (FYI, you need at least 8 and then one final jump to win). All four "wheels" are at least 6. Some like population are in 9s. NOTHING is in the red. I'm thinking.... "give it time, the humans may have gotten lucky all along, but the cards are bound to screw 'em over soon enough".

I can't remember all of the characters, suffice to say Starbuck and Tyrol were definately in the mix. My guess is Roslin, Adm. Adama, and Baltar were the others.

Well, I can't be around to spectate full time. I'm gonna join a different group and start another game.

2nd checkup ..... 20 to 30 minutes later.....
Group is one jump away from winning. I asked just to be sure, they said they indeed have 8 on the "destiny track" and one jump is all they need to win. The jump track has them being 3 jumps away from autojumping. shakeshake That was a relatively uneventful game. Furthermore, all their "wheels" were still in the blue. They said they'll finish up soon enough, which was important to know since they could mix 'n mingle with other groups and decide what the next games would be together

3rd checkup ..... 20 minutes later.....
Ooookay... Something just ain't right. This ain't a tennis match of the "deuces/advantages", nor is it one of those games of Apples To Apples nor Monopoly that just refuses to die. They should've put the game away by now. I walk over to the table to check things out for myself. The "Destiny track" or count is still the same. They still need one more jump, but the jump track has been set all the way to the beginning! Furthermore, 2 of their attribues on thei "wheels" are down in the red! Excellent! This MUST be the work of a cylon! Low and behold it is.... 2 of them. Starbuck and Tyrol have made their way onto the Ressurection ship.

At this point, I had to get back to my other game, thinking this level of "doom and gloom" was more appropriate. Now it could be either side's game.

Final checkup .... hours later....
Shortly after the game ended, I got word that the humans lost wow I caught up with 2 of the human players and one of the cylon players much later on and and it turns out, the revealed cylons took matters into their own hands. They both got to use the powers on their loyalty card to do one nasty thing, which IIRC was send someone to the brig and damage one random part of the ship. Furthermore, they each got to use a Super Crisis Card.

It was pretty much all of that plus the continued efforts of the cylon traitors that kept the humans from winning. Speaking of tennis and 'back and forth', while Galactica got damaged on several occassions and it was hard keeping up on repairs (not just b/c Chief Tyrol was now on team cylon, there was someone else getting blue engineering cards as well, but the humans were predisposed constantly), Manual TLF Drive was always an option. However, the cylon players had tricks up their sleeves to push the jump track back and keep it from allowing humans to be elgible for manual a jump. A shame too, as they could've easily taken the -3 hit in population to perform the final jump and win the game.

I don't see myself playing this game for a long time, but I am definately looking forward to at least a dozen more games just to see how things play out and explore as many aspects of the game as possible.

EDIT: I didn't know it by name at the time, but the Massive Assault super crisis card was what did the Colonial Fleet in, setting up all those ships, and completely undoing half a jump prep track's worth of progress.
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