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The Rio Grande rulebook contains an example of play, to illustrate how the game of Strozzi works. However, since the example is mostly text, it can be difficult to follow. I have reconstructed and slightly modified and expanded the example, and with the help of my camera and photo editing software, I have added pictures to provide you, the loyal reader of BGG, a pictorial illustration of game-play in this new Knizia game. So welcome to a sample turn of a five player game of Strozzi!

We take up the game in the middle of the first of three rounds, when 7 of the 15 flags have been played.

The five players are (in clockwise direction, beginning with the active player):
Anna (Blue), Scott (Yellow), Todd (Red), Heather (Green), James (Purple)

Active player: Anna (Blue)

Anna is the active player.

She has already used her "+1 flag to place a ship card in Naples (bottom right) and her "ware flag" to place a ship card in Rome (top left).

She draws the top most card from the ship supply.

She places the card face-up in her play area.

The card has no wares for Venice (the only remaining port of the three that she doesn't yet have a ship).

Thus she has little interest in the ship card, and says so.

Next player: Scott (Yellow)

Scott is next and has placed no ship in Rome.

So he places his "ware flag" on the card, hoping to take advantage of the two grain symbols.

Next player: Todd (Red)

Todd is next and, like Anna, is not interested.

(He also already has ships in Naples and Rome, and instead wants a ship with wares for Venice).

Next player: Heather (Green)

Heather is next and with no card in Naples she also wants the card.

She places her "pirate flag" on the card, claiming the card.

Scott (Yellow) takes back his "ware flag", and returns it to his play area.

James (Purple) is last, but cannot do anything as Heather claimed the card with her "pirate flag". He must wait till Heather has finished her turn.

Heather (Green) places the card next to Naples with her "pirate flag" on it.

She moves her Green player marker on Naples up two spaces (since the card has two of the ware icons corresponding to Naples).

As the ship card has the promotion tile symbol on it, Heather now chooses the art promotion tile from those available.

She places it face-up in her play area.

As it shows the ware symbol for Venice, she moves her Green player marker in Venice up one space (even though she did not place the ship card there).

She ends her turn by drawing the top-most promotion tile to replace the one she took.

Next active player: James (Purple)

James, the player to her left, now becomes the active player and begins by drawing the top-most card from the ship supply, and places it face-up in his play area.

As the active player, James begins the next turn and now must decide whether or not to play a flag.

And so the game continues!


Since each player has three flags, this process is repeated 3 x 5 = 15 times in each of the three rounds. Point scoring is done at the end of each round, and additional point scoring (with the promotion tiles) at the end of the game.

I hope this illustration of game-play helps people learn the game, and understand how the flow of play in a turn works!

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