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Andy Daglish
United Kingdom
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Played at the club this Saturday afternoon, a three-player due to the teeming press of bodies [=7, ulp!]. A beginner took Sauron.

The Fellowship made good progress, taking minor corruption rather than eliminating GG early. Moria proved the usual blockage, a reveal tile being unwanted with the FSP marker on the crucial 3 position on the track. As the SA mobilised in the usual way the FP played a number of reinforcement cards, such as King Brand and Grimbeorn. Elrond also activates Gondor early, which starts to muster. So for no penalty the FP has better-than-usual military preparation.
The FSP declared from Rivendell to a well-besieged Lorien as the SA moved forces northwards. The SA took Lorien, Dale and Erebor is short order, and the Fellowship were revealed in East Emnet. Here they remained for some time, during which the W-K activated FP nations were mustered down the track. Grimbeorn led a sizeable army to the Forest Road where they beat off the Dale garrison, so preventing an assualt on Thranduil. The Easterlings watched the Nazgul fly off to MT, as it became apparent that they were under threat of attack by a combined foce of men and Elves. Meanwhile the siege at MT began, as Strider threw the Southrons out of Pelargir and called out the Dol Amroth army, which included Cirdan's marines. Aragorn was crowned and led a 10-strength army to Osgiliath. He was now behind the W-k, almost trappign him in his own siege. Minas Morgul was wide open, and Aragorn moved on that, but "The King is Revealed" stopped him. At this point he was surrounded by the very new Morgul garrison, Haradrim the the south,the W-K's besieging force and a large band of orcs on Dagorlad. What to do? He dithered, so the Fellowship started moving again. The Rohirrim felt unthreatened due to the protection of G the W, the Ent cards, and Help Unlooked For, but mainly because Isengard had not yet got going. Saruman began building up his force as Gandalf led a small host out of Edoras toward the embattled Aragorn. Gandalf and a well-manned Fellowship linked up with Aragorn's amry in North Ithilien. This was a good tiem to separate the hobbits into Aragorn's lot, who attacked Osgiliath just after it was reoccupied by Haradrim. These subsequently retreated to reinforce the W-k who had just taken MT at some cost in events and elites. Now the Witch-king found himself first defeated in the field and then besieged by both the returned king and a reroll-cancelling Gandalf. The fellowship declared inot Morgul, reflectign that few SA character events had been played on them due to their use as combat cards. Both sides play specials into the bag.
Corruption is medium, and the FSP moves along the track in as careful a manner as possible, gaining Gollum early and moving fast aginast one die, but then drawing an Eye to four dice. At this point MT fell, and the Isengarders began their attack. Careful prep of the FSP with Athelas got the Ring home just as Helm's Deep was invested.

The SA contrived to lose both games at once. Elrond was very important, causing the the SA to shy away from an even fight in Gondor only to lose another in the North. This was influenced by other usefully-early events such as King Brand and Grimbeorn. The mid-game period of fighting stopped the Fellowship but also used up the anti-Fellowship events that should have beset them. The Dead Men of Dunharrow also helped Gondor, cowing the Haradrim occupying Pelargir long enough to build up real strength that eventually retook MT.
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