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Subject: Free Trader Expansion: A fire in the Abyss. rss

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Francisco Javier
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A Binary System collapses and his two suns are transforming in a gorgeus monster of light, fire, and radiation.

Many worlds will die, but others can survive in the deeps of the dark abyss.

First print this card.

Now, if you play with this expansion, retire the nova card of the planet deck.

When you place 4 planet in game insert the "nova" planet card in the planet deck. Shuffle.

When you must draw and place a new world in game, if the card is "nova" place this orthogonally adjacent to a planet. If no space are available orthogonally then you may place diagonally.

If no space are available diagonally then you may place the nova orthogonally to any planet.

Two turns afther you place the card, the nova collapse.

The nova destruct every world place adjacent to them, minimum two worlds, as this.

1 2 3 4
5 6 X 7
8 9 10

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ARE PLANETS

The nova destruct the nexts worlds: 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10.

Retire them in the discards pile the worlds affected by the nova and the nova card.

Recall: The nova must place to destruct minimum two worlds.

Now the good thing.

The panic will spread in the planets affected by the nova. Everyone want escape... for a price. ANY PRICE.

You can transport inhabitants of the affect planet to a safe planet. To do this treat them as cargo.

1 inhabitants = 1 cargo.

If you have normal cargo in your ship, you can sell in the doomed planet for the half price to free space.

To do this, rob a event card, apply the prices, divide by two and this is the sell price.

If you transport the inhabitans to a safe planet, retire them of the cargo and add 3 vectorium to your count per inhabitant.

1 inhabitant = 3 vectorium.

If you get a miss-jump as result running away of a combat, take the discarted planets and the nova. Place the nova card appart. Shuffle the planet deck and now continue playing from step 5.

When you have four planets in game, insert the nova card in the planet deck and shuffle.
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Francisco Javier
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Variants and corrections

- Updated rules.

When the nova collapse instead retire in the discards pile the worlds affected by the nova and the nova card you can face down the planet and the nova cards and assume that they are empy space (no planet but you must pay 1 vectorium to travel through them.

Apply this in the normal game and the "deep space expansion"

- Variants.


Now you can not know when the nova colapse.

In the 5 turn sequence, when you take a event card if you get a Miss-Jump result add a token to the nova card.

If the nova card have two tokens the nova collapse. Apply the normal rule.

Radiated planets.

Play "A fire in the Abyss" expansion as normal but when the nova collapse the radiation of the explosion affect to distant systems killing millions of live forms.

The affected planets fall in chaos and anarchy devoured by an insatiable hunger.

The perfect opportunity for business.


1 2 3 4 10 13
5 6 X 7 11 14
8 9 0 12 15

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 ARE PLANETS

The nova destruct the nexts worlds: 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,0.

Face down the worlds affected by the nova and the nova card.

The 1,5,8, 10, 11 and 12 planets are radiated by lethals radiations. Put a token or a coin to represent this in the planet card.

The 13, 14 and 15 planets are not affected by the lethals radiations because they are very far of the accident.

Now add +1 to every sell stat marked in the planet but you can not buy cargo in the radiated planet.

Also put the law level to 0 to represent the fall in chaos of the radiated planet and every encounter with pirates in a radiated get a +1 to AGG and DEF to represent the anarchy.

You can eleminate a radiation token paying 6 vectoriums when you put your ship token on the planet. Return the sell levels to normal, you can buy cargo and put the law level to 1.

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United States
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Malechi's Abridged Substitute Rules:
Based on Expio's original design and modified with linael's review in mind.

A Fire In The Abyss

1 Planet Card - Nova
1 Token – Nova Flare token

(Printable image contains extra tokens)

Do not start the game with the Nova card in the Planets Deck. The first time you receive a “Mis-Jump” Events card during any combat, insert the Nova card in the Planets Deck and reshuffle.
When the Nova card is drawn, place it per Free Trader rules with the stipulation that is must be placed adjacent to at least 2 planets if possible. You may never move your Ship marker on to the Nova card.
All planets adjacent to the Nova card will be destroyed; it is only a matter of time! When you draw a “Mis-Jump” Events card during step five (5) place the Nova Flare token on the Nova card. After the Nova Flare token is placed, all adjacent planets are considered to have a Law Level of 0. The next “Mis-Jump” Events card drawn during step five (5) will remove the Nova card and all adjacent Planets cards from the game.
Rescue Operation:
Once the Nova card is in play, you may offer passage to the inhabitants of the affected planets to safe planets that will be unaffected by the Nova card. To make room in your hold, you may sell your current cargo at half price. Each inhabitant carried takes up one Cargo space. Place Cargo counters representing inhabitants on the cockpit section of the Player Mat to differentiate them from standard Cargo counters. Once you arrive at a safe destination planet you may exchange each Cargo counter representing an inhabitant for 3 Vectorium.
You may continue to rescue inhabitants as long as the Nova card has not been removed from the game. However, if you are on an affected Planets card when you draw the second “Mis-Jump” Events card, you lose.

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