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Subject: 5 Player Variant rss

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Jim Krohn
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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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Saga 6th Deck - 5 Player Variant

Saga is a fun little, quick game that is easy to teach. Why do I want to play Saga with 5 players? I have 3 kids, of course!

All the PDF's needed for this variant can be found in the files section.

The Sixth Deck:
• The original 5 decks in the game are perfectly balanced. However, since there are six original kingdoms, there is a possible sixth deck that was not included in the game.
• The cards in the sixth deck are:
Blue 4/4/1 - Purple 3/2/2 - Yellow 3/1 - Red 4/2 - Orange 3 - Green 1
• This deck can be used to replace any deck in the game or it can be used as part of a 5 player variant.
• I have uploaded a PDF with all the cards needed for the sixth deck. It has crossed axes as the symbol on the back.

The Five Player Variant:
• With the sixth deck, Saga can be played as a 5 player game with the normal rules. However, there will be even more competition for the 6 kingdoms.
• To get a similar feel as the 4 player game, add the seventh kingdom card.

Adding the Seventh (sand, brown) kingdom:
• In order to add a seventh kingdom, each of the other decks must also have a card added (that matches that kingdom). The needed additional cards are in the same PDF.
• Add one, 1 strength "sand" knight to each of the 5 decks
• Add two, 2 strength "sand" knights to the 6th deck. This must be the center deck so that there are enough knights to initially defend the starting kingdoms (this deck has one more card than the rest - it has 14 cards so that each kingdom will be initially guarded by 2 knights).
• On one side of the kingdom card, the special abilities are, if owned, all of that player’s sand knights are doubled in strength. If conquering this kingdom or losing this kingdom would cause another attacking force to be stronger (because of the change in values of the sand knights), then that kingdom changes hands immediately just as with the yellow kingdom special ability. This doubling applies both in the beginning and the end of the game.
• On the other side, the special abilities are: During the game, one time the owner may play 2 knights in one turn. This kingdom should be turned upside down to show that this ability has been used. At the end of the game, all of the owning players 1 strength point knights score double if they are eligible to score.
• All the other rules are the same.

The 2 strength sand knights actually become highly sought after as they can help with conquering any kingdom. Both of the special abilities in the sand kingdom also add a twist. I hope you enjoy playing this!

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