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Subject: Solo for the lonely Trekker rss

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Sean Allen
United States
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Came up with this a few years ago when I needed a Star Trek fix and nobody was around. Enjoy.

Star Trek:TNG CCG Solitaire Game
Version 1.3

Note: I've only played with 1st Edition Cards.

This game is only for fun and not meant to be conceptually precise.
Play as Federation.

Your deck may consist of a maximum of 25 cards: Federation ships, personal, and Fed. only cards.

The Space Line consists of 8 random missions, drawn from a shuffled deck of only mission cards.

Seeded below the missions are 3 cards.
The seed cards (24 total) may consist of Events, Objectives, Equipment, Dilemmas, Interrupts, Non-Aligned ships and personal, Aligned ships and personal, Incidents, and Artifacts.
Shuffle these cards together.

To start play, seed a Federation Outpost on the Space Line at a planet location.
Of the Twenty-five Cards chosen for the players deck, one must be a ship (staffing restrictions apply) the other an Outpost; place ship at the Outpost. Next, shuffle the rest of the Federation cards. Draw seven to begin play.
The object is to see how many points you can earn. For every mission solved you may draw 2 cards from your Federation deck into your hand.

Cards encountered at missions play as follows:

Events, Interrupts, Objectives, etc. will be played out immediately (Beneficial Interrupts and Events may be taken into hand; deleterious Interrupts, etc. are played out immediately at mission card).
Artifacts and Equipment may be taken into your hand.
All aligned personal and ships are hostile unless a relevant treaty is in play.
Any non-federation personal encountered at a planet mission is hostile and they will have initiative. They will attack the member of your away team with the lowest cunning. Combat is determined by combining BOTH the strength AND cunning of each personal. If the combined stats of the hostile are higher, then away team member is killed. If both personal have same stats, then the turn is over. After the initial attack all Federation personal in the away team may combine their strength stats to combat the hostile personal, or they may beam back to the ship. If the away teams strength is higher, the hostile is killed.

When a hostile ship is encountered it is conceptually fully staffed and ready to fight.
Ship combat is played out as follows:

compare hostile ships Weapons with the Shields of the weakest Federation ship present. If the Weapons exceed shields by less than half, the ship is Damaged and its Range and Shields are reduced by 2. Place damaged ship on its side. If a damaged ship is hit again it is destroyed. If Weapons exceed Shields by more than half, the ship is destroyed.
A hostile ship will behave in the following way: it will attack and follow the Federation ship until one or the other is destroyed. Exception: it will flee if damaged and seek any “friendly” outpost.

Turns, (i.e. Federation ship range) are irrelevant until it encounters an enemy ship or an Event that triggers a need for turns, then, movement turns take effect (only as long as needed).

Away team may not exceed 5 members.

Non-aligned/ neutral personal will join away team if their Integrity is 5 or higher. If Integrity less than 5, than the personal is hostile. All Non-aligned/Neutral ships are hostile when encountered.

You may “burn” a card in your hand in exchange for a card in your deck.

A space Dilemma found on a planet site will affect the crew remaining on the ship and not the away team personal.

Only one Worm Hole Interrupt is needed to move any ship anywhere on the spaceline (e.g. between quadrants).
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United States
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There was a fairly large online chat start trek ccg community years ago, people would play games via chat room using their own cards for both players. I forgot the name of the website, but it was quite popular. It seems that would have been preferable to playing solitaire!
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David Bate
United Kingdom
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I would disagree. Playing via chat sounds horrible to me. There have been several visual ways to play STCCG 1E online. SOme have gone, some remain. Most allow you play other CCGs too.

I'm happy playing both online and solitare. These days I favour solitare as due to family health circumstances I may be called away at a moment's notice which is unfair of the other player. Besides having a solitare option is great when on holiday or just want a quick game with no commitments to anyone else..

Having shelled out half a mortage worth of cash I begrudge spending more on official online systems. I did pay for Trek virtual cards when it was open and for Stargate, but where are those cards now they have closed down.

Some free online editions are quite good but the systems are not always stable or complete implementations of the game. I'm getting idle as I get older and want the rules worked out for me.whistle

Some online games and tourneys I've played in have had limited interaction, apart from the card playing there was no communication from the other player. No hello, GL before or GG after. It might as well been a solitare game.

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