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Subject: Crushing Defeat, Extremely Fun rss

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Cactus god
United States
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So, tonight we decided to pull out BSG (which seems to be our game of choice these days) and we set up the game. We had 5 people.

Myself- Gaius

This game started off in an interesting way because I decided to do something that I never do. After the second skill check I decided to toss Mike(Tigh) into the brig. Now, something just TOLD me that he was the cylon. It could have been a facial expression, I dont know. I remember seeing him look a bit upset about a skill check turning out in favor of the humans but he explained it by saying he was upset we overkilled it and he wasted good cards...which is a plausible excuse and true since there was no sabotage.

At any rate, I tossed him in and immediately curt started freaking out about how I must be the cylon. The discussion got heated and I told him that I've never done anything so brazen as a cylon because it almost assuredly screws you over. He didn't buy it. Steven and Brandon were on the fence and then steve decided to side with me and support my decision to arrest Tigh. Steve used "executive order" and allowed me to take two actions, which involved me drawing cards from the presidents deck. I got the cylon mugshot card and decided to see if my decision was a smart one. Turns out, Mike indeed WAS a cylon. I immediately alerted the rest of the group and expressed how awesome I was (modestly of course ;p) but curt still didn't believe me. I managed to convince steve pretty thoroughly at that point.

The horrible thing is, the game turned Galactica into a paranoia-ridden ship of death. People went back and forth accusing, performing brig checks, and the game just kept going down from there. Cylon ships began spawning all around us and we kept failing checks left and right, reducing each resource down to 6 and population down to 4.

Mike was relatively new at the game, only having played 3 other times (short games) so he didn't really know what to do as a revealed cylon. So, he essentially hung out in the brig for almost the whole game and did not reveal himself until almost the very end.

Towards the end, we got to 6 distance after jumping and losing 3 pop bringing us down to 1. The paranoia had basically destroyed us and we were pretty much screwed, we all realized this. We still decided to press on, until Brandon decided to use Zarek's action to reduce our population to 0 and give us 1 fuel. Alas, the second cylon.

We revealed our loyalty cards and sure enough Baltar and Boomer were completely loyal. Curt was shocked, and I was calling him a moron.

Now, clearly I realize that sending someone into the brig on such unfounded reasons is cause for suspicion. However I do think that many other checks were not sabotaged successfully because Mike was in the brig. If we decided to rid ourselves of the paranoid attitude we may have survived that game with no problems at all.

All in all, it was a great game and once again affirms my love for Corey and the games he designs. I realize this session report was rather short, but this game went on for approximately 2 and a half hours so typing all that out would be nuts.

Moral of the story? Never send anyone to the brig early in the game ;p Was fun though.
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Anthony Pham
United States
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Your friend did probably the best thing to do in his case, he got found out, but only by one person. So he put the suspicion on you and causes everyone to be suspicious.

Yeah, it would have been better just to keep an eye, and keep track of the what cards are sabotaging the skill checks to build a better case against the cylon. While at the same time trying to be as obviously human as possible, putting in cards when you can and making sure people see that a lot of the positive cards are skills you have.
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