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Memoir Memories Pt.1 - Storming the beaches of Normandy
Here comes the 13 year old!

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Dec 27. 2008

It's a quiet morning just a few days after Christmas and my 13 1/2 year old daughter sit down to play something we haven't played in a long time - Memoir'44.

We look through the scenario book and come across one that neither of us remember playing previously - the Point Du Hoc assualt on D-Day. I ask her which side she wants to play and she picks the Americans. I let her know that it's a more difficult side to play as the Germans just have to sit there and wait for the assault to come, but she sticks to her guns and we begin.

Initially there isn't a lot for me to do as I have limited line of sight to her troops. There isn't any Armor in this scenario but all the allies are Rangers so they can move 2 spaces and still attack. She has to climb up the cliffs that stretch clear across the battlefield before I can see any of her troops. I bide my time and wait for her to begin her assault of the cliffs. She makes some good initial progress but then didn't get enough cards for her left flank to keep up the pressure. I was able to pick off several of her units in rapid succession and take an early lead. I was hanging on with several of my units that only had one man left in them, but she couldn't manage to eliminate them - at least not right off the bat.

I was up to 3 medals and close to the final 4th one before Jenna was able stage a comeback. I was then the one to not get the cards I needed and she eliminated 3 of my units in a row. We were suddenly tied and it was going to come down to whoever got the next kill. For a 13 year old, she was talking a lot of smack! "Oooo - 3 hits, another medal for me!" and "Dad, you reaaally need to get your act together - I'm going to get my last medal. As I mostly had cards for my left flank (where she had no units), I couldn't attack her anywhere. I survived her attacks and then I managed to get the Medic card and brought my only wounded unit back to full strength.

Finally I got a recon card and was able to eliminate another unit for my final medal. Victory was mine!

Jenna was a great sport about it so I immediately suggested we switched sides so she could see the strategies needed for the other side of the battle. I told her I'd show her how to win as the Allies - and suddenly there was smack talk going in both directions!

See part 2 for the conclusion...
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