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Life and death come and go like marionettes dancing on a table. Once their strings are cut, they easily crumble.
What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror. Then we shall see face to face.
Great excitement dominated the camp. High flags and golden trumpets could be heard within. From afar on the towers the Muslim were readying their short bows and by the main gate, just out of sight, recurved blades shone on black steeds, ready to assail the unwise who dared to come too close.
A battle was about to commence...

The air trembled as a tightly knit formation of Europe's noblest blood suddenly zigzagged out of the trenches into the open field.
Within their ranks stood magnificent a knight who's colours were those of Richard The Lion Heart, he strode forth giving the whole formation the impetus only lightning has.

In the incense perfumed halls, the scholar was interrupted by one of his bodyguards, a gigantic Saracen who's family had served him for years. He didn't like to be distracted specially when he was making his calculations. The very will of God was in the divine permutations of the laws of Mathematics, laws that even the stars were not eager to break nor bend. But this time he smiled. His most respected enemy was finally approaching. Saladin mustered his generals and according to the plans, a mirror was used to reflect the light of the sun on the crusaders' camp, the sign was given.

Suddenly a number of knights - whom no one knew - lowered their helms and lances and charged right into the surprised reserves! Confusion, shouts, smoke and fire erupted everywhere. But Lion Heart's men where not dismayed: the King thundered: "to the gates ye fearless!" and they strode on as deadly arrows like hail fell around them.

The mighty gates opened and nimble steeds rode forward shining with sweat, the mounted warriors shouted their fearsome battle cries. A knight broke formation from each side and both engaged in single combat. The Christian knight aimed right to the heart of his foe counting on his powerful lance to make a short work of the impudent infidel. But things didn't turn out as expected. The man, being lightly armoured, dodged with apparent ease the blow and in the fraction of a second was in the knight's defences. His sharp sabre smashed right in the helm, if the knight had been without it, he would have been beheaded! But the helm was sturdy and no harm came to the face, but much harm came to his balance, so he was unseated and ruinously hit the ground. One Crusader down! A great cry of victory came out from the defenders on the walls. But was short lived: the main forces had finally met with a horrible clash of steel, flesh and broken bones.

The Crusaders were taking heavy losses while the Muslims seemed growing in numbers... dispatches were sent from the generals to the leaders of all the Muslim world: Christianity had failed, a great victory for Allah was at hand. But Saladin did not smile. He ordered to have his generals' head cut off! The idiots had attacked too soon, and the cavalry was too far away from the walls that where left undefended. A mistake that an able foe could have used to his advantage, and Richard was such, a mistake that would cost them dearly.

And so did Richard The Lion Heart! He rallied a group of battered but still able to fight knights and found a breach. In all the dust and confusion no one realized until it was too late. Small resistance was found and it was overrun. The brave few did what couldn't be done by the many.

The gates of the City of God were seized! The Crusaders had won the day.

Saladin saw the falling of the city: his warriors had demonstrated to be the best as they killed most of the invaders, but the fortunes of war had not favoured the defenders.
But then he smiled again. The City of God could never be taken and held for too long, an army of faithful servants of the Almighty was marching to reconquer. They would obey his orders precisely next time.
His smile became a laugh.
If God was pleased, this Holy War would never end...

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