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Totaler Krieg!

Part 1 of the complete campaign.
Spans Sept. 1939 - May 1940

Aug/Sept 1939 - The Germans started things off by mobilizing for a push into Poland but thier Ultimatum failed and they were forced to wait until the end of the turn to declare war on Poland, making it a Western Allied Minor. France, nervous about the German war machine next to them began organizing her border forces along the Maginot line and allowed the British to send over some reinforcements as well. The Polish, enraged that the Germans had declared war on them, fortified the territory in and around Warsaw with the few meager troops available. The Soviets, who had planned all along to take a piece of Poland, attempted to annex parts of eastern Poland but failed when they neglected to flex enough military muscle in the area. They contented themselves with moving additional troops into the Polish border corridor.

Oct 1939 - With war declared against Poland, Germany steamrolled into the territory, taking Poznan with little resistance and moving in to siege Warsaw. France continued to mobilize it's border, bringing an HQ up from Paris to support the expected offensive. More British infantry arrive via Calais to reinforce north France. Poland can do nothing but bunker down in Warsaw and await the coming German hordes and hope for a miracle. The Soviets add more reinforcements to the west and succesfully manage to annex the Polish corridor giving them a slice of Poland to call thier own.

Nov/Dec 1939 - The Germans finish off Poland and collapse the goverment forcing them to surrender once Warsaw falls. That taken care of Germany mobilizes some Panzer divisions for future actions. The Western Allies continue to be alarmed by Germany's aggresive assault on Poland. France continues to stack thier border knowing the Germans will never be content until they control all of Europe. Britain isn't quite convinced but sends over an additional infantry unit. The Soviets aren't satisfied with just taking a piece of Poland so they move a few troops into Finland to claim a chunk of the border there. The Finnish can't do much about it and the border dispute is settled in Russia's favor.

Jan 1940 - The Germans begin mobilizing a large force and sending it west, obstensibly to protect thier Western border from French aggresion. France's border is built up as much as she can get it but she fears for Belgium/Holland which has stayed out of the conflict by claiming neutrality. The Soviets move troops next to the Rummanian border.

Feb/Mar 1940 - The Germans force the Hungarians to pick a side in the conflict by issuing an ultimatum to them. They choose to join with the Soviets. They deploy troops around Budapest in defiance of German diplomacy. With Army Group West at full strength the Germans declare war on Belgium/Holland declaring them a threat to German interests. The French say I told you so to the Belgians and offer to assist with the defense of Brussels. The French shift some of their border troops to the north to help blunt the German drive through the low countries. The British send over another infantry unit. The Russians make a succesfull grab of Bessarabia on the border of Rummania. The Nazi-Soviet pact remains in force and both Germany and Russia seem content to divide the spoils.

Apr 1940 - With war now declared on Belgium/Holland the German war machine makes an initial assault on Brussels but without air support is unable to take the capitol and must fall back. The Western Allies capitilize on this and manage to reinforce Brussels with a large French/British force. A French HQ unit moves up to lend additional muscle to the defence. The Soviets shuffle some forces around but seem to have adopted a wait and see approach, though a slice of Turkey may be on the menu in the future.

May/Jun 1940 - The Germans play Case Yellow. They bring in some air support and move some units around to maximize thier assault on Brussels. The first assault is rebuffed by the defenders but the follow-up attack causes Brussels to fall to the Nazi forces. Belgium/Holland surrenders to Germany and the German forces seem poised to push into France and onto Paris in the coming months.

The game was paused at this point, with the Wallies and Soviets yet to take thier May/Jun turn.
Total time played: ~3 hours
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