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Subject: aCe The Apocalypse PPV 12/31/2123 rss

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Luke Morris
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The Apocalypse PPV
12.31.2123 from Ruins of Antilla, Antilla

- -Card Lineup- -

Matthew 16:26 "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"

Tag Team
Blue Steel vs The Regulators

Normal - Non-Title
Nemean vs Zeta Grey (C)

Scud vs Sychophant

Avarice vs Mr. Bloat

Tag Team
The Fallen vs Hellraisers

Titan Deathmatch
Nes Kincaid vs Totalis

Tag Team
Light Brigade vs Zombie Nation

Six Man Tag
The Syndicate vs The Ravagers

Tag Team
The Archangles vs Decaying Factor

Ruins of Antilla Match
Godsend vs Paganax (C)
For the Blood Belt!

Tag Team
Brothers Oaken vs Primeval Destruction (C)
For the aCe Tag Essence Championship!

Handicap Match
Dead Rising vs Aegis

Main Event - UNBREAKABLE Tour
Pendragon vs The Amazing Mann (C)
For the aCe Essence Championship!

- Tag Team -
Blue Steel Gang vs. The Regulators
Mack Calibur defeated Scorch with a BUCKSHOTS at 12:11
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: The Blue Steel Gang was too much for the Regulators. Both Hustler and Mack threw around Esperanto and Scorch hitting them with cheap shots anytime the refs back was turned. Once Mack hit BUCKSHOTS, Esperanto came in to make the save but Hustler pistol whipped him knocking him out of the ring letting Mack get the three count.

- Normal - Non Title -
Nemean vs. Zeta Grey
Zeta Grey defeated Nemean with a SHADES OF GREY at 12:09
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Zeta schooled Nemean in this match not giving him much of a chance for offense. Zeta wasted no time in wearing down Nemean and finishing him off.

- -Pendragon- -
(Pendragon is seen walking in the back towards Aspin)

Pendragon: "Hey is Aegis in his room?"

Aspin: "Yeah he is."

Pendragon: "Good I was hoping to speak with him."

Aspin: "Eh, he said no visitors even from us. I think he is taking this hard and is trying to mentally prepare himself for tonight. Don't bother him, losing Trisis again just brings up bad memories."

Pendragon: "Alright man." *sigh

Aspin: "Hey I got to go see Lance and prepare for our match. If I don't see you later good luck against Mann!"

Pendragon: "Thanks."

(fade to black)

- Normal -
Scud vs. Sycophant the Deviant
Sycophant the Deviant defeated Scud with THE TOURNIQUET at 16:44
Match Rating: 3.75
Match Notes: What an amazing match! Scud had this one in the bag with his highflying and speed but missed one critical high flying move giving Sychophant the chance to make a quick and surprsing comeback and get the win!

- Normal -
Avarice vs. Mr. Bloat
Mr. Bloat defeated Avarice with a CRUEL AND UNUSUAL at 1:53
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: Mr. Bloat stomped a mudhole into Avarice and hit three consecutive CRUEL AND UNUSUAL's on Avarice.

- Tag Team -
The Fallen vs. Hellraisers
Darkseed defeated Krypt with a Spiked Mace at 5:47
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: This match was not very pretty. The Hellraisers were able to come away with a surprisingly quick win, but this match left people wanting more.

- -Pendragon and The Brigade- -
(Pendragon walks into The Brigade's locker room. Aspin and Lance appear to be getting ready for their match.)

Pendragon: "Hey I was just coming by to see how you guys were doing."

Lance: "Well not too bad considering what we are going against. We still haven't had any word on the people who got sick from the attack. Heck, we don't even know if it came from any of the zombies or if it did which ones."

Pendragon: "Hmmm have you heard anymore about the reappearance of Noxious and Rotwurm."

Aspin: "No we double checked everywhere and still no one reports seeing them with the rest of the zombies. Either way I think we'll give em a run right Lance?"

Lance: "Yeah we've fought them before and we are still here. Don't see why tonight would be any different."

Pendragon: "You all need anything before your match?"

Lance: "No I think we're fine, but I do wish you good luck on your match against Mann tonight."

Pendragon: "Thanks Lance."

(fade to black)

- Titan Deathmatch -
Nes Kincade vs. Totalis
Nes Kincade defeated Totalis with a MTFO! at 11:18
Match Rating: 3.50
Match Notes: Great match with good back and forth action. Kincade seemed determine to not let another one slip by as he kept after Totalis and finally won with the MTFO!

- Tag Team -
The Brigade vs. Zombie Nation
Lance At-Las defeated Noxious-Subprime with a DQ at 7:24
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: This was an intense match as the Brigade came out swinging in this match using their speed and quick tags to stay on top of Zombie Nation. Howerver, it wasn't long before Zombie Nation started to hand out their own beating. They managed to get a near fall but once Lance kicked out they took the fight to the outside where they began to beat on both Aspin and Lance. Either not listening to the ref or not knowing the rules, Zombie Nation started to grab chairs and anything else to use as a weapon drawing the DQ. They continued to beat on the Brigade until Witchdoctor was seen at the ramp chanting. It was then that the attack stopped and Zombie Nation went to the back.

-No word on what the conditions of Lance and Aspin-

- Six Man Tag Team -
Neuromancer and Shock Syndicate vs. Ventross and The Others
Holocaust defeated Omni with a SHOCKWAVE at 8:54
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: Neuromancer didn't even have to make it into this match. The Shock Syndicate worked over all of the Ravagers. Neuromancer was in the corner most of the time laughing at the enraged Ventross. After the bell the Shock Syndicate made sure to get some last shots in on Ventross and the Others before heading to the back with Neuromancer.

- -Pendragon and the Archangels- -
(Pendragon walks into the Archangles locker room)

Pendragon: "Hey have you heard anything about Lance and Aspin?"

Gabriel: "No but I'm sure they'll be fine. They've taken beatings before they'll make it man. How are you doing?"

Pendragon: "I'm fine."

Gabriel: "Getting ready for the big match?"

Pendragon: "Yeah I guess."

Gabriel: "Hey man don't look like that. They'll be fine, and don't worry about me and Exodus here. We can hold our own. Decaying Factor just got a fluke win over us last time. We'll be prepared this time won't we Exodus?"

(Exodus nods in agreement)

Gabriel: "Just make sure you're ready for your match tonight. We know you'll make the ROC proud!"

Pendragon: "I hope so.."

Gabriel: "You will don't worry. We have to go..I think I hear our music."

Pendragon: "Good luck out there."

Gabriel: "You too."

(fade to black)

- Tag Team -
The Archangels vs. Decaying Factor
Ruined defeated Gabriel with a Ruined Bomb at 19:48
Match Rating: 4.50
Match Notes: This so far has been the match of the night. The Archangels seemed to be more prepared for this encounter. There was alot of great back and forth action and half way through the match the Archangels hit JUDGEMENT DAY but it was not enough as Decaying Factor continued to muscle their way through the match. From that point Decaying Factor slowly started to beat down Gabriel and Exodus until they had nothing left. After the match much like Zombie Nation, Decaying Factor made sure to get some licks in after the match hurting the Archangels more than what they already were.

-No word on the conditions of Gabriel and Exodus-

- Ruins of Antilla Match -
Godsend vs. Paganax
for the Blood Belt
Paganax defeated Godsend with a PAGAN VOID at 25:31
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: This was a huge brawl at the Ruins in Antilla! Paganax started off throwing Godsend around the ring. It didn't get much better once they got out of the ring and started to fight around the Ruins. Paganax was dunking Godsend in a nearby creek when seemingly out of nowhere the Hellraisers showed up and started to beat Paganax. This gave Godsend time to recover as the Hellraisers threw Paganax down some stone steps. Godsend and the Hellraisers then started to triple team Paganax and tried to throw him off a wall. However, Paganax surprise the trio stunning the Hellraisers and throwing them off the wall once again making it one on one. Paganax then began to go back and forth slamming and ramming each other into various stones and rocks around the ruins. It wasn't long though before the Hellraisers made a reappearance once again pitting Paganax against the three. Paganax started to take a huge beating once again as it seemed like he was almost done. The Dominion started to drag Paganax back to the ring when the Fallen came out of nowhere attacking the Hellraisers getting them off of Paganax. Godsend stunned by the surprise attack left himself open for a huge roaring elbow from Paganax. Godsend and Paganax started to go back and forth once again but then the Fallen came back from their fighting with the Hellraisers. Jaklly and Krypt grabbed Godsend and threw him up for a For the Chief! with Godsend crashing down upon the stone ground. The Fallen then threw Godsend into the ring to a waiting Paganax who didn't wait to hit the PAGAN VOID to easily get a three count. Paganax then grabbed his Blood Belt and gave Godsend a good look at it as he pasted him in the face with it. Paganax and the Fallen then left the Ruins.

- Tag Team Championship -
The Brothers Oaken vs. Primeval Destruction
for the aCe Tag Team Championship
Rorus Oaken defeated Hybrid with a COUPE DE GRACE at 4:32
Match Rating: 0.00
Match Notes: It appeared as though Hybrid was still feelings the effects of the barbed-wire match as the Brothers stomped Hybrid down until he had nothing else to give. Warfare tried to make the save but was headed off by Donk, giving the Brothers an easy win over Primeval Destruction.

The Brothers Oaken won the aCe Tag Team Championship

- -Pre Handicap Match- -
(Aegis comes down to the ring with a huge ovation by the audience. Aegis does not acknowledge them and seems to be all about business tonight. He was wearing his battlegear and is waiting for Dead Rising. The lights went out for a second...

and came back up on Witchdoctor walking down the aisle with his albino rat on his shoulder with Zombie Dreadnaught following. He was not well received by the audience who was not only fearful of the new zombie crew but also of the beatings they have dealt out to the rest of the ROC.)

Witchdoctor: "Well, well, well...Aegis, tonight it seems to be a bad night to be a member of the ROC. It seems that there is only you left. It seems that even if they wanted to your friends would not be able to help you from the beatings they received from Decaying Factor and Zombie Nation!"

(The lights go out again...........Then the Holo Screen turns on...)

(The crowd pops as Pendragon walks down to the ring and enters the ring on Aegis' side.)

Witchdoctor: "Ah I guess I was mistaken there was one other ROC member left but let me remind you of what I mentioned about consequences. I had it written in the contracts that any member of the ROC that interfered would have to face consequences that I deemed fit. Lets see.....You have a championship match tonight yes? Well if you take this forfeit the right to that match. In addition, you forfeit your right to even contend for the aCe Essence Championship...or Holovision Championship! (The crowd continues to boo and cuss Witchdoctor) How long would this last?....Until I seem fit to lift it up, or I get something in return. Still want to be here? And what about that want for glory? All that you have worked for? Is it worth it...just to help a man out that hasn't done much more than say you are a disappointment? Hahaha!"

Aegis: (turning towards Pendragon) "Hey man, you know you don't have to do this...I know how much that match means to you. This is what he wants. He has Trisis, and will use it against me. Don't let him have your career too. I can take an ass kicking."

(Pendragon looks at Aegis...the crowd...and the smiling Witchdoctor. Then out of nowhere he pastes Witchdoctor with a huge clothesline that had such impact that it was surprising that Witchdoctors head was still attached.)

Pendragon: "---- what he wants. What I want to do is smear that ----ing smile off his face. Anyways....there's things more important than glory right?"

(Aegis just looks at him for a moment and they both turn towards Zombie Dreadnaught and the stunned Witchdoctor, and charge)

The bell rings...

- Tag Team Match -
Dead Rising vs. and Aegis, Pendragon
Aegis defeated Zombie Dreadnaught with a RAMPART'S REVENGE at 20:21
Match Rating: 4.75
Match Notes: The two ROC members went after Dead Rising quickly. Being fueled by the crowd chanting them on they quickly started to overpower ZD and Witchdoctor. Aegis was taking out his frustrations on Witchdoctor and was going to go for a RAMPART'S REVENGE when Zombie Dreadnaught ran to the corner and knocked Aegis out to the floor. The tides started to turn for Aegis when Witchdoctor started to use the ring pole and gaurdrails as a weapon. Pendragon and Zombie Dreadnaught quickly went out and joined the brawl. The ref having trouble in restoring order didn't notice when Witchdoctor hit Aegis with not only one but two DEATH'S SPECTRUM. Pendragon noticed quickly enough to make the pin save but was quickly thrown out by Zombie Dreadnaught. Witchdoctor then dragged Aegis to his corner tagging in Zombie Dreadnaught. Zombie Dreadnaught quickly went in for the kill hitting a TERRORIZER. Pendragon was still on the outside not able to help as the ref made his count of One...Two...Kickout! The crowd was jumping on their feet cheering the hero Aegis as he dipped down deep in his reserves to kickout. Zombie Dreadnaught continued his attack, but either from adrenaline, anger, or the cheering crowd Aegis was able to start making his own comeback on Zombie Dreadnaught! Hitting a Centra Spinebuster, followed by an Opening Salvo. He then climbed back on the turnbuckle to go for the RAMPART'S REVENGE when Witchdoctor ran back into the ring to throw Aegis off again. Seeing him coming Aegis was able to hit Witchdoctor stunning him. The stunned Witchdoctor then turned around to find a recovered Pendragon waiting for him who hit a huge OVERTHROW and threw him out of the ring. Seeing that everything was in the clear Aegis jumped off the rope hitting RAMPART'S REVENGE perfectly! With Pendragon keeping Witchdoctor occupied. Aegis was able to make the cover getting the One...Two...Three!

The crowd errupted once more as the three hit making the two ROC fighters victorious. Pendragon went into the ring with Aegis and the laid out Zombie Dreadnaught. He picked up Zombied Dreadnaught and threw him out of the ring onto Witchdoctor below. Aegis and Pendragon looked at each other...shook hands, and gave a small celebratory huge in a way to tell each other that there were no hard feelings. They then played to the crowd some who were still on their feet. Witchdoctor and Zombie Dreadnaught licking their wounds made no attempt to jump them in the ring but quickly made their way to the back.

- -Pre Main Event- -
(The crowd goes quiet as the lights go down and the Holovid comes on, many are anticipating as to what will happen with the main event now that Pendragon is unable to compete)

(Mann enters the ring carrying his belt and grabs a mic)

Mann: "Well folks I don't know what to tell you. Seems as though tonight will not go as planned, with me beating Pendragon yet again and thus continuing the UNBREAKABLE Tour. But I can't really blame him. I'd be afraid of me as well, and wouldn't like to fall victim twice to the UNBREAKABLE. Well I prepared for a match tonight and that's what I will get. I the Amazing Mann, am laying out an open invitation, right now, tonight, The Apocalypse PPV. I want someone who thinks they have what it takes to be amazing and think that they have a shot at ending my UNBREAKABLE Tour and taking the aCe Championship from me!"

(The lights start to go down and the crowd gets excited to see if someone is about to come out)

Mann: "Ah looks like we have a taker...who might it be?"

(Holo video and music hits)

(The crowd pops to see Scud coming down to the ring. Even with his recent bad luck of losing too in a row he comes down to the ring looking confident and ready to prove himself.)

Mann: "Excelent..."

(Mann throws down the mic and belt and awaits the start of the match)

- aCe Championship Match - UNBREAKABLE Tour -
Scud vs. The Amazing Mann
for the aCe Championship
The Amazing Mann defeated Scud with an UNBREAKABLE at 18:39
Match Rating: 4.25
Match Notes: Many were surprised by this match. While liking him not many thought that Scud would put up much a fight against Amazing Mann. Scud did well when he took the match outside and stuck to his high flying. When he tried to wrestle with Mann he was usually outmatched. Late in the match Scud struggled with Mann avioding the UNBREAKABLE and surprised Mann by getting him out of the ring and hitting a huge cross body to the floor. Scud then followed up with a CRASH AND BURN getting a near three count, making the crowd errupt thinking that the three had come down. Doing as much damage to himself as what he did to Mann it wasn't long before Mann was able to lock UNBREAKABLE in perfectly securing the win.

After the bell Mann helped up Scud smiling and it appeared that he mouthed.."not quite." They shook hands and Scud left the ring not causing any problems to let Mann finish his celebration with his aCe Championship.

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