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I tested my knowledge of the rules by playing firefight 1 - partisans solo. The rules while reading seemed complex (to teach my buddy) but as I started the game it was very quick to grasp and went well although not how I expected.

Now for a text session.

Turn 1
Soviets started with initiative and tok the move to move the smg to K9 (light woods). A LMG took the position in heavy woods B5 to cover the german advance to the control marker. The soviets passed. German Rifle A moved along the south end out of los to K5 and shot at the smg team, missing. The german mmg shot at the lmg team in vain. The other LMG team moved to light woods I6 while the German rifle b rushed the objective under cap fire from the jamming mmg. Soviet rifles see this and advance to G12 taking some pot shots missing.
VP Germans take control point no hits registered
score 1-0 germany

turn 2
Soviets have initiative
soviets try a misguided rush on lmg in I6 but oportunity fire from rifles A register the first hit of the game. The retreating smg team hide in the woods they started from. The south LMG team open fire on the retreating soviets but miss and the smg team respond and kill the lmg team. The soviets bring in renforcement rifle A to H15 east side of the forest. the situation while german rifle B advance around the south forest and move into position H12 next to the soviet rifles. Soviet reserve rifle B move in using caps to H13 heavy woods. Its not looking good for the german rifles. Soviet rifles fire into the woods at the outnumbered germans scoring a hit. The overwhelmed germans go bezerk.
VP Germans control point 1 german casualty
score 2-1 germany

Turn 3
Soviets regain initiative
The soviets terrified of the bezerk rifles fire at them not able to register a hit. The bezering rifles attack the unit in the heavy woods scoring a hit then attacks the rifles in the open killing them. The remaining soviet rifles at the woods firing at the crazed germans stil unable to eliminate the threat. The mgs in the north keep the fire at each other while the pioneers flank the soviet mmg from behind and take it out. The rifles in the south also exchange fire across the road while the smg team rallies and fires back.
VP Germans control point 1 german 3 soviet casualties
score 6-1 germany

Turn 4
Soviets still have initiative
The bezerk fights with the rifles in the forest scoring a hit followed by a second hit killing the last rusian rifles. The north lmg and pioneers move south to the control point while the german rifles charge the smg in the woods scoring a hit.
VP Germans control point 1 german 4 soviet casualties
score 8-1 germany

Turn 5
Soviets somehow still retain initiative.
Fighting back the soviets close combat with the germans scoring a hit. The germans retreat from the attack and rally while The lmg fires into the forest. The pioneers rush in and attack the smg team but is unable to eliminate the threat. While the bezerk team stubles around in the forest dissorientated.
VP Germans control point 1 german 4 soviet casualties
score 9-1 germany

I was not expecting bezerk to be so powerful but I found the game to be tense and full of unexpected results. I look forward to introducing my friend to this game and see how it plays out.
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