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Subject: Sons versus the father rss

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Michael Ornelles
United States
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I played the Italians in a 3 player game, my son LA (age 15) chose the Yakuza and started in Brooklyn and my other son Houston (age 10) took the "bad guys from jersey" crew and started in New Jersey. I started in the Bronx.

Turn one saw me quickly expand my control of the north while my son Houston took over most of New Jersey. My son LA spread out a little more slowly in the south taking control of Brooklyn. There was no action in turn 1.

Turn two-LA started buying police precints as a barrier at his territory edge which I felt he did a bit early. I started building infrastructure through illicit activities. My son Houston, went with the glamour purchasing hit men and helicopters.

Turn 3-I buy a speed boat and extra limo and start to build up my army of henchman in balance with my infrastructure. This is my plan for the rest of the game. My son Houston sends some hit men into Manhatten but for the most part nobody seems to want to go into this area or Staten Island which are still ripe for the taking. I think we wanted to hold off getting into combat range until are power units were purchased.

Turn 4. I quickly use my speed boat on a surpise trip down into my son LA's territory and pick off one of his lightly guarded family members, taking him prisoner. Houston continues spending money on Limos, Helicopters and Hit Men. He starts to form a force near Manhatten in the north which threatens my area so I have to hold off challenging LA in the mainland for now.

Turn 5. Still nobody in Staten Island...I guess its just not mob material for any of us. I manage to pick off another family member from LA after Houston blasts through one of his precints. Poor LA just did not build up his infrastructure so Houston and I are out producing him economically big time.

Turn 6-Houston and I reach an "agreement" made in the kitchen...we will double team LA since LA was "Mean to Houston" about cleaning their room earlier...hahaa....gotta be nice to people cause you never know when they will control an army of thugs, henchman, hit men, and helicopters.

Turn 7-Houston assaults LA's police precint defensive barrier and his higher die roll units have no problem taking them out. LA has now built a Penthouse but its more of a last ditch effort. I strike south into the region from the Bronx with limo's full of thugs and henchman. My illicit activities are really paying off for me especially since I kept my family members spread apart therby maxmizing my income.

LA strikes into Staten Island as a way to outflank Houston and penetrate into New Jersey. Houston counters with his Helicopters which are able to move units to trouble spots much more quickly than LA can attack (He still only has one limo). My units are slowly marching into Brooklyn on a broad based front and LA pulls back into his Penthouse. He does manage to capture one of my family members used in critical assault.

Turn 8-Houston is able to Helicopter units in Staten Island and drive LA out for good. He now has learned from watching dad to build up his illicit activies cause "money buys cool stuff". I settle down and buy some precints to fence in LA in the South.

Turn 8-Houston attacks from the Sea with Hit Men and Helicopters and I attack with thugs and henchmen on a broad front and we drive right to the gates of LA's Penthouse...LA's mob boss looks out the window and screams, "No Fair...two against one!" I explain to him that diplomacy is 99% of warfare and that he shouldn't have been so mean to Houston about cleaning their room. Now he has to pay the ultimate price. La offers to trade family members whereupon I take his family member out, shoot him in plaint sight of LA's penthouse, and proclaim, "I don't need him anymore! You are as done as burnt toast!"

Turn 9-I give LA credit,in a vengeful spite he storms out of his Penthouse with his largest force and puts a hurting on my son Houston taking down one family member (who he immediately kills-no love lost between them) and drives a wedge between Houston's forces. However, with my income generating machine I can now afford to buy just about anything or anyone I want in the City of New York. LA surrenders, satisfied that he is beaten. Houston and I put the final nail in the coffin as I tell LA that I take his mob boss and deliver him not to retirement home in the Pochono's as promised but straight to one of Houston's garbage sites in Staten Island whereupon Houston burries the poor boss in a refrigerator. LA groans and tells Houston there will be lots of Candy in his future if he joins him against me next game. We'll see about that!

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Zex Prefect
New Zealand
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Solid report. Captures the feel of this game perfectly. It really is like playing an action packed mob movie. Nice work.
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