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Subject: Fully annotated report from a game on IG Game Center rss

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This game was played against an opponent on IG Game Center. While the opponent was ranked nearly 1000 points below me, I am proud of this win because I made some early errors and was able to eke out a win despite them. To follow this game from my viewpoint, orient the board so that J1 is in the top left and A10 is in the bottom right. Because of the notation used by IG Game Center, read all 0's in this play-by-play as 10's.

1. opponent G1-G9 x F9
***This is a pretty standard opening on IG Game Center. It threatens D1-D9 x E9 to trap two pieces on the bottom row.

2. cannoneer D0-D4 x I4
***This response is to rescue D0 and also to limit D1 and A4, as well as I4. Sometimes when I move first I try this only shooting into G4 to limit all 4 of the opponent's pieces.

3. opponent G9-H9 x G9
***Working on G0. I should've moved out to D-B somewhere on my next move...

4. cannoneer J7-E2 x D2
***...but instead tried to trap D1

5. opponent A4-E8 x E0
***Paying the price for leaving G0 to its fate

6. cannoneer G0-J0 x J5
***Setting up a trap for H9, looking like I'm trying to get G0 out of its jam, though that is impossible at this point

7. opponent H9-J9 x I9
***As expected to complete the trap against J0

8. cannoneer A7-H7 x J7
***Keeping J9 bottled in the corner along with J0; if J9 tries to escape, J10 may escape as well. H7 keeps J9 from escaping on the diagonal.

9. opponent J9-I0 x J9
***Opponent takes 4 squares to ensure J0 remains trapped.

10. cannoneer H7-F7 x H9
***Happy to get out of that with only giving up 4 squares, but that was a disastrous beginning.

11. opponent D1-B3 x C3
***Begins to establish a position in the top right.

12. cannoneer D4-D9 x D8
***Beginning a rival position in bottom right

13. opponent B3-B8 x C8
***Quickly moves to trap D9 in a small area, but critically gives up a position in top right.

14. cannoneer F7-D7 x B7
***Again forcing opponent to decide between possibly trapping D9 or allowing B8 to escape.

15. opponent E8-E3 x E9
***I had some thought of moving to E9 and firing an arrow to F0 to limit I0's space, but this sealed that off.

16. cannoneer D7-D4 x D3
***This was the start of hopefully blocking off most of the right side of the board (columns A-C).

17. opponent J4-F8 x E8
***Continues to box in D9 and to threaten a diagonal move back into the right side from F8.

18. cannoneer D4-D6 x D4
***Blocking out F8. Opponent's only real option now is to abandon trapping D9 to move B8 up.

19. opponent F8-F2 x F3
***Begins to claim top left and threatens E2.

20. cannoneer E2-F1 x D1
***Trying to escape and seal off top right at the same time.

21. opponent F2-G2 x G1
***F1 is now thoroughly trapped. At this point I was pretty positive I'd lose this game big-time.

22. cannoneer D6-E5 x C7
***Here is where I decided to try to wrap the opening to right around and claim part of the middle of the board as well.

23. opponent E3-E4 x E3
***Continues to complete the trap of F1 and keep 2 other pieces live to fight against E5.

24. cannoneer E5-E6 x D5
***Keeping opponent out of the right side.

25. opponent G2-G3 x G2
***Still working against F1. This was counter-productive as F1 was pretty well trapped.

26. cannoneer E6-F5 x E5
***I couldn't trap both E4 and G3 in the top center, so G3 has a way down into the middle. But this was at least to keep E4 from being able to sneak around into the right. For several moves now I've been eyeing D9-A9 x A7 to keep B8 out of the top right.

27. opponent G3-G5 x G3
***This was a mistake - should've gone down to row 6 or 7 to threaten a move into the right.

28. cannoneer F5-F6 x F4
***Avoiding G5-E7.

29. opponent G5-F5 x E6
***Opponent now figures to seal off the right side and keep F6 from being able to control the right and center. I actually considered helping this out myself, so now it's time to seal off A7.

30. cannoneer D9-A9 x A7
***Sealing off the bottom.

31. opponent B8-B9 x B8
***I don't really understand this.

32. cannoneer A9-B0 x C9
***This was a HUGE mistake. I should've given up on the bottom right (allow opponent to trap me in a small space) in order to move F6-G6 x F6 and control the middle.

33. opponent F5-H7 x E7
***Opponent completes the blocking off of the large right space.

34. cannoneer F6-G6 x F5
***Returning the favor vs. E4 and establishing a good position in the center of the remaining space.

35. opponent H7-H5 x H6
***Now the fight moves to this large area, complicated by the arrows in I4 and J5.

36. cannoneer G6-G5 x H4
***Angling to split this space and keep my piece in the larger resulting space.

37. opponent H5-I6 x H5
***This is where Opponent lost. x G4 would've forced me to seal off J4 and then he could've trapped me in Row 5 for the win. This is the first point where I really felt like I could win after the error at 32.

38. cannoneer G5-G4 x G7
***Threatening a move up to the top left while keeping a "tail" down the center.

39. opponent I6-H7 x G8
***I assumed this was an attempt to block off G5 on the next turn.

40. cannoneer G4-G5 x G6
***This finishes my "tail" down the center and threatens H7 being trapped in a smaller space against the left.

41. opponent H7-I6 x H7
***Opponent and I are both forced to shoot into our own spaces in order to maneuver, but I'm certain I can keep him out of the top left.

42. cannoneer G5-G4 x J1
***Heading for J4.

43. opponent I6-I5 x I8
***Heading for J4.

44. cannoneer G4-I2 x J3
***Keeping most of the top left, which when added to the "tail" is enough for the win.

45. opponent I5-J4 x H2
***Opponent's last remaining move.

46. cannoneer I2-I3 x J2
***Sealing off my space, which contains 10 spaces to opponent's 7.

47. opponent B9-A0 x B9
***This begins the mopping up. We had a fight for the bottom right which ended in a draw. After that there are 2 spaces with 4 squares, and then my 10-space vs. Opponent's 7-space. We played it out for fun but the game was decided at this point. I was pretty glad to come back after such a lousy start and my big error at 32.

48. cannoneer B0-C0 x B0
49. opponent A0-A9 x A8
50. cannoneer C0-D9 x C0
51. opponent A9-A0 x A9
52. cannoneer D9-D0 x D9
53. opponent I0-H0 x I0
54. cannoneer F1-F2 x F1
55. opponent H0-G0 x H0
56. cannoneer F2-E2 x F2
57. opponent G0-F0 x G0
58. cannoneer E2-E1 x E2
59. opponent J4-I5 x J4
60. cannoneer I3-I1 x H1
61. opponent I5-J6 x I5
62. cannoneer I1-I2 x I1
63. opponent J6-I6 x J6
64. cannoneer I2-I3 x I2

EDIT: fixing some italics

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