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John Sherck
United States
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Tonight’s 6-player game was the 2nd for me and Brian and the first for the other four. We were seated with Starbuck as player one, then Tigh, and Chief all on the other side, then Adama (to clarify, our seating order ended up being different from the order in which we selected characters), then me as Roslyn (not a Cylon) and Apollo.

We managed to defeat the Cylons menacing the fleet pretty quickly and we ended up with a lot of crisis cards coming up, the result of which was that we never seemed to have any skill cards, but we were doing pretty well. I hung out on Colonial One getting Quorum cards while others got the ship up to speed, launched some preemptive vipers and all. An early-ish skill check with 3 red cards put some suspicion on the two pilots, but we didn’t have anything conclusive and kind of forgot about it with everything else going on. With all the crisis cards, we were moving up the jump track pretty steadily.
So as we approached a distance of 4, things were going well for the humans. A crisis gave the admiral a choice that could lead to a loss of one food, which would put us into the red on food—I convinced the admiral to make that choice knowing that I had a Quorum card that would give us a chance to get more food. All of our other resources were in good shape, so we figured it was a good way to avoid facing three cylons. I picked up more quorum cards on my turn to keep food low until after the jump and then my crisis card put us to an auto jump, bringing along the sleeper agent phase.

I drew the sympathizer card, which put me into the brig. As we were all short of skill cards, I chose to stay in the Brig for two turns, using my Quorum cards to help us rather than wasting the few we had getting me out when I didn’t feel like I needed to be out. It helped allay suspicions, and within a fairly short time, we had made another jump for a total distance of 6 and the two Adamas and I had pretty conclusively decided that none of the three of us were Cylons and that we could be trusted to work together (which turned out to be true). We couldn’t decide which two of three to distrust, however, and I suppose that indecisiveness is what did us in. I got out of the Brig easily after I played an investigative committee, and since the consensus was very clearly that I wasn’t a Cylon, I got sprung from the Brig. By this time, we had a growing certainty that Starbuck was a toaster, and Apollo was going to accuse her, but we we got a couple cylon attacks in a row, so he flew out to kick some butt. He did all right, but then Starbuck revealed, sending me to sickbay and reducing me to 0 cards. Tigh tried to brig Tyrol, but the skill check didn’t pass, in part because we lacked cards, but also because we weren’t sure which one was the toaster. A base star attack on Galactica put Adama in sickbay, and the heavy attack we were under destroyed Apollo’s viper and sent him to the sickbay as well. Unrevealed but now pretty clearly a cylon, Tyrol drew a crisis that finished us off. Our population had dipped quite a bit, and three civilian ships were destroyed which all cost us population, leading to a Cylon victory.

It was amazing just how fast the humans seemed to go from a good position to a loss. I maintain that it was partially just bad luck, but it’s hard to blame it all on luck. Still, part of our bad luck was a string of skill checks that we couldn’t pass, because with six players it seemed like skill checks just seemed to sap all of our cards. There was one or two that we over-played, but for the most part we were just barely passing our checks, and occasionally we just failed without even trying because we felt like we could take the hit and wanted to save the cards for an important one.

On suggestion was that we shouldn’t have been so open in our conviction that Starbuck was a Cylon when we couldn’t do anything about it—she knew she had to reveal and went ahead and did it. But then, she didn’t even have to play her super crisis card, so it ended up being a non-issue. I’m really not sure what we could have done besides taking a chance and brigging one of the possible toasters earlier, but Adama couldn’t, when I wasn’t in the brig myself it seemed to spend too many cards to get to Galactica and activate the Admiral’s quarters, so I picked up Quorum cards instead, hoping to help us out. It was frustrating to realize how close we were to ferreting out the cylons, how well things had gone for us early on, and yet how decisively we ended up losing--two of the attacks knocked us back on the jump track and we needed at least two more jumps.

Still, everyone had a good time with the game and we’re looking forward to playing again.
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