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Subject: Comedy of Errors rss

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So we played a game on the weekend, and I must say, it was hilarious.

So I picked William Adama, no real reason
Next Boomer is picked, a last ditch attempt to find some use for her.
Baltar is picked next.
and finally the last player picks Helo.

So lots of loyalty cards are dealt out, and surprise, I'm the cylon. (I'm always the cylon with this playgroup sadly)

So the first turns are uneventful, but the crisis plays against us. We don't lose any skill checks, but we don't advance the FTL, and we are bleeding resources to "Choose" cards. The skill checks we do get pass without my working against them. The basestar shoots at us early, and manages to hit galactica, and Poof, two of us, who were standing on the same spot get sent to sickbay. The next turn is Boomer. Having no access to Executive orders to get us out of sickbay, she launches herself in a viper, but due to another attack showing up, she is quickly overwhelmed, runs out of evasives and ends up in sickbay with me, (Baltar having moved out on his turn)

So with me having done nothing, we'd already lost 4 food. (1 Damage galactica that hit us next was a food, and Baltar drew a shortage card just after starting his turn in sickbay and didn't want to lose 1 food and discard his hand, so we lost 2. And there was another one somewhere) As well we'd lost a morale because we has collectively decided to cancel Colonial Day celebrations rather than risk a mishap.

Over the next couple of turns, I jump us into a barren planet, and Helo manages to lose us 2 raptors. We get a bad slum of crisis cards and after passing two big skill checks in a row, we face a third, this time requiring purple and green. The last two had been yellow and green challenges, so I lie are say that I have no green left and my purple is weak (I had no green left, but my purples were a 5 and two 4s I think) So the humans decide to collectively fail it, because helo and boomer also reported they had little to contribute. So boom we lose more and more resources.

The humans manage to lose 3 of their 4 raptors in the course of 1 round, but being persistent, Helo finally manages to scout successfully, and he decides "we're going to jump soon, so I'm going to scout the destination" He decides to verbally admit that he thinks this one is a very good choice and puts it back on top. His crisis card is horrible, and I contribute 3 one's to the check, I didn't comment about how strong my contibution was, cause no one asked. The humans end up under committing, and fail because destiny threw a big card against them. We finally manage to jump, and I look at the two destiny cards. One is the 1 distance try for food planet, and the other is 3 distance for 3 fuel I think. Food by now was just in the red. So I say. "Yeah I guess that card IS good. After all, we need the food" Helo supports my decision, saying he thought so too and that's why he left it there,(In my head I'm thinking, the way this game is going, the longer it takes them the better :D )

We get the food, and I hope against hope it stays in the blue long enough for us to jump again so I can get help. The food ends up dropping back into the red, and I realize we are close to jumping. I figure there's no way the sympathizer is going to help me, so I start thinking whats going to happen. I realize that Boomer is quickly going to the brig, no matter what, as is potentially another player. So I think to myself, If Boomer gets the sympathizer, that would be bad for me, because she is going to the brig either way. So I figure there are three loyalty cards I don't want to be the sympathizer if I'm unrevealed. I want two humans in the brig, so I figure, best reveal myself now, so that I can shift the odds in my favor. So out of nowhere, I reveal and damage morale. (The humans had just been discussing how they didn't really know who was really a cylon, if anyone was yet, Turns out Helo had missed the one skill check I played against and had three turn up against the check. Boomer thought Baltar was a cylon, and Baltar was pretty sure I was, but kept his suspicions hidden. I think he was waiting until after sleeper to check my loyalty cards)

So on Boomer's turn, we jump, Helo picks an asteroid field hoping to make up for lost time, he blows up a civi with Pop and morale on it) We deal out the loyalty cards, and Bam, Helo is a sympathizer. So Boomer and Helo end up in the brig.

Baltar spends his turn trying to draw quorum cards to pardon the prisoners. But President Admiral Baltar just can't find it in his heart to forgive them i guess. Helo tries to break out of the brig. We all contribute, and reveal the cards. Destiny likes Helo in jail, as do I. But surprisingly enough... there are 4 cards against the check. Turns out Helo threw in the wrong colour because he looked at the admiral's quarters instead of the brig. Helo stays in the brig.

My turn, they are low in cards, and in the brig. But I can't super crisis them, because I have the Massive Assault. I use Human fleet to look at Baltar's hand, and I take away his card to support the escape attempt. (He didn't have many left, seeing as he used them all to try and get helo out) I damage galactica, and blow up FTL. Didn't hit anyone however.

Boomer tries to escape, but with baltar not able to contribute, and Boomer having played her biggest card for helo's check, she fails. Baltar however manages on his turn to draw a pardon. She pardon's Boomer however, which works to my favor, since boomer's turn had already past. In explication, she figured Helo was as much a danger to them as a real cylon, so they would let him cool his heels.

The game keeps playing out, however the humans come dangerously close to losing on all fronts. Their fuel ends up at 2, causing them to have to pick a tilium planet and failing to reach 8, add and extra jump into the loop. They eventually manage to hit 8 distance, but they are now at 1 Fuel, 1 food, 1 morale and 2 population. Baltar does his best too keep everyone going, and surprises everyone by passing two motivational speaches, and 1 food rationing. They again draw in to a whole round of no FTL advances, and baltar's work is undone by crisis after crisis. They end up at 1 fuel, 2 food, 1 morale and 1 pop again. But they start talking about how they just need to get it to -3 jump, and then they'll save up a strategic planning and get helo to try and jump. Helo ends his turn, and they didn't manage to get it in the blue before his turn. So I play my massive assault, suddenly, they are out of jumping range again.

They struggle valiantly, but the crisis cards they draw overwhelm them with raiders. Both boomer and helo left the ship to try and save the massive amounts of civies on the board. Helo's turn comes around, and again the humans didn't manage to move it into the blue position. But his crisis finally does, but at the expense of another raider icon. The raiders attack Boomer and Helo, causing them to use evasives, but not killing them, and even more swarm to their locations.
It's my turn, and I know that if boomer gets a turn, she'll try to jump the ship, and the game will come down to a dice roll. I don't like that at all. So I have to choose between activating those raiders again, or a crisis. Both could have a chance of ending it for the humans. I decide to go with the raiders, since they just used a bunch of evasives. I shoot at helo first, and he survives the assault, then I go to the other end of the board, and I start shooting at boomer. It's 7 raiders against boomer, with 1 civi in the area, so I have 6 shots. The first 2 hit, and she evasives them causing them to miss, the next 2 miss, I roll another one, and it hits. Helo evasives it for her. Last roll, I hit again, blowing Boomer out of the sky, and my last raider blows up the civilian ship. I cross my fingers and look at the back. 1 pop. The humans have 0 population left. I've won.

We all laughed about the game after, the game ended up going on the longest we've ever had a game go, and the humans were unlucky on their FTL symbols, but on the flip side, they were lucky because all the crisis cards kept spreading out the damage, rather than have one resource hit hard. The humans made a couple mistakes, and we all laugh about how that was the first game where the humans actually felt pressed the whole game, there were no quiet times. I found it particularly funny because for the most part, I didn't have to do anything, except laugh maniacally near the end as I'm glad I wasn't a human.

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LOL! Good session report!
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