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Subject: Recently Loaded Microbadge Designs - Jan 19, 2009 rss

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Joe Grundy
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Here is a list of the latest batch of new microbadge designs.

I will be posting these lists between a few days and a couple of weeks apart, depending on new design traffice.

If you want to be notified of lists of newly uploaded designs, subscribe to this thread.

BGG/Microbadge References/I want to show more than five microbadges! - (dracoPL)
BGG/Microbadge References/Microbadges are to small! - (dracoPL)
BGG/Microbadge References/Too many microbadges - (The Warp)
Game Related/Conventions/Gaming Hoopla attendee - (drewdane)
Game Related/Conventions/Pro cons - (boathouselooper)
Game Related/Gamer Types/Always the Banker - (Cecrow)
Game Related/Gamer Types/I Store Game Boxes On Their Side - (Sippi)
Game Related/Gamer Types/Will work for board games - (drewdane)
Game Related/Publishers/Bucephalus Games fan - (Jeremy Holcomb)
Games/A/Agricola - Ö-Deck fan - (Der Das)
Games/F/Flames of War fan - (ramkitty)
Games/L/Liberté fan - (Sentieiro)
Games/O/Omega Virus fan - (StealthDonut)
Games/W/World of Warcraft fan - Druid - (Sippi)
Ideas/Alife fan - (kevinfjbecker)
Ideas/Dave Ramsey fan - Doing better than I deserve - (kevintlee)
Ideas/Philosophers/Alan Watts - (sos1)
Ideas/Religion/Seventh Day Adventist - (Vanhel)
Interests/Food etc./Pea Soup fan - Yummy Pea Soup fan - (kevintlee)
Interests/Trains/Akron & Barberton Belt Railroad enthusiast - (drewdane)
Interests/Trains/Utica, Ithaca, and Elmira Railroad enthusiast - (drewdane)
Literature and Arts/Charles Rennie Mackintosh - (Uncle G)
Literature and Arts/Authors/Agatha Christie fan - (Uncle G)
Literature and Arts/Authors/Crichton fan - (The Warp)
Literature and Arts/Comedians/Andy Kaufman fan - (Sobriquet)
Literature and Arts/Comedians/Bill Cosby fan - (Sobriquet)
Literature and Arts/Comedians/Garry Shandling fan - (Sobriquet)
Literature and Arts/Comedians/Richard Pryor fan - (Mozart78)
Literature and Arts/Comedians/Tony Clifton fan - (Sobriquet)
Literature and Arts/Creations/Atlas Shrugged fan - (kevintlee)
Literature and Arts/Genres/Horror fan - (potza4)
Misc/Colleges/Open University - (radioshed)
Music/Artists/Enigma fan - (Cecrow)
Music/Artists/Madness fan - (Uncle G)
Music/Artists/Pop Will Eat Itself fan - (Uncle G)
Pop Culture/The Guild fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Angelina Jolie fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Cate Blanchett fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Denzel Washington fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Harrison Ford fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Johnny Depp fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Kate Winslet fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Kevin Bacon fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Mel Gibson fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Meryl Streep fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Michael Caine fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Patrick Stewart fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Robert De Niro fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Tom Cruise fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Actors and Actresses/Tom Hanks fan - (thorndor)
Pop Culture/Cartoons/Skeletor fan - (betume)
Pop Culture/Comics/Batman Comic fan - Joker - (betume)
Pop Culture/Comics/Battle Royale fan - (Uncle G)
Pop Culture/Comics/Green Lantern fan - (betume)
Pop Culture/Comics/Sin City fan - (Uncle G)
Pop Culture/Comics/Watchmen fan - Dr Manhattan - (Uncle G)
Pop Culture/Comics/Watchmen fan - Rorschach - (Uncle G)
Pop Culture/Movies/Blue Blaze Irregular - "I'll tell you later." - (The Warp)
Pop Culture/Movies/Ghostbusters fan - "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together" - (ramkitty)
Pop Culture/Movies/Starship Troopers fan - (CountDice)
Pop Culture/Movies/Terminator 2 fan - (jenniecide)
Pop Culture/Movies/Terminator 2 fan - (jenniecide)
Pop Culture/Movies/Terminator 2 fan - (jenniecide)
Pop Culture/Movies/Terminator fan - (jenniecide)
Pop Culture/TV/Bagpuss fan - (Uncle G)
Pop Culture/TV/Bottom fan - (rmidjord)
Pop Culture/TV/Bottom fan - Eddie Hitler - (rmidjord)
Pop Culture/TV/Bottom fan - Richie Rich - (rmidjord)
Pop Culture/TV/Illya Kuryakin fan - (rmidjord)
Pop Culture/TV/Napoleon Solo fan - (rmidjord)
Pop Culture/TV/The Man from U.N.C.L.E. fan - (rmidjord)
Sports/Mountain Biker - (betume)
Sports/Roller Derby fan - (pronoblem)
Sports Teams/MLB (United States)/MLB - Chicago Cubs fan - (drewdane)
Sports Teams/MLB (United States)/MLB - Chicago Cubs fan - (drewdane)
Sports Teams/MLB (United States)/MLB - Chicago White Sox fan - (drewdane)
Sports Teams/MLB (United States)/MLB - Philadelphia Phillies fan - (drewdane)
Video Games/Portal fan - "The cake is a lie." - (The Warp)
Video Games/Scorched Earth fan - (Ruprecht)
Weird/Pastry ... and proud! - (drewdane)
Weird/I am a Weapon of Mass Discussion - (rmidjord)
Weird/Van Gogh's Ear - (Sobriquet)
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