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Subject: Errata PLUS Q&A from S&T #159 & #166 rss

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Robert Wesley
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This is from the "" 'site' LINK:

and presented HERE also: "just in case"


Zeppelin errata 13 Jn 93


The 5 "E" and 5 "G" markers to be printed in S&T 162 replace those misprinted in the original counter sheet. The "Cloud Ceiling" and "England Cloud Ceiling" markers should be used on the 'Cloud Ceiling' track on the map. The British Short-184 (#15) counter should read 0-8-3, like all the others.


1. Combat Results Table (p.37):
under the "6+" column, a die roll of 2 should be an "X" result.

2. Sighting Table (p.38): Delete the portion of the "***" note about Germans sighting British submarines only in the 'Bight' zone. (The Germans use the Offensive Patrol Table rather than the Sighting Table when attempting to spot enemy subs, and no such limitation applies.)

3. North Sea Weather Table (p.40): add the following die roll modifiers--

N -2
6-7 -1
2-3 +1
1 +2

4. Zeppelin Maneuver Table (p.43):
"Radio Bearings" section--
The "5-6" die roll result should read: "Failure; roll on Zeppelin Mission Abort Table"

5. Unit Summary (p.44)

The counter mix contains a few "W" 'Scout Zone' chits. If you run out, use upside-down "M" chits, as shown in the unit summary.

6. Zeppelin Malfunction Table (on map)
- Footnote "*" should read: "Immediately roll on 'Mission Abort Table' if Zeppelin now has TWO or more "E" hits, or any "G" hits."

- Footnote "**" #2 should read: 2) "Immediately abort the mission; no Abort Table die roll needed."

7. Zeppelin Mission Abort Table (on map):
- Add to the list under the "1" die roll result--
¥ "Radio Bearing Failure"

- Change "Radio Distress" to read "Malfunction"

8. Solitaire Setup Table (p.44):
- "Squadron Placement" section-- "A pure Seaplane squadron rolls on the first row marked "Seaplane." A pure landplane squadron rolls on the second row marked "Landplane." A mixed squadron rolls on the "Mixed sea/land" row. A Flying Boat squadron rolls on the "Flying Boat" row."

- "Reserve Missions" section--The shaded section under "Squadron Type" should read "Any Other Type." Flying Boat Location should read "Any Base." Each of the two die rolls is cross-indexed with the name of a non-Flying Boat squadron's assigned base.

- Example-- A Landplane squadron rolls on the "Landplane" line of the 'Squadron Placement' section and receives a "5", which means it is placed at Felixstowe. When the time comes for the squadron to use the "Reserve Missions" section, it uses the last row marked "Felixstowe" across from "Any Other Type." The first die roll is "3", which means the squadron receives a CS (Convoy South) Zone Chit. The second die roll is "4", so it is "Grounded": the squadron loses its CS chit and acts solely on "Home Defense". If the result had been "3", the squadron would have received an ASP (Anti-Sub Patrol) chit and retained the CS Zone chit.

*Rules Changes*

1.3 Ignore the "Counter Errata" statement; the problem was corrected prior to publication.

1.4 The number in the lower right corner of the sample aeroplane and airship counters should be labeled: "Maximum Altitude", not "Max. Strength." Aeroplanes with pontoons protruding from under the wings are 'Seaplanes'; those lacking pontoons are 'Land planes'. When in doubt, check the 'Aeroplane Characteristics' chart.

2.10 (addition): Make the 'Cloud Ceiling' die roll AFTER making the 2nd die roll for "North Sea" weather on Turn 1.

(3.1). "Cloud Ceiling" over England is always the same as the 'North Sea', unless it changes when "Weather over England" (3.2) is calculated. Once set, 'Cloud Ceilings' for the 'North Sea' and England remain the same for the rest of the game, regardless of weather changes. Use the "Cloud Ceiling" and "England Cloud Ceiling" markers to record the levels.

3.2 The last sentence should read: "Thereafter, weather over England remains the same for the rest of the game."

4.3 All airships still in flight at the end of the game perform "Malfunction Checks and Landing" exactly like a 'Scout' (6.2).

5.6 ***Offensive Patrol*** (3): Each aeroplane in the 'OP Squadron' rolls once on the "Offensive Patrol Table".

6.1 (bullet #4) Delete the second sentence. "Radio Bearings" can be attempted during FOG, with the +3 die roll modifier listed on the "Ground Bearings" section of the 'Zeppelin Maneuver Table'.

6.2 (add to bullet #6): A 'Scout' that voluntarily returns to base on a turn other then 3 or 12 does NOT earn Victory Points for survival. A 'Scout' returning to base makes one "Malfunction" check for each Zone boundary lying between its scouting station and the base at which it will land. 'Scouts' roll on the 'Zeppelin Landing Table' normally.

7.1 (add to bullet #5): An airship may move in any direction the owner desires. It may move back toward a friendly base and even attempt to land, using normal landing procedures (7.5).

9.1 (rewritten): A 'Zeppelin' must check to see if it abandons its mission the instant it--
¥ climbs to altitude level 5 or higher, AND 'Wind Force' in its hex is 2.

¥ receives a 'Zeppelin Malfunction Table' result that requires an "Abort" check.

¥ receives a "failure" result on the "Radio Bearings" section of the 'Zeppelin Maneuver Table'.

¥ escapes from combat; roll once for each "E" or "G" hit the airship currently possesses AND is 2 or fewer hexes from a 'Zeppelin' that becomes a "Fireball"

Abort is AUTOMATIC when an airship receives a RADIO marker indicating "Radio Distress".

10.0 Combat also occurs when a squadron performs "Base Defense" against a "Base Attack" (ABA or SBA); see (5.5) and (5.6). No sighting is needed prior to this combat.

10.3 "Rounds" do not occur when one side has only Anti-Aircraft (AA).

12.1 Solitaire Squadron Assignment
- Add to bullet #2--: "Place the Seagoing Squadron in a port hex, if it is available. Place the London Squadrons as in (2.7).

- Bullet #6 should read-- "British Squadrons never fly 'Active Missions' not listed on the 'Solitaire Setup Table'. London Squadrons and "Grounded" squadrons can only perform 'Home Defence'.

- Bullet #7 (new)--: "All "Grounded" Squadrons consult the 'Solitaire Setup Table' during each Day turn's 'Mission Assignment' segment."

13.3 (1st bullet) The section ends with the word "destruction." Delete the remainder.

14.0 The mini-game simulates the last 'Zeppelin' raid on 5 August 1918.

*Rules Questions*

Q: Where exactly should airships "on the ground" at airbases be placed? (2.3)

Always keep them in the corresponding 'Airbase Box' on the 'Airbase Display' sheet. Transfer them to the 'Airbase' hex on the map the instant they "take off" and begin to move across the map. Airships are placed back in the 'Airbase Box' if they survive the landing.

Q: "North Sea Weather" changes can produce some strange results. If the weather is 'Dark and Cloud Ceiling 1", but later becomes "Fair" the 'Cloud Ceiling' still remains at 1! Is there a way to fix this? (3.1)

Yes. The new die roll modifiers for the 'North Sea Weather Table' insure that the "Cloud Ceiling" will have a major impact on weather changes. The chances of the weather becoming much better or much worse are greatly reduced. This is realistic within the one-day period covered by each game, particularly the key 7-hour period at night. In a situation so heavily based on chance, the developer wanted to avoid the risk of the game becoming too erratic. The Germans worked very hard on weather prediction to spot "windows of opportunity" for raids, and they were generally successful. There are still no firm guarantees: a bad die roll will land the 'Zeps' "in the soup", literally!

Q: When an airship performs an "Abort", it often ends up moving up to twice its normal movement allowance. Is this correct? (9.2)

Yes. This generally reflects a 'Zeppelin's' ability to move quickly, particularly after dropping its bomb load and ballast.

Zeppelin (S&T#159) Errata published in S&T#166

Zeppelin Maneuver Table (p.43):

Under the "Target Change" section, change the 'N-NW' column to read 'N-NE'.

(third bullet): Ignore the reference to landed airships. Landed airships cannot fly again for the rest of the game, as stated in bullet #1.

(add) A 'Zeppelin' also makes an "Abort Check" if it is currently at altitude level 5 or higher, AND 'Wind Force' in its hex is 2.


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Keith Plymale
United States
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I have the Short 184 errata counter if somebody wants it contact for an address. Send an SASE and I'll send it to you.
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Keith Plymale
United States
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Short 184 counter has been claimed.
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