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Subject: Flight, fireballs and fountains of youth... rss

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Choubi Gogs
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My avatar is from the chilren's game Monster Mash

I had just received Dungeon Twister: Mercenaries and intended to try it out with Laurène.

I already have 3 expansions but haven't played much with any of them and Laurène was struggling with all the new characters and items, and rooms everytime, so this time, we decided to play with just the Dungeon Twister: Mercenaries expansion (and the base game of course).

We play with asymmetrical teams.

Character set-up

My team: Magician, thief, dark angel, gobelin, clerc, crossbowman, general and dwarven troll-slayer.

My objects: Fireball wand, treasure, speed potion, armor, runic warhammer, potion of strength.

My starting line: crossbowman, magician, clerc, gobelin.

Her starting line: thief, troll, clerc, assassin

At the end of set-up, all our items and characters were on our side.

The game:

Laurène starts.

turn 1:
She begins by exploring both rooms in front of her. Both are rooms from the mercenaries expansion. She finds out immediately that she'll have some prolems getting out in the labyrinth. She "reveals" a golden dragon and a speed potion in room 1. in the second room, I place a cord and another item behind a brazier so that she couldn't get to it.

turn 2:
I go and discover two rooms on my left, going directly to the center of the dungeon. I'm happy to find the only fountain of youth is on my side (second room on the left from my starting line). I get my dwarf and my general directly next to it. My thief as well as my fireball wand were behind.

turn 3:
Laurène discovers the room in front of my dwarf and general. She gets her crossbowman and places it near the speed potion in the room behind and I get to place a two-handed sword (yippee) next to my general and a sylvan shield out of reach. The crossbowman backtracks, gets the speed potion and stays on the side of the board far away from my brute force. Her thief plunges in the labyrinth and starts turning the room next to her starting line to begin facilitate future movement.

turn 4:
Laurène hadn't still explored one room on her side with 3 objects of her and this was a great mistake. At once, I explore the second room on the right from my startline. I place my dark angel near my dwarf but in position to reveal the room on Laurène's side. I do and I find out her magician, a berserk and a fireball wand!!!

I put both the magician and the berserk out of my way and the fireball wand near my angel and quickly I fly over rocks and traps to get hold of the precious item.

I'll stop doing the session turn by turn now as the game will accelerate.

At that point I was pretty well, I had both fireball wands in my grip, I controlled the fountain of youth with my dwarf and my general (which had taken the two-handed sword).

Soon enough I'll bring my thief and take control of the rotation gear of the fountain of youth room.

My magician will take my fireball wand and after a small rotating of the room blast Laurène's Crossbowman.

Problem is, everytime Laurène came in to fight and wound me (my magician with her dragon or my dwarf with her berserk), all I did was send my angel (very aptly named here...) get the wounded and bring him back to safety and revive him with the fountain of youth.

Laurène was getting nowhere and all she could do was delay me.

The next turns saw Laurène attacking me as well as trying to bring her dragon back to safety (far away from my magician and Laurène's fireball wand...).

My objective at that point was to blast her dragon and then escape with my magician and my angel for the win.

However, her berserk managed to attack my dwarf and I had the chance to go out after him at once with my general and his two-handed sword.

Trying to save her Berserk, Laurène did another mistake and turned the room bringing back the berserk near her team (which was hiding near her start line).

But she couldn't actually do anything so on my next turn, I finished off the berserk and even managed to flee with my general.

3 - 0

At that point, I sent my magician in the finish line, I blasted off her cleric (the dragon was finally out of reach) and ran (well flown actually) for it... Alas, I was caught just one space away from liberty.

Her troll smashed my magician in 2 turns while her thief managed to get to my wounded dwarf before my team (well more because I had other stuff to do than really because I couldn't have gotten to it...).

4 - 2.

But her thief was near most of my team (thief and dark angel) and both of these closed in for my final point, finishing off the Laurène's thief...

5 - 2


What can one learn from this play:

- The magician is powerfull, yeah, that's true but everyone knew that...
- A team that flies and that moves fast is great for going out and bringing wounded back from the battle field or retieve objects from the other player is great

But above all:


This was the biggest mistake made by Laurène. She let me get hold of her fireball wand without even having to fight for it...

The other turning point was me holding the fountain of youth. That could have been ok with a fireball wand or at least her assassin to take it back but the assassin was far away (and not strong enough anyway...) and she had lost her fireball wand to me.

There you have it, the 3 big winners for me:

flight, fireballs and fountains of youth.
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