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Subject: Sorenson's Sabres: Mission #2 rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
Mission Briefing

Rich, Josh and I reconvened at my place on Saturday to continue our BattleTech: Sword and Dragon campaign. I'd chosen for their company - Sorenson's Sabres - to go on a Supply Run mission for this session. Slowly, as the campaign progresses, I expect they'll make more of the decisions with regard to their company; which missions they go on, what repairs they make and so forth. At present, I'm acting as Gamesmaster and opponent.

The first big decision they had to take was which 'Mechs to take with them on the mission. They knew they needed to take out my force to gain the full benefit of the mission, so they went for three 'Mechs from the Sabres' command lance, all of which were using prototype technology:

Sorenson's Sabres
Daniel Sorenson (P2 G2) HTM-27T Hatamoto-Chi Daniel
Emory Wilk (P3 G3) DRG-1G Grand Dragon Emory
Shakir Jerrar (P3 G3) HBK-4G Hunchback Shakir

I'd previously rolled up the forces opposing them so that I could have the record sheets printed out and available in time. Facing them was a fairly scary Mercenary force of three medium 'Mechs and one heavy 'Mech. There was also a commander in one of the 'Mechs who was a superior pilot.

Mercenary Forces
HBK-4G Hunchback (P4 G4)
ASN-21 Assassin (P4 G4)
ASN-21 Assassin (P4 G4)
CPLT-21 Catapult (G3, P3) - commander!

On the Field!
I'm still using the poor-quality maps from the Boxed Set - no chance to replace them, as MilSims has gone "on holiday" for a week! - and we decided to not complicate matters any more by using the other side with different levels of terrain. No, we were back in the forest. I happily set up my mechs, and Rich and Josh quivered in fear at the sight of the Hunchback with its Autocannon 20! (20 points to one location is one of the most scary things in BattleTech; at least it only has a short range!)

The initial stages of this mission found my Hunchback hanging back in heavy cover and waiting for the Sabres to advance, whilst my two Assassins were very, very busy jumping 7 hexes and immediately behind the Sabre mechs, then attacking with most of their weapons and either kicking or punching. (The first two punches were to the heads of two different Mechs! Yay!) I was winning initiative a lot, which meant that 2 of my 'Mechs could move last - the Assassins - and this was causing a lot of frustration for the Sabres, as they couldn't properly engage my forces!

My Catapult, meanwhile, stayed back for the first few rounds and peppered the Sabres with its twin Long Range Missile launchers (LRM 15). After that, it found itself in closer range, and switched to many rounds of Medium Lasers.

The Assassins found themselves overheating (no surprise) and unable to jump to appropriate cover, and so stayed mostly in the same area; Josh and Rich discovered the joy of using the edge of the map to prevent their Mechs from being attacked from behind, and things started getting better for the Sabres. Their Mechs just had so much armour!

Getting sick of the stalling, my Hunchback started running towards the Sabres, and got in a lucky shot with its AC/20 as it came into range; unfortunately, not enough to quite punch through the armour of Sorenson's Hatamoto-Chi. The return fire was devastating, and a lucky crit destroyed the AC/20! NO!!! The Hunchback came under withering fire from Sorenson, and was destroyed in the next round (the 8th of the battle).

I soon had my revenge, with my Catapult and one of my Assassins breaking through Shakir's armour and hitting an ammo pod. The resulting explosion knocked out his Hunchback, although Shakir survived due to a functioning Ejection system.

Then it was time for one of my Assassins to take two engine hits, a gyro hit, and to lose a leg. Yes, it was pretty much out of the fight. My other Assassin lost its Medium Laser, and now it was pretty much over bar the shouting. I only really had the Catapult left, and so Sorenson and Wilk were able to gang up on that mech and take it out. The Sabres had won the day!

Post-Mission De-Briefing
Josh and Rich had handled the new rules for the prototype 'Mechs quite well, although I think we managed to forget a couple of things here and there. No matter! It was fun. The scenario took us about 3 hours to play through, and then we spent another half-hour setting up and then dealing with the aftermath.

With all of my 'Mechs gone, it was no problem for the Sabres to scan the four buildings I was guarding and find new 'Mechs there: a Dragon and a Grasshopper! They also salvaged my destroyed Mechs! Now, to gain their rewards, repair their mechs, and deal with the bits and pieces of the Warchest system:

Initial Warchest Points: 120

Mission: Supply Run. Cost -75
Objective: Search Objective: +100
Objective: No Quarter! +150
sell destroyed Assassin +60
sell crippled Assassin +75
repair destroyed Hunchback -60
repair destroyed Catapult -80
repair destroyed Hunchback Shakir -60
repair damaged Grand Dragon Emory -60
repair damaged Hatamoto-Chi Daniel -100
sell Dragon +150
repair damaged Longbow -80 (damaged in previous mission)

Final Warchest Points: 140

Well, they'd only gained 20 WP in total, but they also had three new 'Mechs: A Hunchback, a Catapult and a Grasshopper. Seyla Teresa Martinez needs a new 'Mech after she lost hers in the first mission, but we'll see what happens next.

I'm shortly going to be adjusting the Warchest system to fix up a few problems I've found in its implementation (adding the option of improving pilots by spending WP, and the value of selling 'Mechs), but I'm finding it fun to play, which is the important thing.

The next step is to try and organise the third mission of the Sabres for next weekend. At some point, the Fox's Teeth (run by me) will re-emerge; I'm going to use the results of my two missions against Sarah to reinstate them, so both campaigns will be at a similar point.

Josh and Rich decided upon going on a Recon-in-Force for their next mission. I've got the opposing forces ready; they just need to choose their 'Mechs and head into battle!
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Samson Fox
United States
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angryI t makes so mad if your mech gets an engine hit and your mech warrior has to take damage from the heat of the engine. I would rather take a gyro hit instead of a damage engine hit.[IMG]http://[/IMG]
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Samson Fox
United States
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I have my own battle mech company that is from the Rasalhague Republic.
They are known as the Dark Sun Drakon Sabres.

Assault Lance
One Thug.Armed with 2 extended large lasers ,4 extended medium lasers.Dropped the SRM 6 for extra heat sinks.40 double heat sinks.

One battle Master. Armed with twin Extended P.P.C. one battle ax ,4 extended medium lasers.

One Victor.Armed with an Extended large Laser,4 medium extended lasers.One club 6 extended medium lasers.

Fire support Lance .Heavy Lance.
One Crusader.
One Thunder Bolt
Guillotine Battle Mech.

Medium Lance.
Hunch Back

Recon Lance
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Samson Skyvosky
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That was my original name,Grand Dragon,I created Ryuken Drakon.
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