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Subject: Hearts Session #768 rss

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Jess i TRON
United States
Saint Louis
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Some days when John plays, I don't get yelled at as much. This is not one of them.

First hand, pass left:
Jorge gave Jessi the "pass of friendship:" AK6 of diamonds. Jessi led that Manly 6 for John to play the Queen on Geoff. Sweet. Watch out though: Geoff is most dangerous when he takes many points early in the game.

John: Geoff: 25 Jorge: 1 Jessi:

Second hand, pass right:
Jorge's revenge was to lead out the manly 6. This is Jorge-neutral, because he always tries to do something bad after doing something good. Jessi took a Jessi shooter.

John: 1 Geoff: 26 Jorge: 1 Jessi: 24

Third hand, pass across:
John led the Queen to lead out the two of spades. Very brave of hime. Geoff's bad hand saves Jorge from points.

John: 17 Geoff: 30 Jorge: 1 Jessi: 30

Fourth hand, holder:
Geoff continued to have the perfect hand for Jorge. Geoff blames the insects. (We are playing with the Heritage Insects & Spiders deck.)

John: 17 Geoff: 36 Jorge: 2 Jessi: 49

Fifth hand, pass left:
Jorge passed the Ace left, and Jessi already had the Queen. On the third spade trick, Jorge played the King. Jessi almost didn't notice, until John called out, "Finish him!" Oh, right. That's why we always yell that when the leader is taking the trick, and sometimes when he isn't.

John: 21 Geoff: 36 Jorge: 22 Jessi: 51

Sixth hand, pass right of revenge:
Jorge denied being the target, but he looked cromulent. He's one point back, Jessi had the Queen, and she passed three icky clubs right.

John: 27 Geoff: 36 Jorge: 35 Jessi: 58

Seventh hand, pass across:
The target was out of clubs. The target either shoots if the Q of hearts is played under the King, or else he is not targetable in hearts either. oh well.

John: 38 Geoff: 51 Jorge: 35 Jessi: 58

Eighth hand, holder:
All but one club was out. All but one diamond was out. Jorge was forced to lead spades away from the Queen. Those holder distributions are tricky.

John: 38 Geoff: 55 Jorge: 49 Jessi: 66

Ninth hand, pass left:
And then we got drunk from Tack Bell cups.

John: 38 Geoff: 55 Jorge: 71 Jessi: 79

Tenth hand, pass right from Jorge of doom:
Jessi managed to target well and infuriate Jorge at the same time. She led spades once, then switched to her many low clubs.

John: 60 Geoff: 55 Jorge: 74 Jessi: 71 (Geoff is at the perfect score, his favorite)

Eleventh hand, pass across:
Geoff imploded as soon as he was the target. Bam!

John: 62 Geoff: 76 Jorge: 77 Jessi: 71

Twelfth hand, holder:
Geoff had AK of spades alone. He manlily led them. Jorge had Q9 of spades, so there was no way not to throw it on Geoff. Jorge also had AK+ hearts, so he was forced to stop his own shooter.

John: 67 Geoff: 89 Jorge: 82 Jessi: 74

Thirteenth hand, pass left:
Jessi kept the game alive. Sometimes that's the best you can do.

John: 70 Geoff: 91 Jorge: 82 Jessi: 95

Fourteenth hand, pass right:
Jorge gets AK of diamonds in the pass and says, "What?" John passed Jessi two spades. Geoff threw the four of diamonds on the first trick. Who is shooting? Jessi doesn't get the memo, and leads a spade. Jorge gets Geoff's memo. John takes the Queen and the Laske trick.
Note: When the leader is to the left, it is normally good to lead spades. On the pass right, this is not necessary.

John: 87 Geoff: 97 Jorge: 83 Jessi: 97

Fifteenth hand, pass across of failure:
the pass from Geoff strikes again! Jorge suffered from his "good hands late" strategy and was unable to stop the shooter.

John: 113 Geoff: 97 Jorge: 109 Jessi: 123

Ah, a victory: the game ended in a shooter, with everyone at 97 or more! cool.
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Jose Augusto Moreira
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo
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Is really need other session opf Hearts?

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