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Subject: Hearts Session #777 rss

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Jess i TRON
United States
Saint Louis
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Today we have the usual suspects at the table. Roads are clear, school is back in session, and lunchtime cards are back to business.

First hand, pass left:
I passed J-9 of hearts away from AK, hoping for a shooter. Jorge passed Q-10 of hearts! Argh! He always foils the pass.
Jorge led the jeweled frog beetle. Jessi threw the Queen immediately, abandoning her shooter before it started. Fortunately for Jorge, Eric's only club was the eight.

Geoff: 0 Eric: 13 Jorge: 1 Jessi: 12

Second hand, pass right:
Geoff has a ridiculous hand. It's all diamonds and clubs and a lonely Queen of spades, which he passed. Eric passed three diamonds, hoping to shoot. Jorge passed an Ace of clubs and KJ of diamonds. Since these are Eric's only ones, he has to play them early... which lets Geoff shoot. So Jorge's nasty pass to Eric let Geoff shoot.

Geoff: 0 Eric: 39 Jorge: 27 Jessi: 38 (Geoff is sure to lose now. He always implodes after he takes 0 in the first two hands.)

Third hand, pass across:
Easy targeting with the Queen passed across. Eric knows that I'll pass him the Queen if I have it, and so he shorts himself in diamonds and I dutifully lead them.

Geoff: 19
Eric: 42 Jorge: 31 Jessi: 28

Fourth hand, holder:
Geoff really wants to pas, but Eric refuses to accept the cards. Geoff is happy to take only 15 on this. His 789 of hearts are saved by Eric's AKJ of hearts alone.
I was able to fish Geoff out of the Queen on this one (we each had four spades) because I didn't play them high-to-low. I saved a higher one (the nine) until the third spade trick, and then it was high enough to take the lead and let me lead the last low one. Whew.

Geoff: 34 Eric: 51 Jorge: 32 Jessi: 39

Fifth hand, pass left, much to Geoff's relief:
Geoff and Jorge have all the diamonds. Jorge leads the 2. Jessi chooses to toss one of the nasty AKQ of clubs that Jorge passed to her, holding the Queen of spades, since Jorge is the target by 2. Jorge hates it when I target him ruthlessly even though it's close. If I'd known Jorge had the rest of the hearts, of course I'd have targeted Geoff instead.

Geoff: 35 Eric: 51 Jorge: 54 Jessi: 42

Sixth hand, pass right:
Eric plays the Ace of spades and begs for mercy: "I'm in last!" Liar. He's in third. But I don't realize that until after I pass him up. Geoff tries to let me shoot, because his hand is horrible, but I wasn't shooting.

Geoff: 55 Eric: 51 Jorge: 57 Jessi: 43

Seventh hand, pass across:
Eric has the Queen. Jorge and Jessi have all the clubs after the first trick. Jessi has the 3, but Jorge has the 4 and the 5. Jessi is the target, so she loses.

Geoff: 57 Eric: 54 Jorge: 60 Jessi: 63

Eighth hand, holder, whether you like it or not:
Geoff really wants to pass again. Eric still won't let him. Jessi leads spades and Geoff is screwed. Close enough.

Geoff: 79 Eric: 54 Jorge: 64 Jessi: 63

Ninth hand, pass left:
Jessi passed AQ of spades (alone) and got the K. Jorge and Jessi each had only one spade, which ruins Eric's plan of leading out the Queen. Geoff has the 2 of spades, so if only he had taken Eric's spade lead and let them again, Eric would have gotten stuck. Instead, Geoff takes the safe strategy of Duckathon. Eric has an out in hearts, which sticks Jorge with the rest.

Geoff: 79 Eric: 60 Jorge: 84 Jessi: 63

Tenth hand, pass right:
There were a lot of diamonds in Geoff's hand. Like, 9 of them. None of the seventeen diamonds in the deck get led, so Eric gets stuck with the lead with the Queen still in his hand.

Geoff: 79 Eric: 81 Jorge: 84 Jessi: 63

Eleventh hand, pass across:
Geoff tries to pass to the right. He gets a B (on the pass). I have to QA of spades across, always dangerous. Eric takes the first diamond, then leads the manly six. Jorge gets the memo, and I get the Queen.

Geoff: 83 Eric: 90 Jorge: 84 Jessi: 81

Twelfth hand, holder:
Geoff takes the first spade trick with the Queen, then leads the King of hearts, announcing to everyone exactly how screwed he is. Jorge takes the K with the panda to save him, and then Eric works hard to take a lot of points and continue the game.

Geoff: 98 Eric: 97 Jorge: 88 Jessi: 81

Thirteenth hand, pass left:
After four tricks, Geoff lays them down. He liked the A-8-10 of clubs pass, since that gave him A-8, among others. Ah, the pass from Jessi, the best hand to shoot.

Geoff: 98 Eric: 123 Jorge: 114 Jessi: 107

A total surprise victory for Geoff! His special victory condition is to end the game at Mitchell (98), so he completely won. I win too, since the game ended in a shooter with everyone at 98 or higher even! wow, even better than #776!

The guys point out to me that if I'm in the lead very late in the game, and I want to actually win, then I really should cover my pass. But what fun is that?
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