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United States
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48 hour turnaround time for Prototypes!
This is a simple little dice game for 2-5 players.

You had better have a lot of dice to play this game. Each player needs about 10+.
You also need some counters to act as
-Penalty Tokens

You can use my standups or the counters that I posted in the file section.

Or if you prefer not to print out anything, you can use:
-Food (Lots of pennies work great)
-Art (Quarters or some nice looking tokens)
-Houses (Monopoly Houses or large cubes)
-Penalty Tokens (Red cubes/markers/tokens or black go stones work best)

The point of the game is just to get 3 art before anyone else does, with at least 2 more than anyone.

Each turn you roll your people - your dice. You start with 3 dice. These are your workers.
Then you roll the bad luck die. This die should be visually distinct from the other dice. Depending on your dice, you have to take penalty tokens.
Then you assign your people into categories. Each set of workers has to divide evenly into that category number.
For instance Food has a number of "2". You can put a 4 into that category or a 1+3. Each of these combos would get you 2 food. You can also get more workers, get houses and art. Each one has a different number. Art is the highest at 9. You obviously have to use at least 2 workers to get 1 art. You won't be getting art until you have a few more dice than you start out with.

We play that each player takes a turn placing dice into a category.

After all dice are placed, you get the items you were working for.

Then comes the fun - You must feed and house your workers! Each group of 3 workers requires 1 food every round, or you take a penalty tokens. Each group of 4 workers requires a hose, or again, you take a penalty token.

Penalty Tokens-
At any point if you have 3 penaly tokens , you lose 1 worker.

If each player has a different color set of dice you can use my player mat:

This game is quickie dice game where you try to get the most art, while still feeding and housing your workers.
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