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Subject: Recently Loaded Microbadge Designs - Feb 8, 2009 rss

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Joe Grundy
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Here is a list of the latest batch of new microbadge designs.

I will be posting these lists between a few days and a couple of weeks apart, depending on new design traffice.

If you want to be notified of lists of newly uploaded designs or find links to prior lists, read and/or subscribe to this thread.

BGG/Geekgold Auctions - I have items up for Geekgold Auctions - (XanderF)
Computers And Technology/Languages and Tools/LaTeX user - (rmidjord)
Computers And Technology/Operating Systems/Linux Mint user - (mimeyer)
Game Related/Artist/John Blanche fan - (rmidjord)
Game Related/Components/Gems fan - (garion)
Game Related/Components/Modular boards / tiles fan - (Meat Hook)
Game Related/Conventions/ConnCon attendee - (erak)
Game Related/Gamer Types/Brain burns - My brain burns when I play boardgames - (betume)
Game Related/Gamer Types/Time: I like long games - (mrbeankc)
Game Related/Gamer Types/I want to extend my house just to keep more games. - (Cringing Dragon)
Game Related/Gamer Types/Intense gamer - (binge gamer)
Game Related/Misc/Pimple - A pimp meeple. - (drewdane)
Game Related/Misc/The recession wont stop me buying games! - (Keziah)
Game Related/Misc/Wake me when it's my turn... - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
Game Related/Thrifters/Lord Protector of the Realm - (Der Das)
Game Related/Weird/My obsession with my family interferes with my board games - (kevintlee)
Games/A/A Most Dangerous Time: Japan in Chaos, 1570-1584 fan - (Munin)
Games/A/Aladdin\'s Dragons fan - (spearjr)
Games/A/Aye, Dark Overlord! Fan - (garion)
Games/B/Bakong fan - (vekoma)
Games/B/Battlestar Galactica - I am a Cylon - (edroz)
Games/C/Call of Cthulhu LCG fan - (CountDice)
Games/C/Call of Cthulhu LCG fan - (CountDice)
Games/C/Chainmail fan - (garion)
Games/C/Chicago Express fan - (vekoma)
Games/D/Descent: Road to Legend fan - (kevintlee)
Games/D/Dice Town fan - (vekoma)
Games/G/Gangland! fan - (streaky2007)
Games/J/Jamaica fan - Compass - (maxtess)
Games/J/Jamaica fan - Food - (maxtess)
Games/K/Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot fan - (spearjr)
Games/L/Lincoln's War fan - (mrbeankc)
Games/L/Livingstone fan - (vekoma)
Games/M/Memoir '44 - Airpack fan - (garion)
Games/P/Pocket Civ fan - (Shadowchaser)
Games/S/Small World fan - (dracoPL)
Games/S/Spartacus fan - (mrbeankc)
Games/S/Starfall fan - (mimeyer)
Games/T/The Guns of Gettysburg fan - (SpieleHolger)
Games/V/Valley of the Mammoths fan - (Schlupp)
Games/V/Valley of the Mammoths fan - (Schlupp)
Games/W/Warhammer 40,000 fan - Ultramarines - Courage and Honour! - (Flap)
Games/Z/Zack & Pack fan - (vekoma)
Games/Z/Zooloretto Exotic fan - (vekoma)
Ideas/Love - (spearjr)
Ideas/Racism - I'm Against Racism - (Flap)
Ideas/Skeptic - James Randi - (banyan)
Interests/Animals/I love boobies - (rmidjord)
Interests/Cars etc./AMC fan - (drewdane)
Interests/Cars etc./Chrysler fan - (drewdane)
Interests/Cars etc./Dodge fan - vintage logo - (drewdane)
Interests/Cars etc./Mopar fan - Mopar or no car! - (drewdane)
Interests/Cars etc./Plymouth fan - (drewdane)
Interests/Cars etc./Plymouth fan - (drewdane)
Interests/Food etc./Caffeine - I consume so much caffeine, I dissolve into my eigenf - (rmidjord)
Interests/Food etc./Hamburger lover - (garion)
Interests/Food etc./Pepsi drinker - (paperfred)
Interests/Food etc./Pistachios lover - (vetinari7878)
Interests/History/Military History Buff - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
Interests/History/Roman Empire Buff - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
Interests/Hobbies/Lego fan - SNOT models - (Jukilum)
Interests/Hobbies/Sculptor - (garion)
Interests/Misc/Archaeology fan - (anthropos95)
Interests/Trains/Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad enthusiast - (Shadowen)
Internet/Obsessed With Gaming fan - (kevintlee)
Internet/Web Comics/Darths & Droids fan - (vetinari7878)
Internet/Web Comics/Wondermark fan - (mimeyer)
Literature and Arts/Authors/Ayn Rand fan - (kevintlee)
Literature and Arts/Authors/Fritz Leiber fan - (rmidjord)
Literature and Arts/Authors/Terry Brooks fan - (Shadowen)
Literature and Arts/Comedians/Eddie Izzard fan - (rmidjord)
Misc/Appearance/Beard of Evil - (Orcoteuthis)
Misc/Charities/Kiwanis - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
Music/Lyrics lover - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
Music/Artists/2pac. We'll Always Remember You. - (Flap)
Music/Artists/Andrea Bocelli fan - (Mozart78)
Music/Artists/Coheed and Cambria fan - (Meat Hook)
Music/Artists/Faith No More fan - (streaky2007)
Music/Artists/Tim Minchin fan - (banyan)
Music/Artists/Wilco fan - A ghost is born - (garion)
Music/Genres/Britpop fan - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
Pop Culture/Cartoons/Avatar: The Last Airbender fan - (streaky2007)
Pop Culture/Cartoons/Phineas and Ferb fan - (Jukilum)
Pop Culture/Cartoons/South Park fan - Respect my authoritah! - (rmidjord)
Pop Culture/Comics/Jim Shooter fan - (streaky2007)
Pop Culture/Movies/Dr. Strangelove fan - (Mozart78)
Pop Culture/Movies/Lawrence of Arabia fan - (Mozart78)
Pop Culture/Movies/Napoleon Dynamite fan - (streaky2007)
Pop Culture/TV/Fawlty Towers fan - (garion)
Pop Culture/TV/Flight of the Conchords fan - (kevintlee)
Pop Culture/TV/The IT crowd fan - (Flap)
Profession/Corporate drone - (vetinari7878)
Profession/Crime Scene Investigator - (lydon)
Profession/Statistician - (Hessu68)
Profession/Technical Manager - (huber)
Role-Playing/WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing) 1st edition fan - (rmidjord)
Role-Playing/WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing) 2nd edition fan - (rmidjord)
Role-Playing/WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Role-Playing) fan - (rmidjord)
Role-Playing/World of Darkness fan - (Orcoteuthis)
Science/Space Exploration/Member of The Planetary Society - (rmidjord)
Sports/Skydiving fan - (lydon)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Adrian Sutil fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Felipe Massa fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Fernando Alonso fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Heikki Kovalainen fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Jenson Button fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Kimi Raikkonen fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Lewis Hamilton fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Mark Webber fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Nick Heidfeld fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Nico Rosberg fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Robert Kubica fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/F1 (Worldwide)/F1 - Sebastian Vettel fan - (BrightonFoxDave)
Sports Teams/NFL (United States)/NFL - Pittsburgh Steelers fan - Hines Ward - (kevintlee)
Video Games/Fallout fan - (MarioPuzo)
Video Games/Flock fan - (vekoma)
Video Games/Flock fan - (vekoma)
Video Games/Hitman fan - (Flap)
Video Games/Hitman fan - (Flap)
Video Games/Lineage II player - (Flap)
Video Games/Nintendo 64 fan - (streaky2007)
Video Games/Outlaw Golf fan - (vetinari7878)
Video Games/Railroad Tycoon fan (the video game) - (sao123)
Video Games/Sim City fan - (sao123)
Video Games/Strategic Simulations Inc. fan - (anthropos95)
Video Games/Super Mario 3 fan - (sao123)
Video Games/Super Mario 3 fan - (sao123)
Video Games/The Legend of Zelda fan - Triforce - (baconcow)
Weird/Award for the Most Gratuitous Use of the Word 'Belgium' in a Ser - (drewdane)
Weird/Eye (no mouseover) - (spearjr)
Weird/I only believe in the preservation of cute animals - (rmidjord)
Weird/Parent of half-boy/half-fly (teleporter accident) - (jimu)
Weird/Rubber Ducky - (Orcoteuthis)
Weird/Vampire wannabe - (betume)
Weird/Equations/Root - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
Weird/Punctuation/Comma - (Me 262 Schwalbe)
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