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Subject: RTL Campaign Log rss

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Michael Sims
United States
San Jose
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Hi all, the following are the first 3 sessions we've had with RTL. Thus far the Heroes are getting beaten pretty bad by the Overlord. First are the Heroes that are on the adventure, and subsequent weeks after that. We usually manage to gather about once every other week or so. Enjoy!


Overlord: The Titan
Initial improvements: Lawlessness, Fiery Armor, -4 Cards.

Karnon, "The Badass" 4 CT, 16-4-1(4:Mle/3:Rng+Mgc)-4, 5/0/0
Ability: Tread Ice, immune to Frost and Fear
Skills: Parry (+1 armor / level vs Melee)
Supplies: Chain Mail, Axe (~ +1 Dmg)
Treasure: None

Varikas, "The Sexy" 4 CT, 16-4-2(4)-3, 2/0/1
Abilitiy: Recover 1 fatigue every turn
Skills: Leadership (Ready action on any hero for 1 fatigue)
Supplies: Chain Mail, Axe (~ +1 Dmg)
Treasure: None

Mad Carthos, "The Insane" 2/3CT (curse), 8-3-1(2:Mle/4:Rng+Mgc)-4, 0/0/3
Ability: +2 Dmg Magic
Skills: Inner Fire (+2 Rng & +1 Dmg with Ranged or Magic)
Supplies: Ring (+1), Wizards Robe (+0/+2)
Treasure: Staff of the Grave (cursed)

Lyssa, "The Cute & Cuddly" 2CT, 8-5-1(2)-5, 1/1/1
Ability: Force attacker to re-roll 1 die
Skills: Eagle Eye (Pierce 2 and +1 Rng with Ranged attack)
Supplies: Leather Armor, Iron Shield, Crossbow (~~ +1 Dmg)
Treasure: Ripper (Pierce 2, Reroll 1 die)


Sun Jan 04 2009, 8:00pm

WEEK 1: OL +1 CT

Heroes come up with a plan to head down to Olmric's Hut, so that Lyssa and Carthos can get some health, and Karnon and Varikas can get more fatigue.

OL moves Alric to the Plains of the Ruby Gate
Heroes move to Thelsvan Highway (no encounter), explore dungeon (Heroes +1 CT)
CT: 1/1

Level 1: 17, Bag of Bones

Heroes take a while to figure out how to trap Janius, but eventually they get him with a wall of human guard tokens. Lava Beetle spawn proves useless -- they have Blast, but the damage doesnt hurt the players by more than 1 wound. OL plays Doom and scores a kill with Dark Charm.

* Heroes gain 5 CT (3- glyph, 2-leader)
* OL gains 8 CT (2 kills of Lyssa, 2 kills of Carthos)

Heroes find the Ripper in the Chest, and buy the Staff of the Grave in a restock.

CT: 6/9 (15)


Wed Jan 07 2009, 8:00pm

Level 2: 5, The Barracks

Mad Carthos manages to blaze ALL the red masters from what seemed like a safe distance of an elevated 6 spaces away. Master Sorcerer and Ferrox killed instantly. Calls himself Point and Click he's so cocky with his big new Staff. Karnon rushes across the map to kill some Deep Elves, and gets swamped - 6 monsters attack and take Karnon down.

* Heroes gain 6 CT (3-glyph, 2-leader, 1-chest)
* OL gains 11 CT (4- Karnon, 4-Varikas, 3-Carthos/curse)

Heroes get hosed in the chest, no treasure, everyone wants to trade in their free CT for an item.

CT: 12/20 (32)

Level 3: 4, The Bridge of Death

Razorwings prove to be much stronger in RTL than in vanilla. Heroes kill the level leader in the first 2 turns, but take some damage - Karnon, Varikas, and Carthos get killed to make it happen. Then the Minions take forever to kill off, as the heroes are not able to get on the map at the same time, and they are committed to getting the treasures. 3 kills come at the end once Carthos and Lyssa have run thru the teleporter, leaving Karnon and Varikas alone.

* Heroes gain 7 CT (3-glyph, 4-leader)
* OL gains 30 CT (3-deck, 5-Karnon/curse, 4-Carthos/2curse, 4-Varikas, 2-Lyssa, 4-Karnon, 4-Varikas, 4-Karnon)

After all that work, the Heroes find another ranged weapon in the chest.

CT: 19/50 (69)

Death toll
Karnon: 4
Varikas: 3
Carthos: 4
Lyssa: 3


Wed Feb 04 2009, 8:00pm

This week's theme is "We're gonna make the Overlord cry like a baby". Do they succeed?

Heroes change their original plan of heading south toward Olmric's Hut, to instead head north toward the Caverns of Thuul.

WEEK 2: OL +1 CT

OL spends 30 CT upgrading BEASTS to silver.
OL moves Alric to Greyhaven
Heroes move back to Tamalir, (no encounter) and buy the Staff, the Boat, and some potions.

WEEK 3: OL +1 CT

OL spends 10 CT to buy a RED treachery.
OL (Alric) places 1st siege token on Greyhaven.
Heroes move to Greyhaven, and buy more potions.

The Wild Hunt, in the Snowy Woods. Heroes make quick work of 3 hell hounds, then race off instead of chasing down the leader. Silver Hell Hounds are worthless when the heroes can stand behind a tree and be immune to fire. (Petrified trees?)

WEEK 4: OL +1 CT

OL spends 5 CT to recruit Lord Merrick, places him in Shadow Peaks.
OL (Alric) places 2nd siege token on Greyhaven.
Heroes move 2 trails, to the Caverns of Thuul, but get LOST in an encounter, and return to Greyhaven. OL thanks the Heroes for his free CT and their lack of direction.

WEEK 5: OL +1 CT

OL spends 5 CT to recruit Lady Eliza, places her in Shadow peaks.
OL moves Merrick to Plains of the Ruby Gate.
OL (Alric) places 3rd siege token on Greyhaven.
Heroes move 2 trails (again) to the Caverns of Thuul, no encounter. (Heroes +1 CT)

Level 1: 37, Web of Something or other.

OL drools over this dungeon, crawling with 9 silver Spiders. 3 of them are red, and 2 of those red ones get 2 silver dice due to the Avatar bonus. This level is hell for the Heroes to beat, and they get slaughtered. OL feels bad it was such a hosing - Silver Spiders are nasty, particularly the red ones, and particularly when the OL draws two Rage cards to start the level. In the opening round, Carthos, Karnon, and Lyssa are killed off before ever getting to do more than use their Guard. Varikas manages to survive due to being tucked behind some rubble. Heroes will think twice before moving slow and using Guards in the future. Mad Carthos is renamed from "Point and Click" to "Scratch and Whiff". OL gets Doom in play. Heroes roll no treasure (again), and settle for the 1 CT consolation prize.

* Heroes gain 7 CT (2-leader, 4-saving the peasants, 1-chest)
* OL gains 24 CT (3-Carthos/curse, 4-Karnon, 2-Lyssa, 4-Karnon, 4-Varikas, 3-Carthos/curse, 4-Karnon)

CT gained: +8/+28
CT: 27(27)/78(28) (105 total)


Want to know how our valiant Heroes get their butts kicked next week? Stay tuned...
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Michael Sims
United States
San Jose
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Wed Feb 18, 9pm
Level 2: Dungeon 35, Pull of the Depths

This week our beloved heroes enter level 2 in their quest to clear out the Caverns of Thuul. Drawn in by the lure of the gems that await below, they enter the level:

Initial setup allows the Overlord to place Razorwings and Hellhounds, getting some silver beasts in play. Includes one red Razorwing which moves 10. The Heroes have a hard time getting past the pits - it’s too far to run to the middle, but staying back is too slow. They opt for a middle ground, and stay just far enough from the pits that they won’t fall in, but still make progress. The pit-sucking is fun for everyone - and crimps the heroes’ style as they try to do their usual methodical movements. Karnon gets strung out early and takes a killing, but a Razorwing and a Hellhound go down, so I don’t know who did better in the opening round. With Karnon out, the party regroups, and the Overlord falls back, and spawns a Beastman War Party. The Command is great, giving every monster +1 as heroes try to enter the narrow corridor. Cat and mouse ensues for a while, heroes are unable to break into the second room, but they slowly pick off monster after monster, and the Overlord doesn’t waste too much threat respawning. The 2nd spawn of the evening is two Shades with Stealth - causing the first 4 attacks on them to be misses. They’re great blockers since Karnon and Varikas can’t hit them. The telekinesis of the leader was effective for dealing out 2 damage at a time by pushing heroes into pits, plus getting to attack - tho a bit squishy as he could only take 3 hits once the heroes reached him.

The OL managed to get simultaneous kills on both Karnon and Varikas, sure to send the party packing as they have to reenter the dungeon, but Lyssa managed to slip thru and activate the glyph, and bring the deceased warriors back into the fray quickly. This leads to a rather abrupt end to an otherwise hard-fought dungeon. At the end, the heroes lollygag around, and don’t want to let the last gold pile go unclaimed, so they tinker with the remaining white monsters, and their greed leads to one last kill of Carthos. They run off, and the OL happily returns the unclaimed gold to the storage tray.

Conquest gained: OL: 29, Heroes: 6 (35 total)
Conquest total: OL: 107, Heroes: 33 (140 total)

If we’re lucky, the game will flip into Silver stage by the end of this dungeon, and the OL can do some upgrades finally. Just have to average 30 CT on the final 2 levels. Carrying 55 threat into level 3 will help.

Oh yeah the chest? No treasure. Again. Just gold, and 3 vitality potions. And a sucker for the heroes to enjoy with their free CT.
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