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Terry Gough
United Kingdom
East Sussex
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The aim of this game is to have the most dominant herds of dinosaurs that are killed by a meteorite. It may sound like a pretty futile excercise, but a great game is had getting you there. The game starts with a circle of random hexes 7 across. Each player then places 2 cubes on the board twice. Each player also takes a card from the draw pile, these cards depict hex types. From this starting position the game begins. Each player must "drift" one hex For this the player must either play the card in their hand or the top card of the draw pile. They then pick up any tile matching this card from a land mass populated by that player and that has a sea border and replacing it such that: it is conected to the same land mass, still has a sea border and is further away from the south pole (the centre piece of the original circle). If this creates a new island then the 2 most dominant herds on this island win VPs. After this mandatory drift each player has 4 optional action points to use. These can be used to rescue herds dumped in the sea, move herds, reproduce herds or perform another drift (3 action points). An additional complication is that each hex has a maximum population that prevents mvemont in or reproduction. The game ends when the meteorite is drawn from the deck. A final scoring round occurs where every island scores for its 2 dominant herds according to the islands size.

The game started with Telbert moving his herds North and South, Oggie going East and West and Andy trying to go with everybody. Telbert created the first Island to the south, though Andy managed to sneak in before its creation. Tel managed to create an early lead by reconnecting then disconnecting this island, at the same time creating an archipelego to the north which he blocked the entrance to with maximum occupied tiles. Meanwhile Oggie and Andy were Jockeying for positions before the East/West Island creations. In a single move Oggie managed to create the East island, dump Andy into the sea and prevent him from climbing back aboard. Tel then set the Northern Continent adrift before anyone else managed to work a way onto it. The Western island followed soon after with Andy and Oggie vying for control. This lead to the break up of this island into fragments, some unoccupied, but with Oggie in control of most. Andy then wrestled control of the South Island from Tel, before it got split. Tel then Managed to connect his Northern Isle to Oggies Eastern Isle, before immediately disconnecting again taking some of Oggies land with him. The meteorite came soon after ending the game. Tels ealry lead coupled with his sole ownership of the monster Northern Island was enough to win the game. Oggies mastery of the East and West gave him second, with Andy getting the wooden spoon.

A very interesting and entertaining game. A mechanism I haven't seen before which works very well. My initial impressions are that this could become one of my favourites if I get to play it enough.

Final Scores
Tel 31, Oggie 23, Andy 19

Ratings / 10
Tel 8, Oggie 8, Andy 7
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