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Subject: Blood and Bridges was the Queen's regiment rss

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Steven Isaak
United States
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Today 15 February 2009

EK and I came together to play our first scenario of Blood and Bridges, we have been waiting for months and our excitement level was exceptionally high. I received my copy this week and EK received his copy last week. We each mentioned we enjoyed the idea of "chaos," but did not realize the role it would play in scenario ten: Blood and Bridges.

Initially as the British I understood my role would not only have to be defensive, but it would also have to be offensive. The shear mass of units the Russian's were about to launch against me, caused me to set up my units and then leaving them entrenced make a run for one of the bridges on the Rhine to blow them up. The Russian task was also huge, they had to come across the entire map and capture as many of these three cites as they could: Werthoven, Uberdorf and Rahms. My goal was to hold and attempt to blow up at least two bridges.

Initially my set up near one of my cities and from there launch out immediately from Uberforf to blow up the bridge south of Dattenberg. Ek, being the aggressor he was walked into Werthoven with a recon unit and SA 9, immediately causing me to change strategies. The other starting British units were in Dattenberg, with the anti air hidden in the forest to the west (from here they could cover all my units)/

As turn one unfolded, two chaos markers were taken out: one allowing the Royal Hussars to come in early, the other allowing four minor bridges to destroyed. I immediately began focusing on the bridges furthest from the the Rhine, the goal was to work my way East and boy did it help (seven nothing, but 8 or 9 bye bye to four minor bridges--in all toll Nato airstrikes took out twelve bridges complicating EK and then there was the Lynxs).

Turn Twos chaos marker was delaying the Soviet reinforcements (a bunch of T 80s two turns and another four bridges). By this time my units were approaching the bridge and I had positioned an infantry unit to begin ( turns three to seven laying wires and bye bye bridge turn eight).

On turn three as my Lynx helos came in the SA9 took shots but missed, as my next units were coming on early I knew this recon unit had to go. During this time the 48th Soviet column began moving cautiously as they had no anti air. As turn four started my armor came in moving fire and took out the command post. Then the next activation the long range anti tank blasted the other units, while one Chieftan advanced. The SA 9 was caught, and blasted away. Now my air was free to move. Chaos took another four bridges and caused the Russians to slow down and begin redirecting their advance. The helos started blasting away at the T80s of the 48th corp. Chaos allowed EK to repair, but three end turns ended five and then three passes ended turn six.

Turn 7 began with the British air moving to get out of range of the Russians and during the move the slow bridging unit was out of command. A break as all bridges in the area had been blasted by Nato air strikes. Three passes turn seven over.

Turn eight began and the first bridge across the Rhine was blown. Meanwhile Rhams was secured and infantry was well positioned and begin to lay charges on the furthest bridge on the Rhine. This caused the Russians great stress as they only would have access to two bridging units and whatever bridges were left. Then the end turn markers caused the turn to end. Chaos marker eliminated as my reinforcements were on.

Turn 11, the helos took out the 48ths HQ. All units had to roll for command. Ek attempted to take out the Lynx but missed and the helo disrupted the bridge unit.

EK activates his reinforcement column, a lot of tanks, and cautiously moves forward. Now my question is will I make it. The Soviet reinforcements are beginning to Roll. Can I hold the Rhine? Luckily no Soviet Air cover chits drawn.

Then we ran out of time and called it a draw. As I am still learning we debriefed about the game and realized the chaos markers and the initial taking out of bridges really helped me as it changed EK's strategies. We have agreed to meet again on the field of valor and play this scenario. Much fun.
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