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Subject: First Session - Introducing a Newbie to the Hobby rss

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Sean Chick (Formerly Paul O'Sullivan)
United States
New Orleans
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Fag an bealac! Riam nar druid ar sbarin lann! Cuimhnigidh ar Luimnech agus feall na Sassonach! Erin go Bragh! Remember Limerick! Remember Ireland and Fontenoy!
Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?
I took the role of the Japanese in my second session with a newbie. The first can be read here:

The Battle of August 24th
American scouts find several of our fleets, but not the main carrier force. The small carrier Ryujo comes up short in its search in the northeast, but scouts from the Shokaku do find evidence of American warships. Having made this discovery I decided to make another go of it and launch airstrikes from all carriers. Ryujo doesn't find its mark, but the main force does, breezing passed the American CAP and bringing the fight right into the fleet. The carrier Enterprise is sunk while North Carolina takes heavy damage.

American aircraft does hit the support force and the landings that have begun at Gili-Gili in New Guinea, but neither achieves major results.

Later on a smaller airstrike leads to the crippling of North Carolina and thus it must be scuttled. The light cruiser Atlanta is damaged as well. However, an American strike sinks the carrier Zuikaku, my favorite warship of World War II. Both sides have taken heavy air losses and the strike potential has seriously declined for both sides. The Gili-Gili landing force is destroyed. The Americans though have the Henderson Field airforce, which devastates the Japanese fleet forces converging on Guadalcanal.

As the day progressed I failed to find the remaining American carriers, but they do find my small carrier force. Ryujo and cruiser Tone are severely damaged, while both destroyers Amatsukaze and Tokitsukaze are lost in two waves of attacks from carrier and land based airpower. I decided to turn back, as losses are mounting and the Americans still cannot be found.
Japanese: Zuikaku, Amatsukaze, and Tokitsukaze with 6 squadrons of aircraft lost. The entire transport fleet at Gili-Gili was lost. Ryujo and Tone are damaged. VP: 67

American: Enterprise and North Carolina with 9 squadrons of aircraft lost. Atlanta is damaged. VP: 65

It was a close fight with lots of swings in fortune and heavy aircraft losses, particularly for the Americans. The battle is a tie, which favors the Americans in the long run.

As for the newbie, he liked both this game and The Battle of the Bulge but only time will if I cab play more wargames with him. It was amusing to be defeated twice by a newbie! My main mistake was the Gili-Gili landing. Later on I was informed that I barely missed a chance to hit the carrier Wasp, which was the true source of all my pain.

I liked the game. It is a good middle ground between Midway and Second World War at Sea: SOPAC.
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