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Subject: Spin control rss

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David Bush
United States
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EDIT. After 7 years, the images went away, so I replace them. I also update the links.

Here's another turn-based Twixt game from Little Golem. It lasted a couple weeks in February 2009. You can view the LG page for this game at

A better way to view the game is to visit which has comments and an interactive Javascript board. If you click on a specific move listed, you will see that position on the board, so you can see exactly what we are talking about. If you register there for free, you can click on the board to make any move sequence you want. Then you can cut and paste the generated move list into your comment. Those listed moves will then be clickable. You are welcome to ask about or comment on any variation you wish. It is recommended that you place text between different variations, but not within a variation, so as not to confuse the Javascript move parser.

Beppi moved first as white and made the odd numbered moves.

1.D3 2.SWAP

In a face to face game, "swap" would mean to swap sides. With a 3M set, where a single box holds the pieces for both sides, I would have rotated the box end for end. On Little Golem, players keep their initially assigned colors. The white token on D3 is replaced by a black token on C4.

3.J10 4.N11?

I just canna believe I did that. I've been playing for over 40 years, and I still occasionally forget which way I am going. K14 would have made a bit more sense. What's even worse is that LG shows a preview screen, so you have time to undo your move before you commit to it. Oh yeah, hey, that looks right. Uh huh.


Twixt is a fast game. I am now in big trouble.

6.K6 7.M7 8.K18

(8.J18 9.M17 would not have been any better for me.)

9.G17 10.N5

I've been flailing about as best I can, hoping for some kind of opening. But I can see that 11.G7 would shut me down completely. Here are a couple of variations.

VARIATION A: 11.g7 12.i10 13.h9 14.i14 15.h15 16.k11 17.i11 18.j12 19.g13 20.h11 21.g11


VARIATION B: 11.g7 12.h7 13.i8 14.g5 15.k7 16.j4 17.m6

But to my relief, Beppi gave me an opening:


I don't suppose this image is going to change anyone's view of Twixt. If anything, it may serve to reinforce your opinion on how dense, chaotic, and unapproachable its tactics are. A slight inaccuracy in peg placement turns a won game into (probably) a loss. But I hope those who claim "once you get behind, you have no chance to recover" will keep this position in mind.

If Beppi had played G7, then in my grief, shame, and sorrow, I probably would not have posted the game here. Also it wouldn't have been as interesting.

12.G20 13.F19 14.L20

These moves are a feint, a preamble, setting up for the main attack in the center.

15.G21 16.H11

The weak point in white's defense.

VARIATION C: 17.i12 18.i5 19.h4 20.h7 21.h8 22.i9

Beppi sees this threat and instead plays

17.H9 18.i13

Now I have a double threat of K12 or J15. This is why I played L20 first, to make the J15 threat stronger here. Beppi now plays a sharp move:

19.H13 20.G9

But I have a sharp rejoinder, doubling back and reviving the i5 threat.

21.K12 22.i5

My connection to the left is now secure, via either H7 or G4.

23.R6 24.Q8 25.N4 26.L6 27.O6 28.M8 29.R11 30.P10 31.S9 32.Q13 33.Q14 34.P15 35.S13 36.R16 37.resign

If you had the patience to stay with me to the end, you might enjoy the Javascript commentator site link above more. If you have any question or comment, you could post them either here or there. Thanks!
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John Farrell
New South Wales
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Averagely Inadequate
Buster Keaton from 'Go West'
If anything, it may serve to reinforce your opinion on how dense, chaotic, and unapproachable its tactics are.

Oh good, it's not just me then. I'd love to understand this game, but I'll need to lose my first thousand games, and that might get a bit depressing.
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Beppi Menozzi
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Thanks for the comment, it was a honor to play that game :-)
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