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Subject: Finally a Game I might be good at! Fireball Island Session Report 1 rss

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Adam Boudreau
United States
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Rifling through my old kids games has brought my gaming group to Fireball Island. I have really fond memories of playing this game. The game board is clearly very awesome, with it’s three dimensional terrain. I haven’t played this in well over a decade, I wasn’t even sure if we had all the pieces. So far we couldn’t find the marbles or the jewel. I think they’re with some other things up in the attic. These were easily replaced by a crystal counter we use for RPG’s and some other marbles I had available. So, as usual, we start our night off with some more simplistic gaming before we delve into deeper territory with our continuing modification of Doom.

Dan was in charge of learning the rules this time, as I can’t remember a single thing about them. So I did some laundry and tried to wake up Kate from her nap while Dan prepared the game. He did a quality job and was well prepared to teach us the rules. They’re quite easy to learn and it only took us about ten to fifteen minutes to really get the hang of them again. There were a couple things we missed here and there, but it was pretty easy to get into the swing of things again. Dan played the orange treasure hunter, Kate played the blue one, and I went with red. With that we were all set to try and get that jewel and run our guy to safety.

The first game, despite the few minor rules we forgot was intense! It was a hard race around the treasure map. Everything sort of went pretty smooth until we got to cave #2. Kate got there first and rolled to see where she ended up and she wound up in cave #5. This was alright; it put her a bit closer to the jewel approaching from the far side. I made it there next and rolled a six. This was the best cave to be in. Cave #6 is the closest to the jewel and I thought my victory of getting the jewel was assured at this point because I was a lot closer than Kate now. Now if I could only make it there without someone rolling a fireball while I was on that major trail… Dan was still the wild card here, he hadn’t gone yet. He took the cave route also and he rolled a six! I couldn’t believe it. He, of course, was elated and surely looking forward to thwarting my plans of capturing that jewel. Luckily I had a few tricks up my sleeve with the cards I had.

A couple rounds of rolling dice went by, no one rolled a one. Phew. No fireball took me out as I approached the jewel. I needed to secure my victory fast though and I couldn’t leave things up to chance. I played the “move six spaces instead of rolling the die” card that would bring me right on the precipice of the jewel. Kate was still a little too far away, but Dan was approaching fast. I had to wait one more turn and I had to seriously hope no one rolled a one. No one did. Dan rolled too small to catch up and Kate’s climb to the top was taking her longer than she expected. I finally climbed to the top and snagged the jewel! I rolled a fireball down Kate’s path to get her out of the way so I could start making my way towards the boat. Attempted fireballs were rolled here and there after that, but for the most part things were a little uneventful until we got over the two bridges.

Kate managed to catch up to me this time. She constantly stole the jewel from me on the last stretch and things went back and forth for a while. Dan was pretty sure it was impossible for him to win at one point, so he was more interested in being devious and thwarting someone else’s plans even if it meant taking himself out. Just as we were nearing the end, seriously, I was about one or two spots away from the boat! Dan laid down the fireball card! He rolled it; it took out him and Kate. It’s questionable whether the ball hit me or not, but they demanded ensured victory so I laid down the Talisman card so there would be no question as to who won that game. Next roll I made it to the boat and I sailed off to safety clutching the precious jewel and laughing into the wind as my competition lay in a smoldering fire pit!

I was pleased when I heard everyone announce that we should play again. I definitely agreed, this game has clearly stood the test of time and I can definitely see us playing this again in the future. Now look for Session Report 2 on this game… which did not go so well for my treasure hunter.
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