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Terry Gough
United Kingdom
East Sussex
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Ra would almost certainly appear in my list of top 10 games ( I'm just not sure what the other 9 would be). Its very simple auction mechanism, multiple scoring methods and quick game time add up to a great game that can be won in a number of ways.

Despite vigourously shaking the cloth bag containing all the tiles, we did not get a particularly random distribution to the tiles (disclaimer for probability nuts. Of course it was random, it just didn't appear that way). The first two rounds seem to take an eternity to play, this was due to some extent of Kev playing his first game of Ra, so being unsure of what to do, but mostly down to the fact that there seemed to be a shortage of Ra tiles. In a usual game within the group there are a lot of player calling Ra's, this just wasn't the case tonight. For the first 2 rounds most of the auctions were caused by a Ra tile being drawn. There seemed to be a lot of god and civ tiles in the first round with very few pharoahs hitting the table. By the end of the first round Tel had managed to open up a lead due to collecting a hatfull of Niles (and a flood) managing to eak out a majority in the limited pharoahs and somehow managing to capture three identical civs. The second round saw a few more pharoahs begin to appear, and a lot of monuments. As usual Andy was collecting as many different monuments as possible, while Oggie was collecting specific monuments. Although we started to get a few more player calls of Ra, we were still getting fewer calls than usual, so it came as a bit of a surprise to find that Kev managed to win a whole row of tiles to win the last auction of the round. People were obviously more edgy in the last round as we knew there was a high proportion of Ra tiles left in the bag, so the last round saw more player called auctions (usually followed immediately by a Ra tile). By this time players were keen to finish the game as the usual 45 minute game had dragged out to 90. So it was with some relief that the final Ra tile was drawn to bring the game to an end. Andy had managed to acquire all 8 monuments (nothing new there) managing 3 of one of them. Oggie had managed to collect 4 of one monument and 3 of another, with both Kev and Steve managing the 3 of a kind. Andy got the only flood of the final round, so managed an impressive catch of points from the final round. But his poor showing in the first two rounds left home back in third. He did manage to pip Steve to that position who had managed a consistent scoring run throughout the 3 turns. Kev struggled back in last, but this was undertandable in his first game. Oggie managed a big final round total to bring his final total to 43 the same as Tel. A frantic search through the rule book showed that the tiebreaker ( that none of us knew anything about) was the largest sun, which was held by Tel.

The game just took too long tonight, taking twice its normal length. Both Tel and Oggie enjoyed the game, but both Andy and Steve felt the game suffered from some poor decision making, giving unfair advantages to other players. Kev had mixed feelings for the game. Overall a disappointing session for a game that is usually so well received. My overall impression remains unchanged, this is still a great game, one ropey game in a dozen isn't bad.

Final Scores
Tel 43 , Oggie 43, Andy 40, Steve 36, Kev 25

Ratings / 10
Tel 7, Oggie 7, Andy 5, Steve 6, Kev 6
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