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Subject: The Search for Kobol rss

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Andre Levesque
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This is the first time playing the game with more than just myself.

Andrew - El Presidente Laura Roslin
Tyler- Admiral William "Husker" Adama
Andre (me) - Lee "Apollo" Adama

So it was all our first time playing and after my very mediocre explanation of the rules we were off to the races.

So Lee started first in his viper. He went blazing off and shot at the first three raiders with a maximum fire power. Unfortunatley for hi he only anaged to kill two out of three of the raiders.

During the crisis it was a raiders action and the viper was destroyed. Lee woke up in sick bay and then used teleportation thanks to the Admiral giving the command to go back out in a viper.

He was quickly shot down again.

Our dying president began grabbing quarom cards. After we figured out how the turns worked we finally jumped away from the basestar. The admiral only jumped one. How very cylon but we managed to get some fuel at the Tylium planet.

It soon became apparent that our president was not helping out in skill checks as much as everyone else. Apollo began throwing harmless accusations that the president might be a toaster. (To be honest I thought everyone was human for the first half) So we jumped again two this time.

By a twist of fate the Martial Law was declared and the admiral was promoted to Pradmiral. The old president embittered got back her presidency after an election. A cylon basestar appeared and shot up our Admiral's quarters pretty good.

As the admiral and apollo began scrambling fighters. Apollo gave an unprecedented pep talk in the briefing room and made a umanned viper become an ace pilot that destroyed all the raiders that were going to destroy our civies and damaged the basestar.

It was soon made clear that the president was not helping. We were low on food and she wasn't using the quarom cards to give us more. And when asked to give us some food she instead encouraged a mutiny.

The admiral and Apollo decided she needed to thrown in the brig but the Quarters were damaged. Apollo attempted to take over the presidency but failed however luck was on the side of the humans since the crisis card gave the admiral the choice to take the presidency. He did.

The Cylon jumped out an airlock and awoke on the resurrection ship after damaging food supplies and weapons control. We managed to jump just as a basestar was firing nukes at us and made it to the halfway point.

The journey continued Apollo became the president. Our fuel food amd morale were hovering in the red blue areas and we had more population than we knew what to do with.

Apollo made a few inspirational speeches and began rationing food to keep our lower stats managable. Our cylon friend began hammering our food supplies. We lost to a supercrisis wich kiled 1 fuel, 1 food and 1 population.

Things were starting to look grim for the humans. 3 resources in red when we jumped and we lost three population. The jump had a choice either lose 1 fuel and have cylon waiting for us or 2 fuel and we would have no fuel and lose. We made our choice and nuked that frakking toaster ship on the first turn.

It came down to the wire but the humans made their last jump to kobol and won.

Final resources. Fuel 1, Morale 2 Food 1 Pop 2

Overall a good learning experience. The cylon could have played it a bit better since he made it fairly obvious he was a toaster. I liked it quite a bit but believe it would be much better with five or more people
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