Tony Piemonte
United States
Detroit Lakes
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(note: this is my first attempt at a session write-up for FNF... here's to hoping it goes well.)

Ring Announcer: "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Downtown Boxing Gym for Friday Night Fights! It's time for the MAIN EVENT, a 10 round fight in our Heavyweight Devision!

First, in the red corner, wearing green trunks, weighing in at 245 lbs, from Tijuana, Mexico, with a record of 15 wins, 8 by knockout, and 6 losses... "Latino Thunder"... Francesco... Freitas!!!"

Freitas plays to the crowd a bit and shadowboxes a few flurried punches.

R.A. :"And his opponent in the blue corner, wearing black trunks, weighing in a 282 lbs. and with an undefeated record of 6 wins, 4 by way of knockout, and no losses... fighting out of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota... "Itialian Fury... Anthony... Piemonte!!!"

Piemonte raises his hands to play to the crowd a bit. The referee calls both fighters to the center of the ring. Piemonte and Freitas looking eye-to-eye as the ref gives them their instructions. They touch gloves, and head back to their corners for the start of round 1.


Boxing: 4
Aggress: 3
Quick: 3
Power: 4
Stamina: 3
Attribute: Quick Reflexes
Bonus Dice: 14

Boxing: 4
Aggress: 2
Quick: 4
Power: 1
Stamina: 3
Att: None
Bonus Dice: 14


Piemonte starts off round 1 by cutting off the ring, closing in on Freitas. (5 passes to 3) But Freitas must enjoy the close fighting, as he blasts off a quick series of punches that land flush, then a hook that sends Piemonte reeling into the ropes. (4 passes to 3, 3 passes to 2, 2 passes to 0) Fortunatly, Piemonte ties up Freitas and the ref starts them back off in the center of the ring (1 pass to 1, Piemonte uses 4 Bonus Dice)

Piemonte rushes in again, maybe not learning from his previous error. (4 passes to 2) Again, Freitas lands a jab combination as the bell rings, marking the end of round one. (2 passes to 1, 1 pass to 1)

Freitas easily wins the round 10-9


Piemonte's corner must not have gotten through to him, as he charges forward as before to start the round. (4 passes to 2) But the fighters tie up, forcing the ref to reset the fighters. (2 passes to 2) Piemonte manages to bull rush Freitas back into the ropes (5 passes to 1), but Freitas drastically grabs around Piemonte's waist as the bell rings, ending a very uneventful round (2 passes to 2 passes.)

The round is a draw, 10-10


Both fighters stay in the center of the ring as the third round begins. (2 passes to 2). Piemonte catches Freitas withan uppercut that knocks him back to the ropes (4 passes to 2) Freitas manages to clinch Piemonte (4 passes to 3, Freitas uses 2 Bonus Dice, Piemonte uses 3), but the clinch is where Piemonte is best, using his Quick Reflexes to score a right-left-right combo, backing Freitas back off him. (3 passes to 0)

The fighters stay in the center of the ring, with no real action until the bell rings. (4 passes to 3, 2 passes to 2).

Piemonte evens this fight with a win in round three, 10-9


The fourth round starts out uneventful as the fighters circle each other in the middle, not wanting to take a chance. The ref urges on some action to both fighters. (4 passes to 3, 2 passes to 2). Freitas tries to rush in on Piemonte, but he ties him up as the bell rings and the fans boo on a boring round four. (5 passes to 3, 2 passes to 2).

Another draw round, 10-10


The booing must have gotten to Piemonte, as he comes out aggressive, (5 passes to 3) but eats a jab, but not much to follow up from Freitas as the seperate (2 passes to 1, 1 pass to 1) They stay in the middle of the ring (3 passes to 2), Freitas stuns Piemonte with a cross that sends him sprawling to the ropes, (5 passes to 3) but Piemonte gets desperate, tying Freitas up as the round comes to a close. (6 passes to 6, Freitas uses 3 bonus dice, Piemonte uses 5).

Freitas eeks out the round, 10-9

(Update on Bonus Dice: Piemonte: 2. Freitas: 9)


The fighters circle each other to start the second half of this fight, remaining in the center of the ring. (3 passes to 3, 2 passes to 1). Piemonte lands a jab (3 passes to 2), but Freitas answers with a jab-jab-cross combo that sends Piemonte back to the ropes (3 passes to 2, 1 pass to 0, 2 passes to 0). Freitas lands a BIG uppercut that nearly drops Piemonte, who clinches up (6 passes to 2, Freitas uses 3 Bonus Dice, Piemonte uses last 2.) Freitas lands a cross out of the clinch that sends both men into the middle of the ring (4 passes to 2).

But the damage taken hasn't stopped Piemonte's aggression, as he pushes Freitas into the ropes (5 passes to 2) Piemonte lands a series of punches that drive Freitas into the corner (3 passes to 2, 2 passes to 1, 4 passes to 1).

Piemonte lands a SICK uppercut that drops Freitas to the mat! (5 passes to 1, 2 passes on KO table).

Freitas begins to stir as the ref counts 4 (1 pass on Recovery table) and makes it to his feet at 9, but one look into his eyes from the ref, and it's obvious he's in no condition to continue (1 pass on Recovery table.)

Ring Announcer: "This match is ruled a TKO at 2:11 of Round Six. For the winner... "ITIALIAN FURY" ANTHONY PIEMONTE!"

What a come from behind victory for Piemonte, who moves to 7 and 0. His meteroic rise will continue in the world of Boxing... and he'll be back... at the next... Friday Night Fights!
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Bob Shurig
United States
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Very good, Tony. I see that you gave your fighter (yourself) extra power and a dash of quickness. That never hurts. I remember playing a boxing game from England some years back that approached the fight game in a very similar manner that FNF does. I had a wonderful experience with my fighter, and I'm sure you're enjoying yours as well. My fighter started from scratch, with a few attributes that also built up over time. My guy was looking good in his 1st fight and I was excited ... then he took a solid right and got KO'ed. Oh well, it happens I guess. Back to the gym for more training. He progressed from there and, after numerous fights, actually won the European championship. That's where I left it. I didn't try for the U.S. championship, or the World championship either. It was just so much fun going through the bouts one at a time, and charting his progress. Tony, I hope you have as much fun with your (personal Tony) fighter as I did with mine. It seems to me that you're on your way. Good luck.
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