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Subject: We won, we lost, oh so close... rss

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Neil Ikerd
United States
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On Tuesday night we went to our weekly game session, and got to play Pandemic for the first time. The previous week we had watched part of a game so we had a pretty good idea of how it played. We sat down with Don and Eva and drew roles as Don set up the Intro game with 4 epidemics. Amy drew the Researcher, so she would be the one to pass cards would have to plan so that she could pass cards at the appropriate time. Don drew the Dispatcher, so travel would be easier for us. Eva took on the Scientist, so we knew she would be our go to girl and we'd want to keep her close to the research stations. I drew the Medic, so I knew I would spend a lot of time living out of a suitcase.

Our initial setup had 3 cubes in Mexico City, Lima, and Baghdad. We had 2 cubes in Milan, Bogata, and Washington, and the one cubes were spread across the black and red zones. We decided that since I could remove all cubes at once, my job would be to clean up Central and South America. Amy went to Wasington and cleared it. Don flew to Baghdad, established a research center, and moved Eva and Amy to Baghdad, it was an excellent first draw and move. I headed from Atlanta to Mexico City, cleared the disease, and went on south to Lima. Europe and North America picked up a couple of cubes during the infection phase; while South America and Africa started breaking out all over. On her turn, Amy passed 2 yellows to Eva and we prepared to cure our first disease as she headed to Milan. Then, she drew her cards and set off the first Epidemic of the night- Moscow. This wasn't that big of a deal, since Eva was still in Baghdad.

Eva cured the Yellow Fever and set out for Moscow. We decided to keep me in the Western Hemisphere and see if we couldn't eradicate yellow, especially since a lot of yellow cards were coming up. Of course, as we made that decision Bogata went critical and and outbreak occured- our only one of the game as it was. Europe and the Middle east started breaking out at that point and it was decided that I would be more useful there than mopping up the last of the Yellow Fever, which only existed in Johannesburg and Mexico City at that point. We spent the next few rounds hopping around Europe and Asia putting out new occurences of disease and along the way we cured Black Death. Our first sign that something was about to go wrong should have been the appearance of Yellow Fever in Kinshasa. (For those who don't know the history- the first outbreaks of ebola occured in Kinshasa.) The very next card was an Epidemic- in San Francisco. This was a problem. Blue had been sitting on a back burner, pleasantly being ignored as it slowly spread 1 cube at a time across America and Europe.

Amy and Eva set about gathering the cure and I headed to the city by the bay. On Eva's turn she cured Blue and I wiped out the disease in SF. On my turn I head across the US, clearing up a couple of cities on my way to the Atlanta research station. Then I drew and Epidemic. We had less than 10 cards since the last one when Seoul broke out; fortunaely, Asian Red hadn't spread too far yet. It was about to get hairy though. We had one chance: eradication. We focused on Blue and Yellow, and not a moment too soon. Miami and Mexico city both went to 2 cubes, Bogata picked up another and Johanesburg went critical (3). We had the right people in the right places though, and within a turn we had eradicated Yellow and were one cube away from eradicating Blue.

In the next round we erradicated Blue and cured Red. We had won, but Eva's a Utopian, and she was imaginging no disease anywhere. We looked at the deck and looked at the board; it would be close, but we'd give it a shot. Black went down quickly as most of us flew into Baghdad and headed east. Since I was still in the US, Don flew me to Bangkok just as it broke out in the final Epidemic. We had three cards, 7 infected cities, and we would run out of cards before my turn. In the end, we put up a valiant fight but missed total eradication by 3 cities when the cards ran out. On my turn I could have gotten to all three cities (being able to cure a city just by walking through it is a pretty good ability).

We had so much fun that Amy said we should buy it, after we had agreed that we weren't buying any more games because we had spent enough money for 1 week- or 1 month for that matter. I found a workable solution; I traded for it. We didn't buy it...
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