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Pauli Vinni
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Fight Klub tcg

The game is about: "If Darth Wader and Gandalf the White would fight together which one would win?"

A nice concept, but not so nice if you have got J.R, From Dallas and Brooke from ... well what ever that soap opera was in anyway, fighting each other. (Well actually it could be interesting...?)
Interesting lisenced characters are the base of this concept and really good ones like in my first example are extremely expensive one. So, so far we have Reservour dogs, Saw 2, Army of Darknes, Rambo etc. so not so bad but nothing really big so far. Terminator is coming as well as Robocop, so maybe in the fure... maybe not...

The Theme
Two action heroes/villains fighting each others. The theme is guite loose. There are scifi characters, horror characters, camp characters etc. so the mix is guite bizarre. There is allso only 2 signature cards to each character, so all the rest cards are universal to all characters as long as they are divided in two. Willain cards and hero cards (like in Star Wars ccg) So this game is not so tightly theme oriented like Start Wars ccg and Lord of the Rings tcg from the same Distributor. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your taste. I would like to have a little bit more focus on theme, but now it's possible to keep the card pool smaller because most cards will suite to every character. Lose win situation...

Game mechanics
Game rules are simple, but seems to work relative well, for a game this new. Deck is 40 cards. One Character (hero or villain), a Drop card (nice idea, that allows easy rule to all timing issues) 26 card draw stack and 12 fight cards.
You can only have 1 of each rares and 3 commons and uncommons in deck. (And 3 so called gold cards)
There are three phases in the game: 1. Setup: collection energy tokens, playing items, conditions and setup-instants, playing the fight cards. 2. Fight phase where the actual fighting happens. Every fight card has three skirmishes and you can enhance one fight with one enhance action (Of cource a card text can overrule this rule, like everything else...)
If player wins more skirmishes than opponent his fight card scores and becomes as an damage to the opponent. Then both players can play Score actions/effects. 3. phase is Cooldown, where you can play one cooldown effect and even up your hand and controll of the drop goes to the opponent. So many effect have limited amount of usages in given phase, and allso you power reserve limits how much cards you can actually play. So the deck building is balancing how many cards to each phase you have and the cost of playin the cards.
There are many combos and tactical elements here even the rules are very simple.
I personally like more complex games like SW, B5, Dune, Vampire etc. so this game is not actually perfec for my taste, but if you seek out simple game that involves a lot of decisions, this may be a game for you. Decipher has had an tendency of making new consepts and rules addtions to each set, so things can be more complicate in the future. We have allready seem an morph feature from set Three, and sidekicks has bee rumoured. Just hope that power balance will be better that in other Decipher games... It has not been so good so far. If you compare first sets to last sets from the previous Decipher games.
My first games take about one hour to finnish, so the predicted 15 min per game is actually possible when the cards are more familiar to the players. One thing that can be good or bad. I like longer games, but some of my friends likes speedier games, so this is matter of taste situation.

Marketin / selling
This game tryes to achieve "mysterious" illuminati type of feel, by being "invitation only" game, where you need someone to invitate you in. So called mentor player. One strange thing is allso that your mentor does get profit for every purshaced kilos his "follovers" accuire from the shop. This makes it guite difficult to optain unbiased information about this game. I by self am an mentor, so you can not be sure what my "real" motives are when writing about this game. The same problem is with every other reviews etc you may read anywhere. I suggest reading some reviews allso from game magazines. These open society canals are not the best source of information for games like this one. With experience you of cource learn to know who do you yourself trust, but it takes time.
The game can be only bought directly from Decipher online shop. So there is no middle hands in there. It can reduce costs, but allso means no competition, so this is allso two edged sword. This allso means that you need to have a credit card to make you shopping. Not a big problem in USA, but it can be in Europe where it's harder to get one of you own. So you need to be an adult or, you need to have an friend who has an credit card on his own.
Because the game has limit 1 for each rare it is easier to collect full game set, allso posting of one "Kilo" (read big booster) is same about $5 to every where in the world, so it does not take big sums of money to get nesessary cards. It allso can mean that new player can get relative good deck without huge expensies, but only time will tell what happens when there are more expansions. Allso because of one rare rule you should get full play set with 3 "Kilos". Emphasice the word should. Like in all ccg:s there is random element and you need some trading to get full gaming set.

- cons: Interesting consept, fast gameplay, nice looking cards, players can chose what lisensed characters are coming in future sets (that we yet have to see to come true...)
- fail: marketing?, too easy (simple)?, lack of tight theme (odd card combinations - does it feel good? immersion? Thing that did make for example Star Wars ccg very succesfull), very hard competition in the market (it is hard to make a big hit ccg game today), most interesting lisences are allso most expensive (do we ever see them in Fight Klub cards)
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