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Subject: Mugin mugs Hugin when Hugin hugs Mugin. Fox in sox, sir. rss

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Joe Grundy
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The first race started very poorly for Hugin, with a will to travel the Rivers but very few Rivers in sight. But the Magic Way was partly a River path, so Hugin opened his journey for two leagues there.

As is our habit we both repeatedly lengthened the flight path on most turns, with Hugin eventually making up his opening shortfall of leagues and just barely getting ahead to win the race... at which time Mugin hadn't set wing to the Magic Way at all.

Hugin: 4
Mugin: 0

The second race started even worse for Hugin, with a hand full of Hill cards and no Hills anywhere at all. Not even the Magic Way could help him here. It's tempting to "throw the junk aside" into the Reserve, but what you want on top of your Reserve is useful cards.

This time as the race unfolded both ravens ended up making extensive use of the Magic Way, with Mugin constantly pipping Hugin by one league there and Hugin playing catchup. With Mugin setting up and taking advantage of long leagues of monotonous terrain in the main flight path she made a strong start, while (as noted) poor Hugin was ill suited to the terrain in front of him and had to strain at half speed ... playing jokers/pairs of Hills several times just to take a single step. Things were looking pretty grim for Hugin very quickly.

Yet somehow Mugin used up her luck (and her favours from Odin) in those early leagues and Hugin got much advantage out of his lengthening the path ahead of Mugin with many variations in her terrain while often his own path merely showed "more of the same" (adding no additional terrains to his own journey). The upshot being ... a dilemna! With Mugin one ahead on the Magic Way and neither raven having anything in Reserve, Hugin could either:
a) finish the race now, two leagues ahead of Mugin (giving Mugin three points from being in the lead in the Magic Way making one point net score to Mugin)
... OR ...
b) move Mugin back one step, lengthen the path, and journey a league in the Magic Way, thus putting both ravens equal on everything with Mugin not able to finish next turn and Hugin looking for a lucky break to maybe actually net positive for the race.

Hugin took the safe choice and quickly finished the 2nd race.

Hugin: +2 = 6
Mugin: +3 = 3

This marked an hour of play, and we adjourned for the evening to rest our wings.

("An hour for just two races!?!? Why so long?" I hear you ask. Well, most turns we tend to extend the flight path. Extending the path gives you the opportunity to maybe double up landscape in your own favour, meaning you add one to your opponent's path and none to your own. Although in the early turns we sometimes forget, almost the only time we deliberately don't lengthen the path is when if you don't you can almost certainly win the race next turn even if the other player does extend the path. If one of the two players is extending every turn and the other is not, the extender player usually gets a huge advantage.)

The third race Mugin opened by resting, storing all her energy in Reserve. Hugin eyed the upcoming terrain and decided to also keep his strength in Reserve. (Note you have to do this in reverse order of upcoming need.) Hugin wanted to wait for Mugin to labour through her initial terrains before rearranging the upcoming terrain into a single run of rivers for himself. The plan worked well, with a couple of flaps in the Magic Way on the first and second turns Hugin saved many steps in the main terrain to rush three leagues ahead on the third turn. Mugin used all her Reserves (three Hill cards) and all her strength to draw up alongside Hugin and rearrange one of the upcoming terrain for her advantage. But still in Reserve Hugin had a favour from Odin (move yourself one league forward or your opponent one league back) and was able to:
- put in a flap on the Magic Way (to take the lead there)
- remove the terrain that Mugin had just manipulated to leave himself two continuous leagues of Mountains with a league of Hills at the end
- journey through the mountains
- and call upon his Reserve favour from Odin to journey through the hills.

So suddenly Hugin found himself at the end of the race, three leagues ahead of Mugin AND ahead in the Magic Way, for a six point win!

That's gotta be the fastest high-point-scoring race we've ever had, at only about ten minutes. (We've had quick races before, but they tend to be low scores.)

Hugin: +6 = 12
Mugin: 3

At this point when Hugin tried to hug Mugin, Mugin mugged Hugin and huffed off for some sleep.

(Fox in sox our game is done, sir. Thank you for a lot of fun, sir.)
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Mitch Willis
United States
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Gooey goo for chewy chewing,
That's what that goo-goose is doing,
If sir, you sir, like to chew sir,
With the goo-goose, chew sir, do sir!

Fox in Socks was my 2 sons favorite book growing up...I read it to 'em so often that I have most of it memorized, even 17 years later...

Also love Odin's Ravens, one of my favorite 2-players...the travel element sort of reminds me of another favorite, Elfenland...
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