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Subject: Victory on 2 counts rss

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Eric Miller
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Well it was a double victory today; I managed to entice my other half back for another game and we managed to defeat Yig. Ok so not a real tough one, but it was only game #2 for Madeleine and game #4 for me.

How did I entice my wife back: I used the strange eons machine and I created an investigator that she would just want to use; namely our cat.

Secondly I found a decent magnifying glass so she could read the cards easier - that writing is so small. Glasses I hear you say mmmm tried that line only once

Details of new Investigator:
Name: B.D.Puss Feline Fatale
(Name stands for breakfast and Dinner Puss because that's when we see him )

Focus: 2
Sanity: 6 Stamina: 4

Special abilities: Nine lives, He can increase his max stamina to 9 by rolling a luck -1 during upkeep. However if he fails he loses max stamina -1.

He cannot use physical weapons. but can cast 2 x two handed spells.
He also has professor Armitage as an Ally at all times

It worked - Madeleine joined me for the game and used the Feline Fatale.

We both used 2 investigators. I drew 2 at random and Madeleine drew 1 at random .

Me: The Researcher and the Private eye
Madeleine: B.D.Puss and The Magician

The game lasted just 2 hours and 45 minutes, we are still a little slow but at least we managed to get things in the right order and do what was required.

B.D. Puss's nine lives was tried a few times with both successes and failures. At game end his max stamina was the same he started with. He did a bit of skulking about and managed to do some good when he got some magical weapons which I managed to get to him. Overall, a bit of thought had to go into how he was used when he had no magic.

We managed to seal 4 gates including the woods, the Witch house, Independent Square and Twilight lodge.

The luck of the Puss was with us. The Mythos cards fell nicely and gate encounters were so mild. Arkham encounters yielded a difficult monster or two but the roll of the dice was phenomenal with some fantastic successes coming just at the right moment.

Neither of us had an investigator end up at St Mary's and only the Private eye and the Magician ended up in the Arkham Asylum (once each)

Victory was achieved by closing all gates with 5 gate trophies between us. In the end there was only one Monster left in Arkham.

Victory score: 21

I really enjoyed the game and I think Madeleine did as well. B.D.Puss was certainly a winner. I had used one of the photos Madeleine particularly like and also ensured the 'Story so far...' fitted his character.

Where to from here, well she wants me to add a few more characters such as her dog 'Tara' - Canine sharpshooter

We even had a bit of fun trying to come up with some new mosters designed with the Puss Investigator in mind e.g. 'Mouse plague' 'Giant Fur Ball', and 'Caninus Rex' . I don't mind adding some new stuff if it will keep her interested in the game.

Strange eons was a game saver.

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Brian Mc Cabe
United States
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There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why . . . I dream of things that never were and ask why not
Very imaginative. FFG might have a new scenario and expansion designer on their hands.

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