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Subject: Another teaching game for a new player. rss

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Joshua Hammack
United States
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Set Up

This was another teaching game with Azathoth as the Big Bad GOO. It was just the base game for the most part. I allowed Injury and Madness Cards. I also included the Dunwhich Horror investigators. There were four players. Jason was Bob the Saleman, Bobina was Carolyn Fern the Psychologist. Steven (he was the newbie.) was Leo Anderson the expedition leader. I was Diana the redeemed Cultist.

Some Game Play

Bob was used to buy equipment for everyone, and preceded to attempt to receive retainers. We had Carolyn be a gate sealer, and I as a back up sealer. Leo we let to do some sealing and fighting, but just let him experience Arkham.

Carolyn got a an elder sign early on, and ended up sealing the graveyard with it. In fact she would seal four of our gates. In general Carolyn was getting great rolls, as was Bob, whom became a defacto hunter.

Leo got clue tokens early on and went through a gate in the woods. He got a little beat up in Yuggoth. (We ended up going to Yuggoth quite a lot in this game.) He made it back in time to kill a witch because of a monster surge. She was dealt with accordingly. However Leo had shitty rolls. Each turn after returning for three turns in a roll he produced double twos. This is an amazing streak of bad luck! He would stay there for at least three more attempts to close and seal the gate. Killing monsters from surges easy, but closing...not so well. In general, Leo would get arrested, lost in time and space, and delayed several times.
It helped that Steven (who played Leo) was a huge Lovecraftian fan. Leo could not get a break most of the game. Eventually he would close and seal that gate.

As mentioned earlier we had a couple gates that led to Yuggoth. In fact it became a oh for two gate for a while. I went in to close it (We needed gates to be closed, to near the gate limit.), but through wacky misadventures got lost in time space. Leo went in soon afterward to close and seal the gate, but he turn got lost in time and space. It took Carolyn to go in and finish the job. (Three Investigators to attempted to go through Yuggoth?!?)

We had new gates opening each turn, getting up to seven or eight doom tokens. Then in the middle of the game, monster surge after monster surge. Bob would be the hunter to the party with the equipment from his retainer. He killed many of monsters and became a deputy. By the time the game was over he had killed over 30 monsters toughness, so combined with the Deputy job that is over 40 toughness.

We had rumors in the game. The first was the Southside Strangler. He would kill 4 or 5 allies. I would solve the murders (it was Col. Mustard in the Study with a big ole knife.) before the final two allies were killed. The last rumor would do little to affect the game. I would seal the final gate at the Historical Society with an elder sign bought from Bob passed to me.

End Game Thoughts
It was a win with six seals. This was my first win in a while, aside from some showdowns with the GOOs. Those unfortunately don't feel like wins to me. A draw, perhaps, but not a win. In fact, I know win consistently the base game. I remember when that wasn't the case. Those
expansions make it very difficult. I now just lose or have a final showdown where I might win. I like that and I don't. When we play we normally only have one expansion. The next game unless it is a teaching game will be with the newest addition of the Dark Pharoah expansion thrown in. I might do a super game soon with the three expansions that our in the house. (Dunwhich, King in Yellow, and Dark Pharoah.)
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