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Subject: Talaat Pasha and Balfour Declaration. rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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This was an ACTS/Cyberboard game between myself and Jeromey Martin, with Jeromey playing the Allies This was the first full game of Pursuit of Glory with another player that I started playing and the second one to finish.

Balfour and Talaat Pasha

Fall 1914

Jeromey opened with Russo-British Assault, attacking Basra, Eleskirt and Bayazit. The attacks destroyed their targets everywhere except Bayzait, where the Turkish cavalry managed to Withdraw.
I played Jihad, placing Marsh Arabs, Kurds and Laz. Jeromey moved Russians up to the front lines. I moved X Corps to Erzerum and attacked Sarikamis with IX Corps, playing Save Tiflis. The Russians formed II Turkistani Corps in Batum and attacked Ercis, where the Turkish Cavalry again managed to Withdraw. I played Goeben for RPs. Russian Reinforcements arrived in Tiflis. German Military Mission placed Trenches opposite the Gallipoli beach-heads. Anzacs arrived in Port Said, Fresh Recruits repaired the Corps in Erzerum.
Jeromey played Churchill Prevails for Ops, moving Russians to the front line and British Empire forces across the Canal to the eastern edge of the Sinai. I responded with SR, moving Turkish elites to Beersheba and Gaza from the Gallipoli map and the Reserve.

Winter 1915

MOs were Meso/Persia and Russian.
The Allies began with Enver Goes East, forcing attacks on Ardahan and Oltu. The Laz were destroyed attacking Ardahan, but the destruction of X Corps at Oltu was immediately reversed by Reserves to the Front. I played for RPs, and the allies attacked Nasirya in a drawn battle. I played Pan-Turkism, reinforcing Nasirya with Marsh Arabs. I formed III Corps in Damascus and attacked Kossaima, defeating the Indians garrisoning it. Blockade was followed by a drawn battle for El Arish. Allied troops were redeployed to Egypt from India. I redeployed various vulnerable Turkish troops, garrisoning Alexandretta against later Armenian trouble, and reinforcing Gaza.
Egyptian Coup was followed by a successful attack on El Arish. A play of Kitchener for RPs was followed by a successful attack on Jifjaffa, reversing the allied gains in the Sinai, but I had to use Liberate Suez for Ops for that attack, so it seemed Jeromey had at least denied me the Jihad from that card.
Jeromey was only at 3 War Status so did not enter Limited War.

Spring 1915

MOs were Russian for the Turks and British Empire for the Allies.
Jeromey began with Kitchener, for the event this time. Djemal revealed not much I didn’t know already given he only had the Mobilisation deck to draw from, but it allowed me to place the Laz and attack Romani, taking the space. Russian troops arrived in Tabriz with Sphere of Influence.

I played Liberate Suez, which I had been very fortunate to pick up straight away from the combined deck. The attacks were predictably unsuccessful, but I used the Senussi to take Sudan and formed V Corps in Trabzon, getting rid of the already reduced Stanke Bey.
The Russians moved to the Persian border. Turkish Reinforcements of 6 SCUs were followed by Secret Treaty as the Russians captured all 3 Persian VP spaces as well as Qum. I placed the Sinjabi in Kermanshah.

I attacked the Russians at Seneh, damaging the Sinjabi. The Allied attacked Rize, Erzerum and Romani. I played Jafar Pasha to retreat from Romani, as I was in danger of permanently losing the Turkish elite divisions there. Jafar Pashas stayed on my side this time. TU IX Corps was destroyed at Rize and TU XI Corps at Erzerum. I organized IV Corps in Erzincan. Churchill bombarded all the way up to Constantinople but did not shell the city and failed to destroy the Bosphorus forts. My final play was for RPs.

Summer 1915

MOs were Russian and Mesopotamia/Persian.

The Allies began with Asquith/Lloyd George Coalition, placing the cavalry in Fao. I responded with German Subs in the Med. Murray takes Command was followed by Turkish Reinforcements, adding several Corps to the Corps Asset Box and organizing XIV Corps in Kayseri. Russian reinforcements were followed by RPs and an attack on Rize, which destroyed the Laz and brought the Russians adjacent to Trabzon.

I reinforced Trabzon and the Allies attacked Nasirya, playing Maude, which I met with Surprise, winning the resulting battle. I attacked Seneh again to fulfil my MO, destroying the reduced RU elite division there. The Russians captured Malazgirt but were defeated at Erzerum. I brought XIV Corps to Erzincan and withdrew from my exposed position on the Suez Canal.

Fall 1915

MOs were Russian and None.

Grand Duke to Tiflis and Bulgaria began the game. Kitchener’s Invasion landed at Thermalikos Bay and Parvus was dispatched to Berlin. Jeromey played Lawrence, moving Russian troops to the front line,then we both played for Rps,

I attacked and captured Belgrade. The British landed at Salonika. I attacked Nis and Skopje, in both of which the retreat was cancelled. The Russians attacked and captured Van. I attacked Skopje and Nis again, capturing both, but losing a VP for failing to carry out my MO.

Winter 1916

Turkish and Meso-Persian MOs.

The Russians moved into Mus, forming a strong advance force which I couldn’t attack without risking Severe Weather. I played Gorlice-Tarnow, and Jeromey chose to surrender 2 Vps rather than (temporarily) lose a Russian LCU. The Russian Winter Offensive slammed into Erzerum and Bitlis, doing much damage and forcing my troops from Bitlis to Diyarbarkir, where they regrouped into XV Corps as I reinforced Erzerum.

Indian Army reinforcements preceded German Intrigues in Persia, with the Persian Uprising at Zenjan, poised to take Tabriz when the moment arose. Indian 2nd Corps formed in Basra and the Allies took Nasirya. I played Persian Push, organizing TU-A VIII Corps in Baghdad. The Armenian Uprising took Kayseri. I won a battle at Bitlis but did not advance as all my troops were reduced.

Spring 1916

Everyone had British Empire MOs, and the Cps had 2, one courtesy of Enver.

The British destroyed a Turkish division at Samawa and pulled back to Van from Bitlis. The Turks occupied Bitlis and took up a position at Diwaniyeh. Russian troops built up at Van as the Berlin-Baghdad railroad was completed. Romania joined the Allies, with a drawn battle at Plevna. The Central Powers mobilized against Romania and Allied Solidarity brought more troops to the Balkans. Both of us played for RPs. I entrenched at Kut and the Serbs Returned to Lemnos. I played a second card for Rps and lost a VP for not completing all my MOs (I had done neither).

Summer 1916

Both sides had British Empire MOs (one from Enver) and the CPs also had a Turkish MO. The Sinai Railroad was completed.

The Russians attacked Trabzon, destroying V Corps in a drawn battle. Bulgarian Treachery at Fort Rupel seized the key defensive positions on the Greek border and sent the Greeks to Athens. Gallipoli Invasion forces landed at Lemnos. XI Army conquered Veles from the Serbs. The Allies attacked Hermannstadt, threatening to cut off a whole German army in Kronstadt, but the result was a draw. I pulled back to Hermansadt, attacked Salonika with a single Bulgarian infantry to meet my MO, and attacked Van for my second MO.

The British attacked the Senussi in Khartoum using Tanks but failed to shift the desert tribesmen. RPs followed and I removed the Armenian Uprising marker in Trabzon. The Romanians failed to entrench at Bucharest and I played a second card for RPs again (By doing this I could use the GE RPs to help the Turks and not use most of the TU RPs, keeping TU Max RPs high- they went to 18 this turn).

Fall 1916

British Empire and Meso/Persia MOs.

Indian 3rd Corps arrived at Basra and Talaat Pasha took advantage of the low VP total to abolish CP MOs forever. The Allies attacked The Hai, but Jafar Pasha led the defenders to the safety of Kut before switching sides. The Allies also took Amara. I redeployed troops to Mesopotamia hurriedly. The Allies tried to attack Diwaniyeh but were prevented by Mosquitoes. I used a 1 Ops move to organize XVI Corps in Baghdad. The Allies now captured Diwaniyeh but the delay meant I was able to move XVI Corps to Hilla, while covering Karbala with a division.

Both sides took RPs and the Salonika Invasion force landed on Cyprus, where it was destined to spend the rest of the game. I entrenched at Hilla and the Persian uprising captured Tabriz, meaning that the Russian Revolutions started straight away, a major gain for the CPs (Jeromey had not realized the Persian Uprising could enter Azerbaijan). TU Max RPs at 17.

Winter 1917

British Empire MO (for Allies, Talaat Pasha prevents any for CPs)

Arab Revolt failed to take the Hejaz, I returned to Kronstadt and began to hunt down the Armenian irregulars. The Arabs attacked again, capturing Mecca. I played for RPs and the Allies attacked my trench lines at Hilla and Kut. Both trench lines held, inflicting heavy losses on the Allies. I redeployed additional troops to Kut. Allied RPs were followed by Caucasian Army Reforms, removing VI Corps and the 3 TU-A LCUs in the Corps Asset Box to place new LCUs in Adana and Alexadretta.

The Romanians continued to fail to entrench. I moved 2nd Caucasian Corps to Homs, meaning I could cover any landing by the British forces in Cyprus, entrenched at Adana and tightened the noose on the Armenians, who abandoned Ankara for the hills. I played Kaiserschlacht, which Jeromey choose to spend troops on rather than lose the VP. TU Max RPs at 14.

Spring 1917

No MOs this turn.

Dunsterforce arrived in Southern Persia and the Left Wing Group arrived in Damascus. Faisal moved to Beir while the Romanians continued to fail their entrench rolls. I garrisoned Maan and Amman against Faisal. The Allies recaptured Khartoum from the Senussi. I redeployed Turkish infantry from the Reserve to Baghdad.

The British advanced into Persia. I organized XXII Corps in Baghdad. The British got rid of the Persian Uprising markers in Kashan and Burujird. I played for RPs. Greece joined the Allies, and I organized my troops in the Balkans for a Romanian offensive next turn. TU Max RPs at 12.

Summer 1917

British Empire MO.

Indian reinforcements arrived in Southern Persia. I entrenched in Veles and attacked Ploesti, failing to breakthrough. The Russians reinforced Ploesti. I attacked again and again failed to breakthrough allowing fresh Russian reinforcements to arrive. I also defeated the Russians at Constanta, but did not advance, concerned over supply issues, which meant Constanta was reoccupied by the Romanians. The Allies attacked Veles but were easily defeated.

I continued to attack Romania, finally capturing Ploesti, besieging Bucharest and destroying the fort at Turtukai. We both paused for Rps and I pushed on, conquering Braila and Cernavoda and destroying the fort at Bucharest. The French Army of the Orient formed on Lemnos and the allies attacked Kut. I marched the XXII Corps to Kut and captured Bolgrad, thinking I had conqured Romania. Alas, there was a still a Romanian LCU in Constanta, and it could trace supply by sea, so my work was not yet done. Max TU RPs to 10.

The Russian Revolution now entered its final stage, with all the Russians and the German IX Army disappearing. A Georgian Protectorate was declared in Tiflis and Georgian troops appeared in Batum and Kars, with Armenians in Erevan, Julfa and Saiyani.

Fall 1917

No MOs.

The Allies began with Lloyd George takes Command, followed by D’Esperey. I destroyed the Armenian uprising. A second Corps of the Army of the Orient formed on Lemnos and the Senussi were destroyed at Sollum. I played Enver-Falkenhayn Summit to reinforce the Balkan front with Turkish troops, including the LCU that had destroyed the Armenians earlier, XI Corps. I did not send an LCU to Galicia. Allenby swiftly followed, an impressive play of all 3 Allied Fives in a single turn.

I attacked Constanta but was defeated. The British organized XX Corps in Port Said. I advanced in the Caucasus and XXI Corps formed in Ismailia. I attacked in the Caucasus, capturing Urmia, Kars and Batum just before Winter set in. Max TU RPs to 9.

Winter 1918

No MOs.

British LCUS moved along the railroad into the Sinai. I garrisoned Gaza with III Corps, bringing 2 Caucasian Corps up from Homs. The Allies attacked Gaza using Gurkhas doing much damage but failing to break through, though they captured nearby Beersheba. An attack on Kut was soundly defeated. I pulled a reduced III Corps out of Gaza to Jerusalem and brought 2 Caucasian Corps and the LeftWing Group into Gaza.

A second attack on Gaza was defeated with heavy casualties. Both of us played for RPs and some reduced Turkish Arab reinforcements arrived, mainly in Damascus. British Cavalry reached Hamadan in Persia, prompting me to cover Kermanshah and take Tabriz into permanent control (it was already temporarily controlled by my Persians).

The Army of the Orient (both Corps) landed and entered The Struma while British forces took over Qum and Teheran. A final Bulgarian attack destroyed the Romanians Constanta, triggering Romanian collapse at the end of the turn, allowing some redeployment to the Macedonian front. TU MAX RPs to 6.

Spring 1918

Egypt MO.

Again the Allies attacked Gaza, this time using Haversack Ruse, which meant they easily sent the Turks fleeing and could besiege the fort. They also attacked Doiran, playing the War-Weary Balkans CC. The Bulgarians were unable to cancel the retreat and so the Allies captured Doiran and its trench network. I moved troops to cover Sofia and destroyed the Armenians in Erevan. The Allies attacked Veles but were badly defeated.

An attack on Fort Rupel was victorious but destroyed all the Bulgarians present, allowing me to cancel the retreat by flipping a Turk. A 1 OP move brought the Anzac desert Corps, destroyed in earlier fighting at Gaza and now rebuilt at Suez, back to Gaza. I pushed on into Russia, approaching the Caspian shore, and finishing with a Bull’s Eye Directive attacking Monastir and Teheran. I was defeated at Teheran, but victorious at Monastir, sending the British fleeing from Serbia. I did not advance, as the main British force at Doiran could have cut me off. TU Max RPs to 3.

Gaza did not fall during the siege phase. BR IX Corps, destroyed at Monastir, was rebuilt in Southern Persia.

Summer 1918

British Empire MO.

BR IX Corps entered Isafahan and the Gaza fort was destroyed. I destroyed the last remaining units of the Transcaucasian Federation. IX Corps reached Teheran as Allenby and the 3 LCUs with him entered Jaffa. I attempted a flank attack on Jaffa from 3 spaces, but although the flanking attempt succeeded the Allies still defeated me, causing heavy losses. The Allies attacked Jersusalem from Jaffa and Beersheba, playing Pugnacity and Tenacity to spare the Indians their Severe Weather check.

Jerusalem fell, III Corps retreating to Nablus. I played for Rps. The Allies attacked Nablus, driving the Turks back to Megiddo. I redeployed II Corps from Bandirma to Haifa. Faisal occupied Hesa, cutting the link between Maan and Amman, making the units in Maan, Aquaba and Medina in Limited Supply. I captured Baku. The Allies played for Rps and I removed the Baku Uprising and entered an empty Central Asia. I hadn’t enabled Jihad revolts in Central Asia, but getting an LCU there was good enough…Tu Max RPs to 0.

Fall 1918

Allies had Balkans MO.

The Allies began by attacking Central Asia from Eastern Persia, Haifa from Jaffa and Menjil from Kasvin. I held Central Asia with the help of the German High Command, lost Haifa (with Allied Shore Bombardment and lost Menjil. I threatened to cut off the British in Menjil by taking Kasvin, so they pulled back. The Allies successfully attacked Fort Rupel, killing many Bulgarians, and more died cancelling the retreat. I pulled back to Xanthi, reinforcing it from Sofia.

The Balfour Declaration took the VP total to 10. I removed the Enzeli Uprising and advanced to Menjil. The Allies attacked Amman and Megiddo, running into PASHA I at Amman, which was a draw, and German High Command at Megiddo, which I lost but cancelled the retreat for. I attacked Kasvin, trying to flank from Menjil and Zenjan but the flank attempt failed and the Turks were defeated. The Allies attacked Megiddo again, a drawn battle.

I reinforced Central Asia, and the Allies last move landed on a beach-head in Gallipoli (to claim the armistice VP for troops on the Gallipoli map). My last move captured Tiflis, bringing VPs to 11, where they stayed after armistice adjustment (I got a 2 VP swing for having 3 of the 4 oil sites, but the Allies go the bonus for Gallipoli and for low Jihad.


An exciting and very close fought game. Talaat Pasha was essential to maintaining the Turkish forces in being without losing Vps for failed MOs. This is the first time I have seen Balfour Declaration happen. Both of us might have done better in some areas- I was incredibly clumsy conquering Romania, while if Jeromey had covered Tabriz the Revolution would have been postponed by at least a turn. In the final stages of the game the Allies could easily have reached Central Asia first, while had I played Mission to Afghanistan at any point the Allies wouldn’t have gained an Armistice VP for low Jihad.
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Brad Stock
United States
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Great write-up, as always. Thanks for documenting these so thoroughly.
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