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J Castellucci
United States
San Rafael
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I had been out with the flu and missed the first game of this last week, but 3 of the previous players were anxious to retry Name of the Rose, so I jumped in.

I had a little bit of difficulty due to being colorblind, and almost made a fatal error that would have ruined the game -- I was dealt the Gray Monk, but I thought it was Black. This error was saved by having the Black Monk as one of the two that was removed from the game, so it had no net effect -- we played it as if I had been dealt Black from the start.

I took a pretty much straight foward approach to the game, as guided by the prior players -- early on, I moved Monks to get Time Chits. I got burned by ending the first day (for +2 points) and was much more careful of it for the rest of the game.

As the days progressed, I concentrated less on Time chits, and more on moving non-Black monks up the suspicion track. At one point I asked about the distribution of cards, because all I ever seemed to draw were Location Cards and William/Adson Cards -- and I did indeed draw more of these than to be expected from the mix.

Black seemed to be ignored by most players for the first half of the game, and had the least Clue Points -- in fact, Kenny had been bluffing Black, and helped me out enormously by some timely moves of Black back down the Suspicion Track. The only time I really sweated it out was Day 4, when the Event was double points for Suspicion. Black shot out to the lead, as was possibly going to eat 10 points, but I was able to jockey two colors ahead of it, for only a 6 point hit.

By the final day, it was pretty clear that Gray and Orange were the two 'dead' colors -- the field was spread out over about 7 points, with Black and White with the lowest totals. Now for guessing, I really had no clue as to who was who -- partially due to being my first game, and partially being to my poor associations of color. The guessing totals were:
Kenny: 3 correct guesses
Paul: 2
Gerry: 1
Me: 0

But, how many you guess corretly doesn't help your own score, it just dings everyone else (and the correct guesses were spread out, with everyone getting 1 or 2). So, even though I guessed none correctly at the end, and Kenny had gotten all 3, we were tied for lowest Clue Points. Going to the Tiebreaker, I had 1 Event Tile, to Kenny's 2 (Paul had 3, and Gerry none), giving me the win.

What was interesting is that I played generally predictable (and almost randmonly, since it was based on the cards I drew), generally going for the tactically best play to either get a time chit, or push a non-Black Monk up the track.

Two things won me the game -- the first was Kenny bluffing Black, and saving me a ton of points (so, I am not sure how good this bluffing strategy is), and the second factor was drawing above average William/Adson cards with Kenny directly to me left (which caused him to take a pair of Event penalties).

I didn't really care overly for the game -- it was just okay. I would like to try it again, but with 5 players, which seems like it might make the "mystery" more interesting.
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Rogue Marechal
United Kingdom
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Stormbull wrote:

Going to the Tiebreaker, I had 1 Event Tile, to Kenny's 2 (Paul had 3, and Gerry none), giving me the win.

Actually, this is incorrect, it's a misprint in the English rulebook... the tie break is won by the player with the most Event tiles. The idea is that if you've eaten more of those 2pts penalties and still ended up in the lead (tied with another player) then you've done better than the opposition.

... not that I would think that makes a lot of difference to your game, or your opinion of it, but I thought I'd point this out for those reading your session report in the future.
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