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Subject: Flying feathers and fur- The horror! The horror! rss

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Life lesson: Hamsters are NOT diswasher safe.
There are 10 types of people-- those who understand binary, and those who don't.
We flipped a coin. I ended up being the land animals (foxes and bears), Scott was the humans (hunters and lumberjacks).

I began the game and flipped a tree tile. Scott flipped my bear tile.
I flipped another tree tile. Scott flipped a pheasant.
I flipped another tree tile. Scott flipped a fox, but it was well away from the pheasant.
I flipped yet another tree tile....

Whoa! This is dry.
Perhaps a little relaxation technique will help make this seem more real.

Close your eyes. You’re in an unknown place, but it’s sort of dark, warm, and very green....

You notice a tree. Off in the distance, a bear is growling.
You don’t want to be seen by the bear but as you turn: another tree. Now you can hear a bird, flapping its wings, in it’s safe nest.
Your space is dominated by trees, early on, while animals make their presence known to you, close but still far away. You feel an affiliation with these animals. You begin to worry about them, slightly, but surely they can take care of themselves. They’ve done so in the past.

Suddenly, quiet! A hunter has entered your sylvan paradise. You notice that the fox cannot get to where the pheasant-- and now, a duck-- are sitting, in order to eat them.
Another presence, and he’s starting up a chain saw! A lumberjack!
You discover even more trees in your section and get worried that the lumberjack may come towards you but wait! The bear is hidden and will be able to attack that lumberjack if he gets much closer.
The retort of a shotgun echoes through the area. A duck falls from the sky and is collected by the successful hunter. The animals are in a terrible state. They can’t find food without being seen by the hunters-- there’s at least four of them now-- and even the bear is trapped in his current location. Safe for the moment, but trapped. Trees are in your way but the hunters don’t seem to have the same problem.
A second lumberjack is just as busy as the first, clearing trees which allows the hunters even freer movement.
Curses! Another bear has awaken from hibernation. He’s hungry, naturally, but there’s too many humans around. If he were to eat the one that has foolishly come too close, he would be immediately noticed by the hunter who would have a clear shot at him. Perhaps the first hunter was not so foolish, after all?
A fox spots a clear path and rushes across the (now treeless) terrain to snatch up some duck for supper.
Gunshots are going off in the distance, however, scarce heard amongst the sounds of trees being felled.
Pheasants and ducks are dying, as if they were, well, sitting ducks.
The bear who was distracted by the proximity of the humans has neglected to notice that the lumberjack upon who he may have snacked upon has moved. He’s staring down the barrel of a shotgun now!
Blam! A new rug for the hunter’s den.
The original bear takes his chance and attacks a hunter who wasn’t paying attention. The taste of human flesh is so sweet!
This, however, makes him a target of the rest of the hunters, who do not want a bear on a rampage.
The bear, his hunger temporarily sated, now hightails it for apparent safety. His slow lumbering gait gives some added assurance to a few foxes who dart out behind him to snag more ducks (and a rare pheasant dinner for one!).
As the bear takes a few moments to relax, having reached his safe place, he is soon ambushed from behind and is now about to meet the same fate as his compatriot!
Blamm! Bear stew and a taxidermist’s wet dream come true.

It’s carnage! Feathers fly, and animal blood soaks into the land.

As night falls, the damage is complete. A couple of foxes have survived, but four hunters are already on their way home with their catches.

Final score: Hunters/ Humans- 99 Animals- 35.
The bloodbath hath ended, and we haven’t even switched sides yet for the second half of the game.
Scott graciously accepts my resignation, and we move on to play Bohnanza, instead.
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