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This thread is to complement brian's 2009 Geek Madness Tournament by assigning real teams to the board games, based on seedings. Based on the results of the Geek Madness Tournament, we will be able to fill out a NCAA Tournament bracket and see how it fared! Picking a bracket is such a crapshoot that this method can't be any worse.

I am a sports fan, but don't follow college basketball very religiously (being a Cal football fan yields enough heartbreaks for a lifetime without following Cal basketball), so if you can find better ways to assign teams to board games, be my guest. I assigned them by ensuring the seeding followed the BGG ranking, and then I assigned team name to each group of seeds based on feel, and offer some reasons below for certain assignments. I also haven't followed the tournament at all (Cal lost on the first day), so I'm not influenced by results that have already happened (so no "Pac-10 sucks, assign them to crappy games" argument please).

#1 seeds
Agricola = Pittsburgh (team most like the upstart)
Puerto Rico = North Carolina (dominates regular season, chokes the playoffs away, like PR has done in past tournaments)
Power Grid = UCONN (traditional power)
Twilight Struggle = Louisville (weakest 1-seed IMO)

#2 seeds
Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization = Memphis (upstart in recent years)
Dominion = Oklahoma (upstart this year)
Tigris & Euphrates = Duke (traditional power)
El Grande = Michigan State (also traditional power, but < Duke)

#3 seeds
Caylus = Kansas (former #1, defending champion of sorts)
Race for the Galaxy = Missouri (upstart)
Age of Steam = Villanova
The Princes of Florence = Syracuse (both have historical names!)

#4 seeds
Commands & Colors: Ancients = Gonzaga
Brass: Lancashire = Washington (new to the tournament, UW hasn't been in a while)
War of the Ring (First Edition) = Wake Forest (always goes deep in the tourney)
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage = Xavier

#5 seeds
Paths of Glory = Purdue
Le Havre = Florida State (upstart)
Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game = Utah (cult of the new / hot stuff)
Shogun = Illinois (perennial power)

#6 seeds
Die Macher = UCLA (perennial power, been "out of print" until recently)
Pandemic = Arizona State (popped out from nowhere)
Goa = West Virginia
Ra = Marquette

#7 seeds
1960: The Making of the President = Texas (sexy in recent years with Kevin Durant)
Railways of the World = Boston College
Imperial = Clemson (dominates 1st half of regular season, chokes the latter half away. Reminds me of a certain orange-jersey football team. Oh wait.)
Combat Commander: Europe = California (boring-looking team)

#8 seeds
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! – Russia 1941-42 = Oklahoma State
Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery = BYU
Twilight Imperium (Third Edition) = LSU
BattleLore = Ohio State (one-hit wonder with Greg Oden on the wrong side of the peak)

#9 seeds
Go = Butler (perenially under-appreciated gem)
Stone Age = Siena
YINSH = Tennessee
Tichu = Texas A&M

#10 seeds
Catan = Maryland (perennial power in a bad run)
Wallenstein (first edition) = Michigan
Crokinole = Minnesota
Galaxy Trucker = USC (hot streak)

#11 seeds
Hammer of the Scots = Temple
Advanced Squad Leader = Dayton
Memoir '44 = Utah State
Ticket to Ride: Europe = VCU
(didn't really know how to assign these, except that VCU is a giant-killer)

#12 seeds
Samurai = Arizona (classic now fallen on hard times)
Struggle of Empires = Northern Iowa
Blood Bowl: Living Rulebook = Western Kentucky
Taj Mahal = Wisconsin

#13 seeds
Ticket to Ride = Cleveland State (closest #13 seed to Cinderella)
Up Front = Akron
Dune = Missippi State
Arkham Horror = Portland State
(other than Cleveland State, the other 3 were random)

#14 seeds
Modern Art = Cornell (closest game in the group to a one-and-out team)
Acquire = American
Carcassonne = S.F. Austin
Amun-Re = North Dakota
(other than Cornell, the other 3 were random)

#15 seeds
Here I Stand = CSU Northridge
Notre Dame = Robert Morris
Descent: Journeys in the Dark = Binghamton
Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation = Morgan State
(huh, I've never heard of any of these teams doing well in CBK?! Random)

#16 seeds
Battle Line = Chattanooga
San Juan = Radford
Ticket to Ride: Märklin = East Tennessee State
Ingenious = Alabama State
(random again but doesn't matter, the real teams will all lose)
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