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Subject: Bob Gets $10 And Cursed rss

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Brian Mc Cabe
United States
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There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why . . . I dream of things that never were and ask why not
Kate, Dexter, Pete and Bob were an ill-equipped and motley crew who went up against the followers of Ithaqua.

They were able to muster only two derringers, a cavalry sabre, a vial of Holy Water and a satchel charge of dynamite between them, the latter two both in the possession of Pete.

As Bob was browsing in The General Store an ear-shattering blast destroyed the calm of the early morn. Rushing to the window, he immediately recognized a Mi-Go preparing to emerge from the wreckage of Hibb's Roadhouse.

Knowing from experience that these creatures were known to carry their treasure trove with them, he attacked, armed only with a derringer and sabre.

Under the Mi'Go's corpse, he found, much to his disappointment, nothing but a tome, something French, Cultes de Goules. Rubbish!

After entering the Other World, however, he came upon what he knew to be a much more valuable object, an ancient idol. The salesman, having long since sold his soul for much less, snatched it up, thinking only of its monetary value, and was immediately cursed.

With $19, though, he felt he could afford to visit the South Church and go through the Exorcism ritual and be ahead of the game.

The proprietor of The General Store, peeved over Bob's abrupt departure and resenting Bob's perpetual smirk, offered a slim array of objects amonsgt the eight he did showcase.

Bob selected a tome the .45 automatic, as the best of a bad lot.

As Bob shopped, Pete and Kate successfully traversed Other World areas and, armed with enough information to aid them, proceeded to attempt to seal those gates.

Pete succeeded, but Kate fumbled badly and was forced to try again later. Pete had so far understood the concepts with which he was dealing that he did not have to use all of the knowledge he possessed at this time and was able to retain 40% of what he had learned, to be used at a more propitious time.

Kate's lapse cost her dearly . When she finally succeeded in sealing the gate, her memory of what she had done and how was completely expended.

Dexter Drake, meanwhile, was recuperating in St. Mary's, having sealed a fourth gate with the aid of an Elder Sign, which he had purchased at the Curiousity Shoppe, with severe injuries suffered at the hands of a dreaded Dhole, casting Dread Curse of Azathoth being insufficient in the battle. He had destroyed a Gug with nothing more than a Withering Spell.

Always the salesman, looking out for No. 1, after shopping, Bob ignored the other investigators' pleas to assist Dexter, who had spent all the money he had on the Elder Sign, Bob followed his original plan and had his curse lifted, figuring Dexter had already been in the hospital for a while and couldn't be that far from a full cure.

It became imperative that Pete acquire another gate trophy, as information reached him that the cultists were in The Graveyard Disturbing The Dead.

After having gained said trophy, he was still slightly dazed and bypassed the Rivertown Streets and entered The General Store to chat with the owner, an old friend.

Unbeknownst to him at the time, his lapse threw a wrench into the Time/Space Continuum and the cultists were frustrated in their attempt to launch The Terrible Experiment.

Remembering the errand he had neglected, he bid farewell to his friend returned to the street and drove the cultists away from The Graveyard.

The cultists were not through with their nefarious deeds, and shortly thereafter began what they dubbed The Great Ritual.

Kate and Pete shuttled back and forth between various Arkham locations in their struggle for supremecy in the Rivertown Streets, collecting clues and returning to continue the fight.

Bob purchased his second Elder Sign while they did so, entered a gate at The Unvisited Isle succussfully explored the world beyond and sealed the gate.

Unfortunately, before he could emerge and add his three clues to the Rumour and defeat it, the Dhole that had thrashed Dexter stationed itself on the shore directly opposite The Isle and Bob didn't have the means to bring it to battle. He was only able to excape the trap when, during an encounter on The Isle, he was driven insane and was taken by motor launch to shore and, thus, to Arkham Asylum, all the commotion, driving the Dhole away.

Kate herself had entered The Graveyard in order to search for yet another clue and just as she collected one, her flux stabilizer malfunctioned for the second time and drew her into The Other World.

Pete soon ran out of steam himself and was on his way to St. Mary's.
Nearly exhausted, he stopped to rest in the Science Building.
While there, the appearance of a Chtholian at The Unnameable completely drained him of the last of his stamina.

Leaving St. Mary's for the second time, Dexter raced to Silver Twilight Lodge to act as back-up in the event Kate faltered.

He was immediately attacked by a maniac, recently excaped from the Asylum, but he was easily dispatched. While in The Abyss, he was them attacked by another gug, misspoke his Withering spell, his only means battling it, and was Lost in Time and Space.

Kate breezed through Yuggoth and easily sealed the sixth gate.

Note: A tainted win. Twice I forgot Kate's special ability and had to resort to claiming her flux stabilizer malfunctioned, probably by the same phenonena that occasionally prevents spells from being cast. :-)

Note (2): All of the investigators got pounded. The die-rolling and card draws were as bad as I've experienced. Dexter had twelve dice and still failed to eliminate the Dhole. Even this was poetic justice, since the Dhole is majically and physically resistant and he should have been confined to eight.


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Mikkel Øberg
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Ahh, you found me... Run!
Interesting read, thanks!

I hate those malfunctioning bastards, cheap electronics I say!
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