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Subject: prickley situations or crossing the barbed wire rss

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Freddy Dekker
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Yesterday my son(10) and I played our first game of Memoir.
I was impressed how easy it was to learn as it looks far more difficult.

As oft times advised on the Geek we played two games, so we could both have a go at playing german and allied forces.
The first battle was a rather close one and we really enjoyed it, allthough with all the figuring things out it did take rather a long time to complete. But for the 2nd game we'd allready become familiar with it and spite him not reading english, the tactical cards are apparenlty easy to remember once you've explained what the picture means.

The 2nd game turned into a rather easy winn for me, my son got all the wrong cards, allowing him to move troops on the right flank where he had none, well there was one, but he didn't really want to move that.
So what to do,it doesn't say anything about this in the rule book and so we decided he'd just throw a card away and pick a new one.
Unfortunatly this new card than allowed him to move more troops on his right flank and all in all he had to sit there without being able to move for several turns.yuk
I think that more or less decided the battle, him playing the german side wich doesn't have much going for it in 'pegasus bridge' anyway.

This being our first game we obviously stumbled upon some situations wich needed the rulebook and some discussions.
Like him sandbagging the bridge, hm, looks weird, can you do that?
The rule book says a bridge is to be treated as normal terrain, so we decided that he could.

Than there was the barbed wire situation, wich made us wonder a bit.
Now rules say that when your next to the enemy and attack this is an automatic assault, so hand to hand fighting rather than ranged fire.

So imagine my troops have entered the field wich contains the barbed wire. On the other side of the wire are the germans.
I know I will now have to skip a turn rather than attack wich removes the barbed wire.
Now ofcourse I am allready unable to attack as this would mean an automatic assault on the germans. This would mean attacking through the barbed wire, wich obviously is impossible.
Still, common sense tells me I should be able to fire on the germans on the other side, even without removing the wire.
It probably makes perfect sense in gameplay, but it feels a bit weird.

Just as the moment where I have a unit of one and decide to attack an enemy at full strength, hiding in the woods.
Seems a big risk to take,but in memoir it is actually not and I can actually get away with it.
If I have a good dice throw I can inflict some serious damage even make them retreat and there is no punishment for my bold move.
Next turn my oponent still has to have the right card to get back at me.

Now to me it feels totaly wrong that I can get away with, attacking a stronger enemy in a strong defensive position, but in the game it seems to work. Allthough it does not feel right, but I reckon you could argue there is the small risk of me actually loosing a medal next turn.

Than there was one final situation for wich we bended the rules a bit.
Still pegasus bridge and I manage to storm the bridge thoes earning my final medal.
End of game you would say, but we than figured that the german side actually hadn't played it's turn in the game yet and with some luck could still force the enemy from the bridge at wich point the game would be a free for all again.

So we decided that in this case we would allow for a chance to counter attack. (Ofcourse strongly motivated by the fact we didn't really want the game to end yet)
Ofcourse this only applies if the losing side hasn't had it's turn yet.
And ofcourse only when it involves a counter that completes victory.
If the final medal was won by disposing of a unit, there would ofcourse not have been an additional turn.

I wonder what your feelings are on this.

So now we're looking forward to our next game.
My son is looking forward to them tanks he saw in the box and my youngest son (6) has allready been hovering about asking questions.

I must admit I wasn't to keen on buying memoir expansions, it just seemed (to me) like wasting a lot of money on more of the same thing, but now that we are actually having so much fun with this, I think it actually might be worth while buying more.

Oftimes when you have a game wich has a bit of a hype surrounding it with everybody wanting it and thinking it's great, you find your personal opinion is less favourable.
If you have great expectations you can be easily disappointed.

But with memoir I have the feeling it was money well spend.
It's a game wich is very easy to learn, and if you take your time explaining things, even the youngest should have no trouble playing this.
Yes I think you can even use the tactical cards.
In our game my son just showed me any 'grey' cards he got at wich point I explained the meaning to him and he hadn't much trouble remembering.
He even renamed cards, like the counter attack card that became the copy things card. Wich is ofcourse exactly what it lets you do, i.e. copy the thing your opponent does.
I wouldn't be surprised if next time he simply remembers what a card does by looking at the picture.

In short. Memoir great game and we're looking forward to our next battle.

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United States
Cedar Lake
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Sounds like you two enjoyed yourself. I am having a bit of difficulty seeing all your rule questions, so if I missed something, please let me know.

1) If you don't have units to order in a section or don't want to move anyone, you play a card, don't order anything, and draw a new card. Your turn is then over. This is the proper way to clear your hand of unwanted cards.

(I'll also add that I find this is one of the strategies of the game - managign your cards so that you don't get into a situation where you have none to order the section of your choice. Sometimes it is good to regroup and setup your forces to go on a longer attack run.)

2) Yes, you may sandbag the bridge if you play the Dig In card.

3) I don't follow your question for the barbed wire. Most things in the game are an abstract representation so don't always make perfect thematic sense. I don't follow what you mean by "automatic assault." When you attack an adjacent hex, that is called "Close Assault" and is the same as any other combat with a few other rule modifications.

With wire, you have the option to skip battling the enemy and instead remove the wire, or continue to battle but at a reduced die. Typically, you would battle with 3 dice in close assault. If you are on wire, then you would only roll 2 dice. And since this is Pegasus Bridge, i assume the targt was behind sandbags, so you would roll 1 less die again. So your choice was to attack with one die or skip battle, remove the wire, and battle with 2 dice next turn.

4) When you attack into terrain, you usually suffer a penalty or "terrain reduction." If you attacked into woods, you should have tossed one less die. The risk is that they can battle back at full strength and theoretically take you out faster than you can take them out.

5) The game ends as soon as the final medal is collected. Some people don't like this concept but I find it refreshing. It allows the games to be done quickly without the long drawn out attrition battle it could turn into. So the gemans should not have gotten another chance according to the rules.

Now a couple thoughts on this. Pegasus is a teaching scenario so it is a little "unfinished." when the Air Pack came out, they revised this scenario more than any of the others and extended the medal count needed to win to 5. It really does change the strategy of the scenario. So of all the scenarios, this is the most obvious that there isn't enough going on.

Second, if you really want to keep going, do it! Either play until someone has the most medals again, or call it a draw, or do whatever, it is your game now!

6) Expansions are great. They add more armies and a few more rules. I enjoy the series, own most everything in Memoir (and most everything I own, I have 2 copies as well). I have not been dissappointed with any of it (except the overpriced battle maps).
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Stig Morten
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sagitar wrote:
Now rules say that when your next to the enemy and attack this is an automatic assault, so hand to hand fighting rather than ranged fire.

So imagine my troops have entered the field wich contains the barbed wire. On the other side of the wire are the germans.
I know I will now have to skip a turn rather than attack wich removes the barbed wire.
Now ofcourse I am allready unable to attack as this would mean an automatic assault on the germans.

I think you are refering to this rule:

A unit adjacent to an enemy unit must Close Assault this unit if it chooses to battle. It may not fire on another, more distant, enemy unit instead. From page 8 of the rulebook.

You don`t have to attack an enemy on an adjacent hex. You still choose if you want to attack, but if you do so you must attack the unit in the adjacent hex.
You can not attack an enemy further away if you have an enemy in an adjacent hex.

Was this the rule you were refering to, sagitar?

For shown example use picture on the bottom left of rulebook on page 9.
The picture talks about line of sight.

The german unit in the picture have line of sight to both allied units but have to attack the unit adjacent and can not attack the unit furthest away.

To complicate this even more with the same picture.
If you want to attack the unit furthest away, you have two options.

1. The german unit could have moved 1 hex down and be adjacent to both allied units. Then he can choose which one he attacks.
2. The german unit can move 1 hex left and not be adjacent to any of the allied units. Then you can choose which unit to attack.

ps: Found out were you saw my name, as I have answered some other questions you had.
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