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Subject: Battle 2 of the Stalingrad Campaign rss

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Jeffrey McBeth
United States
New York
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We are on to the second battle of the Stalingrad campaign. We are both fathers of young children, so we are playing a scenario after the kiddos go do bed about once a week.

I had won as the Germans on defensive in the previous battle, and chose to push the battle into the ravine. I kept three SS and their leader from the previous scenario, the Russians kept a captured German Heavy and Light MG, their Ampulomet, and a few Guards Rifles. The map was set up with 6 to my left (wide board) and the revealed objective showed the bridge worth 10 VP.

We both bought 3x Foxholes. I picked up an additional platoon of Rifles (the one with the HMG), he picked up two additional platoons, the SMG crew, and one I don't remember, I had a lot of guys to shoot at.

I set up my HMG in a foxhole with a 2-leader and Rifle in F9 in the hopes that they could dominate the battlefield. Most of the rest of my guys were deployed forward and to my left to try to prevent any exit points from his forward deployed SMG crew. One _big_ mistake that I made was not considering the location of the Rubble. For my HMG, it didn't matter so much, as I could look down almost everywhere, but everybody else....

The Russians had the initiative and started by rushing the SMGs on the left toward me, and I responded with withering spray fire that pinned down that platoon for the rest of the scenario. If I had spare fire cards, I would shoot at them to keep 'em broken or pick up a few extra points (which was important, as the first event flipped added the double elimination point objective)

What ensued was a back and forth across the bridge. The Russians never considered it a defensible position and would dash leaders onto the bridge and off again to retake it after I had held it for a short time. I, on the other hand kept trying to take and hold the position with leaders+squards. But he had enough weaponry on the board, that I started having to deal with 15-17 firegroups prior to the roll with two ordinance activated to mop up afterwards. That battle ground to a halt as a fire ignited in G7 and promptly spread to F6, both blocking off my access to the bridge, and effectively blinding my HMG nest. I sent my SS hunting for easy melee and exit points, and generally scaring him with my 9-base melee capability. There was a momentary possibility of them running to take the bridge from the other side with a magic hand consisting of lots of smoke grenades, assault fire, and movement. Unfortunately, the Russians saw the the hole in their defenses and slammed that door shut with a MMG on the bridge. I continued to pick up points due to elimination, but when the Time finally ended at 9, I was still down 8 VP.

We had lots of fun, and the game swung back and forth several times. I should have concentrated more on destroying the squads I could see with my HMG after the blaze and lack of movement cards closed off the other two avenues for point gain. I also should ahve paid more attention to the location of the at start rubble. My opponent probably needs to learn to split his fire more. He did just fine when the fire was split due to having ordinance, but would still usually just blast everything at once, even when he desperately needed time to advance faster.

The final 1/4 of the game, I was suddenly looking at force conservation for the next map, as I could see the writing on the wall, and really wanted some of the things I had to make it with me. Unfortunately, he got a suppression on my HMG right before the final time trigger, so I had to leave that on the field.

So, we have moved back to the center map, and overloaded on flamethrowers and dynamite on a map that really doesn't call for them. We finish set up and play this week some time.
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