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Subject: Rundown of my solo plays, Part 2 rss

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Beau Bailey
United States
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Breakout at Klin: The Germans opened with an infantry charge to take the center group of trenches and remove the wire. The first couple of turns were strongly German as they forced the units out the trenches and in to a full retreat. Unfortunately, the offensive stalled out here. Despite solid maneuvering and decent attacks, the Russians were able to keep their weakened units away and force back the invaders. The Russian artillery proved to be a key part of the effect as they picked off any German units that were forced to retreat. The Germans took Golyadi for a turn but felt they needed to finish off the remaining infantry on the flank. The lone remaining Russian unit managed to stay alive and stall any possibility of a Russian recovery.

Russia 6 - Axis 2

Breakout at Klin: Much bloodier battle than last time. The Germans took a lot longer to approach the Russians this time in the center. They used their artillery to weaken the units in the trenches before the approach and mainly focused on getting close to Golyadi. The Russians heavily defended the town though and wiped out all three German units on that side. After the failed attack, the Germans had now built up an impressive hand of center attack cards. In a matter of turns, they quickly overwhelmed the trenched and collapsed the Russian line. Just before they were eliminated, the Russians gambled on an assault in the center. If they failed, they would be too far out of position to recover, but they needed to claim the victory quickly. They barely managed to eliminate a final unit for the victory medal. Very close and interesting scenario.

Russia 6 - Axis 5

Stalingrad, Red Barricades Factory Complex: This may have been the worse showing I have seen from the Germans so far. Despite having a perfect collection of orders, they just could not hit with any of their attacks. Every time it looked like they would turn the tide, they managed to get annihilated in response. The Russians at one point hit with Air Strike that eliminated three units! The Germans opened by advancing their entire center forward. This resulted in one of the infantry being eliminated in a minefield. Not off to a great start. They attempted to take one of the sections farther forward and were torn apart in a hail of crossfire. The Russian snipers picked off any infantry that even came close to them. First appearance of the snipers and I am extremely impressed. The Russians dominated and had four medals from holding buildings. Just a crushing victory.

Russia 10 - Axis 3

Stalingrad, Red Barricades Factory Complex: Very, very bloody battle. The Russians only had six figures left on the board at the end of the game. They were completely cut to pieces by the powerful German assault. They inflicted some heavy casualties of their own, effectively eliminating all of the German armor. The Germans took a much more cautious approach this time allowing their artillery to soften up the forward infantry units and only moving forward in large groups. They were able to quickly overwhelm the Russian front line, though most of the units in this wave were severely damaged or eliminated. Through careful focus, they also eliminated both enemy snipers, thus preventing them from playing a big part in the battle. The Russians held on for a long time, but the Germans had set their artillery up on the embankment and eliminated any Russian units that tried to claim buildings. Right before the Russians could claim victory the artillery eliminated the last unit holding the Barricades factory thus buying the Germans more time. It wasn't long before the Germans could move their infantry up to claim the factory and get the victory.

Axis 11 - Russia 8

Breakout to Lisyanka: The Germans charged with their infantry to try and quickly take the center ravine and woods. The Russians responded by pushing back with their own center line. This started several turns of back and forth fighting in these areas. Following the current pattern of battles, the Germans then brought their armor up for support, which was then promptly annihilated by the Russian defenders. Two full strength elite armor units eliminated in one turn! The Russians around Dzhurzhentsy played almost no role in the battle as their commander apparently had no idea a battle was occurring till very late. Finally, one of the tank units advanced up to aid the defense and proved to be an effective contribution. Hey, maybe next time you can send the other two divisions to aid. The win came when the Germans aggressively pushed up their infantry on the left to cross the river. This was an extreme gamble as the unit that crossed had a single figure left. Fortunately, he survived and gained the Germans two medals for the win.

Axis 7 - Russia 6

Breakout to Lisyanka: The Germans did not have the killer opening hand to rapidly advance this time. They held back instead and shelled the Russian position. When they finally advanced, both sides took heavy casualties to their infantry, but after a heal, counter, counter play of turns; the Germans managed to fully heal two weakened units while the Russian failed on their roll. This was a pretty drastic shift in balance. At this time, the Russians decided to activate the force around Dzhurzhentsy to try and recover and hopefully punch through the advancing Germans. Despite having an initial strong hit, the Russian armor was eliminated in the follow-up attack. Only now did the German armor begin to move forward, now able to quickly sweep through the weakened Russian forces in their path. They managed to get one of their armor units across the river to take the final medal and seal the win.

Axis 7 - Russia 4
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