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Subject: Scenario 5 - Hold the Line rss

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Steve Rothwell
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After several solitaire attempts at Scenario 4 Defence of Anhausen I decided to try #5 Hold the Line. Essentially a similar position for the British but stronger forces for the Russians and a more favourable entry location.

The first play went to the Brits with the Russians spending too much time footling around trying to hid behind the city hexes of Haln and Bendorf. The second play was a close run thing, with the Chaos chit giving the Russians a ground attack aircraft run that cleared one of the mobile Atk launchers off of the hill NW of Reiden. However they had insufficient strength to take and hold the Anhausen city hexes and the Brits held out for a win. The AAR here relates to the third play.

Early Turns

The Brits have both mobile atk launchers (Striker and FV438) in IPs on the hills NW of Reiden (AD17-18). Destroying these quickly is the key to Russian success. First the T-80s arrive via the road and head for the treeline at AP16 and AP17. A platoon is lost and one reduced/disrupted and also, horror, the HQ (to return next turn). However 4 platoons reach the treeline and have the Brits in sight. One Russian infantry unit moves into the city of Bendorf to AQ21 where it can bring its Spandrels to bear on the British hill position. The SA13 also takes up position here in anticipation of the arrival of British helicopters.

The next turns see exchanges between Russian tanks/atk missiles and the British atk missiles on the hills. Losses are taken on both sides. Then the Chaos chit delivers fog - a blessing for the Russians as it means they can cross the open ground between Haln and Rieden without coming under fire from Milans in Anhausen (AB14).

Middle Stages

Then the Lynx atk 'copters arrive and in exchanges manage to disrupt and reduce T-80s and a BPM2 before being shot down by the SA13 (also destroyed) and the infantry carrying SA16s. The T-80s and the inf atk missiles finally take out the FV438. The Russian armour then makes a dash across the open ground via Haln to Rieden. A final gun/missile exchange destroys the Striker and the surviving RL Scimitar and HQ fall back behind the hill. The next Russian attack sees these destroyed in assaults over the hill by T-80 platoons. The rest of the Russian force draws up in the lee of the hills NW of Rieden to reorganise before the final assault on Anhausen.

The Final Assault

The Russians first push T-80s across the bridge towards Anhausen but suffer disruption and reductions at the hands of the Milans. But one T-80 manages to disrupt the British infantry with the Milans in time for the infantry assault which succeeds in taking the first hex of the city (AB14). Further exchanges see the Russian infantry, supported by BMPs, clear the rest of the city on the last chit draw of the last turn of the game. A rare Russian victory.


If the scenario OB permits (as in this one), the Russians benefit whenever they can quickly establish a large base of long range fire, preferably in defensively beneficial terrain. Bringing long range atk missiles to bear via BMPs and, more importantly, the infantry who are not effected by NATO atk missiles fire is also key. As always understanding of the terrain is key for successive moves, leaping forwards in bounds from one place of relative safety to the next. Be prepared to sacrifice armour to clear the way - but don't throw the tanks way needlessly. And remember the infantry's ability to move 3 hexes can quickly bring them within assault range without leaving them vulnerable to being caught trapped inside their armoured vehicles.
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